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Leesburg Councilman Kicks Off 4th Bible Reading Marathon
photoLeesburg Council Member Ken Reid kicked-off the six day Bible Reading Marathon with the Book of Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Prior to reading from Genesis, Ken provided a ‘Hebrew Blessing’ and explained to the audience the purpose and history of the ‘blessing’. Other elected officials to read from Genesis were Kevin Wright, Leesburg Vice Mayor, Marty Martinez, Leesburg Councilman, Gary Clemens, Clerk of the Court, Bob Wertz, Commissioner of Revenue and Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling Supervisor. Photo courtesy/ Nancy Gunderman
Loudoun Awakening 2011 Celebrates Fourth Annual Bible Reading Marathon

It was a mighty week in Leesburg. For more information call 703-777-6502.

Six Day, Ninety Hour Marathon Kick-off began with a public reading of the Hebrew Blessing and the Torah at the Loudoun County Courthouse on Saturday April 30. The marathon continued through Thursday May 5 at noon.

The 2011 Bible Reading Marathon Judeo-Christian opening worship program kicked off at Noon on the steps of the old Leesburg Courthouse with cool but pleasant weather to set the stage for this blessed, spirit filled, anointed and mighty week. The program then moved over to the Loudoun Awakening tent positioned on North King Street on the north side of the law library to commence the six days and nights of public reading of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

People have asked me about the value of a public reading of the Word of God. There is great Old Testament precedent for the recognition in that great book-centered worship service reported in Nehemiah 8:8, “They [the priests] read from the book, from the Law of God, clearly, and they gave it sense so that the people understood the reading.”

Our earnest desire is to reveal to our community the powerful Word of God. The Bible’s transforming power is guaranteed. Jesus Christ set the example of how important the Word was to Him and should be to us. When tempted by Satan, Jesus quoted the Word. “Man does not live by bread alone; but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” – Matthew 4:4 and Deuteronomy 8:3

There is power in the Word of God. It changes people, and transforms cultures. We are publicly proclaiming and declaring the Word of God over Loudoun County fully believing that by pursuing this effort, those who hear us may be exposed to the Word of God even for the very first time. This also brings unity to the Church because it is done multi denominationally. No one church or denomination is supporting our event. Those of us who believe in the Power of God’s Word are coming together outside of our church walls and publicly declaring our faith in God and His Word at the County Courthouse.

Through the Bible Reading Marathon, we celebrate our faith. We proclaim the importance of the Bible to Loudoun’s past, present and future and we celebrate the religious freedom we enjoy in this nation.

Of special note was that Ken Reid (Leesburg Town Council) opened the ninety hour Bible Reading by citing the Hebrew Blessing in Hebrew before the reading of Genesis 1. Ken explained to the audience the purpose and history of the 'blessing' when Jews gave the blessing before the first public reading and after the last reading of the Torah. Other elected officials to read from Genesis were Kevin Wright, Leesburg Vice Mayor, Marty Martinez, Leesburg Councilman, Gary Clemens, Clerk of the Court, Bob Wertz, Commissioner of Revenue and Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling Supervisor. Below is the Hebrew text and English translation from Ken Reid's presentation.

Barchu et Adonai ha-m'vorach
Ba-ruch Adonai ha-m'vorach l'olam va-ed [Congregation]
Baruch Adonai ha-m'vorach l'olam va-ed
Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheynu melech ha-olam
asher bachar banu mi-kol ha-amim v'natan lanu et torato
Baruch ata Adonai, noteyn ha-torah.

Praise Adonai, the Exalted One
Praised be Adonai, the Exalted One, throughout all time.
Praised are You Adonai our God, who rules the universe,
choosing us from among all peoples by giving us the Torah.

photoStudents from County Christian School in Ashburn sang “In God We Trust" and "II Chronicles 7:14" by Kathy Hill from the steps of the old Loudoun County Courthouse. The students were led by Music Director, Ms. Suzann King and performed during the Bible Reading Marathon Opening Ceremony on Saturday April 30. The weather was cool but pleasant on this blessed, spirit filled and anointed day. Photo courtesy/ Nancy Gunderman.

The Fourth Annual Bible Reading Marathon Opening Program

National Anthem
Dr. Paula Gilbert

Presentation of the Flag
Boy Scout Troop 982

Pastor Lyman Eddy
Elijah's Gate Christian Center

Pledge of Allegiance
Honorable Gary Clemens

Patricia Phillips
Potomac Falls, Anglican Church

About the Bible Reading Marathon
Discussions by Gwen Armstrong (The Worship Center) and
Annette Scheel (Church of the Holy Spirit/Anglican)

County Christian School Choir Ashburn
Ms. Suzann King, Director
Choir sang “In God We Trust" and "II
Chronicles 7:14" by Kathy Hill.

A Mighty Fortress is Our God
Drs. Darryl & Paula Gilbert

Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 8
Bill Hoover
Potomac Falls, Anglican Church

Reverend Dean Schultz
Worship Equippers for Christ

Pastor Lee Crosby
Mt. Olivet, UMC

Procession to Reading Site
The Word is a Lamp unto my Feet
Drs. Darryl & Paula Gilbert

photoA crowd of about sixty people attended the Bible Reading Marathon Opening Ceremony. The ceremony included a presentation of the flag by Boy Scout Troop 982, The Invocation by Pastor Lyman Eddy, Pledge of Allegiance led by Gary Clemens, The Welcome by Patricia Phillips and discussion on the history of the Leesburg BRM as well as Scripture from the Old and New Testament citing the importance of public readings by Gwen Armstrong and Annette Scheel. Photo courtesy/ Nancy Gunderman

Presentation of the Scriptures
The Word of the Lord
Reverend Dean Shultz

Hebrew Blessing
Genesis 1:
Honorable Ken Reid
Leesburg Town Council
Sha'are Shalom

Genesis 2:
Reverend Elijah White
Church of Our Saviour, Oatlands

Genesis 3:
Honorable Gary Clemmons
Clerk of the Court

Genesis 4:
Pastor Lee Crosby

Genesis 5:
Honorable Marty Martinez
Leesburg Town Council

Genesis 6:
Mark Gunderman
Good Shepherd Alliance

Genesis 7:
Honorable Bob Wertz
Commissioner of the Revenue

Genesis 8:
Reverend Dean Schultz

Genesis 9:
Honorable Kevin Wright
Vice Mayor, Leesburg Town Council

Genesis 10:
Bill Hoover

Genesis 11:
Honorable Eugene Delgaudio
Sterling District Board of Supervisors
St. Josephs Catholic

photoRachel Sargent (Grace Community Church) with her daughter read passages from the Bible in the Loudoun Awakening tent located on North King Street on the north side of the law library on Tuesday morning, May 3. Parents brought their children to read scripture out loud. Hearing the Word is what causes your faith to rise. There is power in the spoken Word. Photo courtesy/ BRM.

Special Thanks
Patricia Phillips for facilitation of the BRM Opening Ceremony
Pastor Lyman Eddy for tent and support equipment
Intercessors for America/Community Prayer Watch for donated fliers/postcards/Bibles
The Worship Center for the sound equipment
Barry Cates for his overall supervision
Reverend Jack Stagman for his relentless love of Jesus Christ
BRM Members, Friends and Supporters

The Bible Reading Marathon was followed by the 60th Annual National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 5 at 7 PM. The program was hosted by Prison Fellowship Ministries at 44180 Riverside Parkway, Lansdowne and facilitated by The Shepherds Table. The theme this year was “Rebuilding the USA” using the entire book of Nehemiah as the rebuilding strategy. The prayers spoken by pastors and layman were specific to this subject matter. For more information, e-mail Reverend Jack Stagman at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 703-581-4390.

photoAlan Partain (Purcellville Baptist) stands on late night vigil on Saturday April 30. Over 200 men, women and children participated in the Bible Reading Marathon pouring through the Old and New Testament Scriptures from 6 AM until the midnight hour, sometimes even enjoying fellowship with the night owls until 1 PM. Photo courtesy/ Nancy Gunderman.

Praise The Lord! Let the Word of God go forth to change hearts and minds and transforming our lives.

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