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Bye bye wannabes, hello superconferences
Welcome to the Hangin in the Nosebleeds blog. Here I will discuss my thoughts on everything sports related from The NFL, NHL, MLB and College Sports will be covered, and reluctantly, if they ever have a season again, the NBA. For my first post, I will tackle the hot issue in the college sports world right now...conference expansion.

I certainly didn't think the ACC would be the first conference to expand into what looks to be an eventual superconference. From a basketball perspective, the additions of Syracuse and Pittsburgh are great in they add to already strong basketball conference.

However, as the big moneymaker is football and although both Syracuse and Pittsburgh have won national championships in football, they aren't exactly giant killers in the football landscape. I think it is important for the ACC to now consider expanding their conference to benefit football. Ideally, the two teams I would think fit best both geographically and competitively are Notre Dame and Penn State.

While I think grabbing Notre Dame is a long shot and probably not going to happen, it would be important for them to jump on board if we truly are going to superconferences. Penn State would complete the Eastern Seaboard domination and they would be on the island they are now as the furthest east school in the Big 10 or 12 and Legends and Leaders or whatever it's called now.

Texas would probably be more fitted to join the Oklahomas in the Pac-12 because that would keep the Oklahoma-Texas rivalry in tact. Trust me if it was feasible, I would love to go to Austin every year. That may be one of the most underrated towns in the nation as my sister, brother-in-law and myself found out several years ago while visiting my brother in San Antonio (How many cities shut down a major street and bartenders stand out in the middle of the street offering any adult beverage for $2).

Anyway, I have to say I did not see this expansion coming so soon. After last year I felt things had settled down with the conference shuffling, but major schools like Texas A&M and others have changed that.

With that I need to go off on a bit of a tangent here. Boise State. "I'm blue da ba dee da ba die..." I can't take the blueness seriously. Their entrance song should Eiffel 65's "Blue." Boise had the opportunity to prove to me they are a legitimate program, but they failed. Last year, they successfully jumped from a terrible conference into an almost as terrible conference. Everybody talks about how they beat the big boys and blah, blah, blah. What people fail to point out is that in each of those bigger schools they have had at least a month to gameplan. They only play good teams in the first game of the season or a bowl game. I will be the first to admit they may have one of the best coaches in the country and he can gameplan to beat anybody, if he has time to prepare. I would like to see how they do in an SEC, ACC, Big Ten or PAC-12 schedule before I become a believer. You aren't going to get any respect from me when your schedule consists of Tulsa, New Mexico and Wyoming every year. Sorry.

Back to the subject, I think ultimately we are looking at four, possibly five superconferences. There is a possibility of leaving the NCAA entirely and using these sports networks to help fund a playoff system, which would be awesome. I am looking forward to that system if and when it happens.

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