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Loudoun Fulcrum Marketing Group Trend Spotter- May 2012; SEO, Videos, Facebook

SEO Chalkboard

This past week we’ve gotten a crash course on vital SEO-lingo, learned the power of online video viral marketing, and rode Facebook’s IPO hype-wave as it came crashing back down.

SEO 101

A lot of businesses know they should be optimizing their websites as part of their comprehensive marketing strategy; however, some might not be familiar with how terms like “anchor text” or “meta keywords” play a part in the overall web-marketing big picture. Fortunately, SEO (search engine optimization) is not as scary as it seems and being able to recognize basic SEO lingo will not only help your company’s web-marketing strategy in the long run, but also help you impress your boss at the next team meeting:

SEO Lingo Defined via Search Engine Journal

Going Viral

The folks over at Mashable posted a online video viral marketing piece this week about a California political campaign’s satirical video against Big Tobacco. With over 200,000 views and 300 “likes”, the video highlights just how far viral marketing campaigns on social media sites like Youtube and Facebook can go in getting your organization’s message out. Every hit your video gets equals traffic and possible revenue for your site, as well as tons of free publicity. Check out the video below:

California Supports Big Tobacco [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

IPO Woes

Dominating the tech-social media sphere these past weeks has been, of course, Facebook’s much hyped IPO, which debuted on the(?) NASDAQ last week. After a week-long teeter-totter ride, shares are under $30 as of Tuesday this week – and claims against the social media giant have already mounted as high as $100 million.

CNBC: Facebook Social Offering IPO Losses

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