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In this season of weddings and proms, I’d like to give young couples a heads up. I am qualified to give advice because (a) I’m a know-it-all, (b) I am still madly in love with my high school sweetheart and husband of 28 years (both of them are great guys) and (c) I'm not blind to how time, cohabitation, familiarity, events, gravity, and sharing a bathroom can change one’s perspective.

Now: “Our first kiss was magical.”
Later: “Did you have garlic for lunch?”

Now: “We’re equals.”
Later: “I do everything around here.”

Now: “Oh, thanks. I got it at Saks for our date.”
Later: “I’m going to change into my good sweats.”

Now: “Let’s have a dozen kids!”
Later: “Who’s getting fixed: me or you?”

Now: “Money is no object.”
Later: “You spent how much on those shoes?”

Now: “Honey, I would do anything for you.”
Later: “Seriously, have you ever changed the toilet paper?”

Now: “We were out all night with friends.”
Later: Facebook status - Asleep by 9:30

Now: “It took months to find the perfect ring.”
Later: “Happy anniversary. Those are brand new $20s.”

Now: “We went to a winery in Winchester.”
Later: Coors, on sale, Bloom.

Now: “I can’t wait to meet your parents!”
Later: “It’s them or me.”

Now: “Surprise -- we’re going on a cruise!”
Later: “Surprise -- the car needs a new transmission!”

Now: “Isn't it cute the way he sips his coffee?”
Later: “If he slurps one more time, I’m gonna kill him.”

Now: “I don’t know what bathing suit to wear.”
Later: “I can’t remember the last time I wore a bathing suit.”

Now: “Let’s share our lives together.”
Later: “Please tell me you didn’t just use my toothbrush.”

Now: Weekend trip to Cozumel
Later: Weekend trip to Costco

Now: Working on six pack
Later: Six pack after work

Now: “Let me just put on eyeliner and I’ll be ready.”
Later: “Let me just put on eyeliner, wrinkle cream, moisturizer, foundation, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, ... .”

Now: Quietly reading this to yourself
Later: Annoyingly reading this aloud


Robert, thank you for your service to our country…it is much appreciated. You said you won’t want to go back to the failed policies of Barack Obama’s predecessors. Have you been reading the paper or watching the TV? Barack Obama’s presidency has been a disaster in every way, on every level. Our country is worse off in every way. You say Obama has his eyes set on the “long term”. But have we heard anything from him about what he would do in a second term? Nope…nothing but how evil Romney is. That’s all he’s got. He doesn’t have any answers. He’s lost. It was inevitable…we elected the most unprepared president in our history because of the “historic” nature of his run. It blew up in our faces. We need a serious grownup in charge now. There is not a single accomplishment he can point to that justifies four more years. Oh, and Obamacare is not “free”. Nothing is. Some of us are paying for it.

Thanks Robert, first for your service and for your willingness to stand up for President Obama in public.  I agree wholeheartedly and worry about the alternative, with plutocracy, theocracy and restrictions on women’s health issues as priorities. Forward!

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