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NOVAEXEC Northern Virginia Business Executive Magazine Launches - Social Media Content Included!

Here are some excerpts from the article “Social Life”, by Hannah Hager, in the newly-released NOVAEXEC Magazine – by Times Community Media. Hyperlinks are added for additional information in this article.

Read about the launch at Hannah's Blog!

“Don’t block Facebook or Twitter from your employees. If you do, your company could be missing out on a mass of lead-generating sources that it could never reach through traditional advertising and marketing efforts. Not to mention, your employees will just access these social media on their smartphones.”

Execute a marketing strategy

Ted McLaughlan, chief executive officer (NOVABIZNEWS note – currently Chief Technical/Marketing Advisor) of KME Internet Marketing and the Director of Technology Solutions at Navigation Arts in McLean, asserts that many businesses biggest fears with joining the social media world are opening up a dialogue to the public. “The number one biggest fear is that they are going to say the wrong thing,” McLaughlan said. McLaughlan understands the risk of opening your business up to the Internet world. That’s why he suggests establishing a risk mitigation strategy beforehand. Provide your social media manager – someone who will most likely already be a savvy social media expert in their personal life – with guidance and direction. Create a policy to insure you have the right people saying the right things on your social media, he says. The governing of most good websites comes from the same department within your company, and your social media should be handled the same way, he said. Your policy should also include what content can be put on the site and identify the employees who are allowed to handle it. Social media should be handled through a small, core group of people so the message remains clear.”

…read more about Northern Virginia Social Media for Business at http://novaexec.com

…more information about Interactive Digital Social Media Governance 2.0 by Ted McLaughlan.


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