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Purcellville Blog: Round Hill to welcome newest HeroHome recipient

Heroes Lane in Round Hill is soon to be home to it's first residents. The Davenport family will be moving into their new three bedroom home built by HeroHomes Loudoun on Dec. 22.

A Trip to the Supermarket

Nothing can be easier than a trip to the Super Market to buy six items, unless it’s a wife authorized trip. It begins when she hands you a list of items which you give a cursory once over: two cans of black eyed peas, a watermelon, three ears of corn, three gallons of frozen yoghurt, a six pack of diet coke, a gallon of skim milk. Simple enough you think. You start out the door when she says, “Wait a minute, let me explain.”
“We want Hanover brand fat free black eyed peas. If they don’t have that get the Van Camp brand but only one can. If they have neither one, go to Giant but don’t get the watermelon there, they are better at Safeway. The watermelon: look at the ones they have split open to see how red they are. Don’t get a whole one if they look pale. And be sure and thump the whole ones and get one no longer than this—she holds out her hands—otherwise it won’t fit in the refrigerator. The corn: peel the shuck back and examine the kernels. Don’t, I repeat don’t get one that has too soft kernels. We want Breyers frozen yoghurt and only vanilla flavor and here I have two coupons for discounts at Shoppers but they never stock the right kind of black eyed peas so you’ll have to get those elsewhere—probably Food Lion. We want cans not bottles of coke. Check the date on the milk. Don’t get anything less than one week of time left. Okay?”
I leave the house with my head full of instructions and a strong sense of mission. I return two and a half hours and four supermarkets later clear headed and with some measure of pride at a mission accomplished. Finding the black eyed peas presented the biggest challenge. I had to work my way through S&W candied yams, Del Monte asparagus spears, Green Giant cut green beans, Le Seur early peas, succotash, extra tiny carrots, Sylvias collard greens, etc. I spent the better part of 30 minutes scouring a dizzying array of shelved canned goods. I was almost desperate enough to ask an attendant—when I found the Hanover black eyed peas in an obscure corner—fat free. I thumped watermelons until I bruised the cuticle on my right index finger. I peeled back the shucks on 13 ears of corn and punched holes in twice as many kernels. I rummaged through 17 gallons of skim milk to find the right expiration date. And I used the coupons for the Breyer’s frozen yoghurt.
I’m anxiously confident while my wife takes inventory. Everything seems in order. Then. “Where’s the jar of mayonnaise?”
“It wasn’t on the list.”
“I left you a message on your cell phone to get a jar of mayonnaise.”
Later, I check the cell phone for messages. “While you are out, would you please also get a jar of Hellman’s Lite Mayonnaise? Oh and thank you for going to the supermarket.”
Tagline: Joe Motheral lives with his wife Marjorie in River Creek. He makes frequent trips to the supermarket and his email address is: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A Screaming Good Time

Anyone who’s ever seen and enjoyed a horror film is bound to get a charge out of the Taking Flight Theatre Company’s production of “Evil Dead: The Musical” now on stage at the Waddell Theatre on the Sterling campus of the Northern Virginia Community College.

The production, a good-natured send-up of the 1980s classic “Evil Dead” films, is a laugh-fest from beginning to end. Producer Theresa Bender of Herndon and Director Phillip Archey of Ashburn have assembled a genial work that makes this a must-see show for the summer of 2010. You don’t have to be familiar with the E.D. movies—you don’t even have to like musicals—to have a great time.

The R-rated production (for some strong language and simulated on-stage violence) takes the stage June 4, 5, 6, 11 and 12. The show begins at 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and 7 p.m. on Sundays.

Tickets are $18 or $12 for students and seniors. An additional $2 at the door provides an upgrade to the “Splatter Zone” in the first two rows of the theater; get there early for access to this seating upgrade. Show and ticket information can be found online at http://tftheatre.org.

Look for a longer review in the Loudoun Times-Mirror on Wednesday, June 9. And feel free to comment here about your take on the show.

Cascades Runner Welcomes the North Face Endurance Challenge

Running in the woods: This weekend, more than 2,000 runners are expected to converge on Algonkian Regional Park for the fourth Washington DC North Face Endurance Challenge. The race takes place on Saturday, June 5, and Sunday, June 6, across Algonkian Park, Great Falls Park and the Potomac Heritage Trail. The course supplies some very nice scenery, along with the challenge of constantly changing terrain. According to those in the know, the Great Falls sections include some “intense” elevation changes with climbs as high as 300 feet.

During the endurance weekend, Cascades resident Scott Cunningham will be in the thick of the action, leading Team “Financial Intelligence.” The team’s name comes from some of the members’ career choices—in the finance and intelligence communities. One team member, Don Cummings, has known Scott since the fourth grade. He’ll be flying in from Illinois to participate in the run. The team also includes Christian Downward of Potomac Falls and Jeff Greene of Arlington.

Scott prepared for the Loudoun-based DC Endurance Challenge with a wintry test in early May in the 10K event at the North Face Endurance Challenge Northeast Regional at Bear Mountain, New York.

“The morning started chilly, with temperatures in the high 30s,” Scott said. “Despite a stiff wind that had flags snapping straight, the sun broke through and by the 9 a.m. start time over 400 racers were ready to attack the trail.”

He explained that the Bear Mountain course included rocky climbs and several muddy stretches in the craggy foothills of the Catskills. Scott completed the course in just under an hour and says he is “well prepared” to lead his team over hill and dale along this week’s course beside the Potomac River.

The DC Endurance Challenge offers five events on Saturday, June 5—the Gore-Tex 50 Mile beginning at 5 a.m., a 50K beginning at 7 a.m., a marathon beginning at 9 a.m., a marathon relay beginning at 11 a.m. and a kids’ run beginning at 3 p.m.

The Kids Race is designed for children too young for the Endurance Challenge race distances. The supervised race, on a 1K course, will be led by North Face Global Athlete Team member Dean Karnazes. Young racers can sign up to participate at the Challenge’s Karno Kids’ booth on Saturday, June 5, from 11 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. Registration for the race is free for ages 12 and younger.

On Sunday, June 6, the events include a half-marathon beginning at 8 a.m., a 10K beginning at 9 a.m. and a 5K beginning at 9:15 a.m. All of the Sunday events are sold out, with only waiting list space available.

Scott, a self-described “regular guy in Cascades, not a specialist or running nut,” describes the trail race challenge as messy and filled with surprises.

“You never quite know what the next turn is going to bring,” he said.

“It’s very exciting to see what the trail is going to be like. It might be grassy open fields one minute and it might be a gully with a steep climb right after that. Or it might be something profoundly beautiful and you pause and catch your breath and then say ‘wait a minute, I have to focus here and get moving.’”

“It’s fun,” he added. “You can’t think about it without getting a smile on your face.”

The next nearby trail-running contests, the Running Rocks races, take place on July 11 in Leesburg. The event includes a cross-country eight-mile and four-mile run on a private farm overlooking the Potomac River. Running Rocks is presented by Potomac River Running, an eight-store enterprise helmed by CountrySiders Cathy and Ray Pugsley.



Guidance Counselor Honors, Safety Patrol Honors, Guitar Heroes, Evil Dead The Musical, The Firechase

Guidance counselor honored: Dominion High School guidance director Kevin Terry was named 2010 Virginia Guidance Counselor of the Year by the Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling. Terry is a 1986 graduate of Park View High School and a longtime Loudoun County resident. A Loudoun County Public Schools employee since 1991, he has worked at Farmwell Station Middle School, Broad Run High School and Potomac Falls High School. Terry was nominated for the award by Jayne Fonash, the guidance director at the Loudoun Academy of Science.

Safety patrol honored: Lauryn Helstrom, a fifth grade student at Sterling Elementary School, is the AAA Outstanding Safety Patrol of the Year for Loudoun County. A Sterling Elementary student since first grade, Lauryn serves with the school’s Student Council Association, is a member of the All-County Chorus, and participates in the Eastern Loudoun Basketball League and the Sterling Youth Soccer Association.

Guitar heroes: Eastern Loudoun earned half of the wins in the 2010 Aguado Guitar Club Competition held at Park View High School under the leadership of Park View guitar instructor Dr. Miroslav Loncar. Three Sterling Middle School students took honors—Tina Le (eighth grade, first place), Nico Drennan (seventh grade, second place) and Connor Gabriel (seventh grade, third place). The winning Dominion High School students were Leo Pollock (ninth grade, first place) and Andrew Tufano (ninth grade, third place). The winners from Park View High School were Kathy Tran (ninth grade, second place) and Erik Portillo (best interpretation of a composition by Miroslav Loncar). The Potomac Falls High School honorees were Rory Parrish (10th grade, third place), Loc Tran (11th grade, second place) and Michael Volaric (12th grade, third place).

Evil Dead, the musical: The Taking Flight Theatre Company’s presentation of the rock-and-roll horror comedy, “Evil Dead: The Musical” opens this week. The production features a number of Sterling residents—Susanna Todd onstage in the role of Cheryl, Liz Stock working as assistant stage manager, Earl Boatman handling master carpenter duties and Will Olivier on the running crew. The Ashburn contingent of the show includes director Phillip Archey, Glen Bartram onstage in the role of Jake and Jeff Bender handling special effects duties. Leesburg is represented by prop master Trevor Johnston and hair and makeup designer Christine Spata. The production takes the stage in the Waddell Theatre on the Sterling campus of Northern Virginia Community College. The show gets underway at 8 p.m. on Friday, May 28, and Saturday, May 29, and at 7 p.m. on Sunday, May 30. Tickets are $18 or $12 for students and seniors. An additional $2 at the door buys a seat in the splatter zone The show runs through June 12, with performances June 4, 5, 6, 11 and 12. Friday and Saturday performances begin at 8 p.m. Sunday performances begin at 7 p.m.

The Firechase: The Cascades 10K Firechase & 911 Fun Run, a fundraiser for the Sterling Volunteer Fire Department, is expected to bring more than 1,000 runners to the area. The 10K race begins at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 29, at the Lowes Island Community Center. The Fun Run (or walk) follows the start of the 10K. A post-race brunch featuring a light meal and entertainment takes place at the community center. Registration for the 10K is $30 until race day and $35 on race day. Registration for the Fun Run or walk is $10. Race information is available at the Lowes Island Community Center or online at http://www.runwashington.com.

THE Memorial Day Weekend Estate Sale

If you make it to one yard sale or estate sale this year, this is the one!

Baby Gear
Camera equipment
Tons of new and never opened Southern Living, Arbonne, Party Light Candle, Creative Memory and Melaleuca
Creative Memories Kits and Supplies galore
Board games
Books galore both adult and children's
Household items
Exercise equipment
Religious articles
Sports equipment
FULL Dr. Seuss Collections
Pet supplies
Musical Instruments and equipment
Outdoor equipment
Electric scooter
and so much more!

9am to 4pm Saturday May 29th
43234 Chase Street
South Riding (Chantilly) VA 20152

RAIN (indoors) or SHINE (outdoors)

If you have a yard sale/estate sale that is happening in South Riding and would like to see it here on the blog, e-mail us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Have you Noticed?

We’ve both got some new neighbors! It’s nice to see the housing market pick up again. It appears that sellers have finally set prices realistically, making it possible for buyers to make a change. The rental market in South Riding is also very hot. Local realtors report multiple rental applications on properties, often before they even put up a sign. Good news for all of us.
Tip: you can look at sales on your block by clicking here and clicking on the real property assessment link. Type in your house number, click on your property and then recent sales. It’s public record and it allows you to do the research in the privacy of your own home.

Ready, Set, Summer in South Riding!!!!

Staycation (also spelled stay-cation, stacation, or staykation) is a neologism for a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home to area attractions. When you live in South Riding you can take a “staycation” without even starting your car!
Memorial Day Weekend Means Swimming
The pools open on Saturday, May 29th. Rec passes are permanent, so if you have your pass from last year it will be renewed automatically. If you need a new pass, you must apply for one on the SR website or stop by town hall with proof of residency. Guest passes are automatically reloaded with 12 courtesy visits per summer. Additional guest passes can be purchased from the proprietary. Nobody will be admitted into the pools without a valid pass, so make sure you have them!
Stingrays Season Begins
Our swim team, the South Riding Stingrays, kicked off the season last week at a parents meeting. The new suit was introduced, the rules were reviewed, and the 2010 board was presented to the crowd. It’s not too late to join, information is available on http://www.gostingrays.com. The Stingrays participates in both ODSL and CSL leagues and also offers a Mini-Rays program for children ages 5-8.
Swim team is a great way to make friends and feel a bond with your community throughout the summer. It’s also great exercise and an excellent way to get your teen out of bed in the morning.
One Man’s Trash….
As the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Spring Cleaning and Memorial Day “staycations” bring lots of yard sales. Wake up early on Saturday and take a drive around, maybe you’ll find the deal of the century.


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