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Ashburn Blog: Step Up Youth Loudoun Competition accepting applications

Registration is currently open for middle and high schoolers in Loudoun County to enter the Step Up Loudoun Youth Competition.

South Riding Running Club Helps Others Near and Far

A message from Alison Gittelman, President of the South Riding Runner's Club~

SRRC’s annual party always provides runners good reason to get together outside our weekday and weekend morning runs, with awards, good food, and great company, but this year’s gathering gave members another reason to attend: a silent auction to raise money for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund.

We auctioned off running clothes, shoes, gift certificates, and gear from generous donors including Potomac River Running and The Running Store as well as private donations from club members. Runners bid fiercely (it’s that competitive streak!) and gave generously, raising $500!

In addition, runners brought with them canned goods for our annual food drive to support those in need right here in Loudoun County.

At the party, the board revealed SRRC’s new logo, designed by runner and artist Christy Borbidge, who not only won our logo design contest but also received our MVR (Most Valuable Runner) award for her service to the club in encouraging, supporting, and organizing runs for new members who fear they may not be able to keep up with the rest of the group. Invariably, they find they can keep up just fine!

This year’s Most Awesome Runner award went to Jeremy Reiderman, who joined the club less than a year ago, ran his first marathon in November (Richmond), and has become a familiar face at group runs and social events. A Florida native, Jeremy credits his wife, Carolyn, and other club members for convincing him that not only can he run in the cold, he can even do it wearing a kilt! (See his story on this blog for more about that!)

SRRC has been a resource for runners not just in South Riding but also in Aldie, Chantilly, Centreville and surrounding areas for over five years. We offer regularly scheduled weekend and informal weekday runs, social events, and volunteering efforts. For more information, visit us at www.srrunners.org.

photoMost Valuable Runner Christy Borbidge

photoAlison Gittelman presenting Jeremy Reiderman with his Most Awesome Runner award


Years ago, we could be found at the Chantilly Bowl America every other Saturday night. Along with our husbands and about 60 other residents on the South Riding Bowling league, we spent our evenings trying to draw attention away from our bowling skills (or lack there of). One evening, we were paired against Jodi and Jay DiCianno. After a couple of rounds, DiCianno informed us of his new venture. Along with David Camden, and David Gaetani, Jay created a micro winery in his basement named Quattro Goombas. At that point, visions of barefoot Italians, stomping grapes with their pants rolled up, danced through our minds.
Quattro Goomba’s story is one of friendship, shared Italian winemaking, and a desire to create delicious wines. What started out as a hobby, quickly turned into a business when Winestyles, a retail wine establishment located in South Riding, held a tasting and offered to carry their wines. Five years have passed and a lot has changed. The Goombas have relocated. These days, the winery sits on 12 beautiful acres in Aldie. Last year they bottled 2000 cases of wine (that’s 24,000 bottles). They’re a full service winery that hosts private events, weddings, wine tours and private tastings.
The tasting room is located inside a log cabin complete with acoustic entertainment every weekend. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming with a homey feel. When the weather cooperates, the entertainment moves outside where you can have a picnic or just sit and enjoy the scenery. Now that the snow is melting, we are all looking for new things to do without breaking the bank or traveling too far. Quattro Goomba’s winery is just the place to go if you need to decompress and take in some new scenery at the same time.
Running a winery takes a lot of work. Just ask the wives, Jodi DiCianno , Carol Camden and Denise Gaetani, AKA, the “goombettes’. They can be found hosting a wine tasting, running the register or otherwise engaged at the winery.
It’s peaceful and not your typical winery experience. All are made to feel like family. It’s no mistake that we have yet to mention the fourth Goomba. The fouth Goomba is YOU!
For more information, visit www.goombawine.com

All-District Band Members, Circus News, MOMS Meeting, The Haunted Physics Lab

“Green” Networkers Support the EarthDay@Loudoun Family Festival

On February 25th the Committee organizing the EarthDay@Loudoun Family Festival gathered at Clyde’s at Willow Creek Farm for an evening of socializing and Green Networking. Representatives from Sustainable Loudoun, Syna Vista, US Green Building Council, NOVA Spray Foam Insulation, Woven Green, Live Roof, Broadlands, Ashburn Farm, Wildlife Habitat Committee and other supporters joined together with eco-friendly businesses, non-profit environmental organizations and green minded consumers to help promote the Loudoun County Green Business Challenge and to plan for the EarthDay@Loudoun 2010 Family Festival. Thanks to Clyde’s for providing delicious appetizers!

The Festival is scheduled for April 25th from 11am to 4pm at Clyde’s at Willow Creek Farm - 42920 Broadlands Boulevard in Broadlands. Visit http://www.EarthDay@Loudoun.org for more information or become a fan on Facebook - EarthDay@Loudoun Family Festival.

There is still time to get involved! Call 703-725-8040 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to find out how you can help.

photoFestival goers enjoy the 2009 Earth Day at Loudoun event

photoThe National Aquarium's booth drew plenty of attention at Earth Day at Loudoun 2009

photoThere were lots of hands-on learning experiences for kids of all ages at the 2009 event

The Cormac Finn McCarty Foundation - Neighbors Helping Neighbors!

The Cormac Finn McCarty Foundation is a foundation dedicated to improving it's community by offering hope and assistance to families who face adversity. For the last six years, this small neighborhood in South Riding, Virginia has raised over $100,000 for four families and offered financial assistance as they attempt to heal and get back on their feet. They are a neighborhood who cares about the people who live there, and will do whatever it takes to make a difference - one family at a time. Click HERE to learn more about the foundation and the four families who benefited from the foundation and are moving forward with their lives.

Do you know a family in need? Nominate them now...the deadline is March 5th, 2010!

If you know a family who has recently experienced a tragedy and could use some financial support, please consider nominating them as the recipient family for the annual golf tournament. The Reeds were our most recent recipient family. They lost their husband and father to brain cancer and after years of hard work, they are all doing well and creating a wonderful life for themselves.

In the interest of continuing to support our community, it is asked that all nominations be from the Loudoun County area. The 5th annual Paul Joseph McCarty Golf Tournament is planned for June 2010. Click HERE to nominate your family online!

Experience the gift of giving and feel yourself come alive!!

If you have been looking for a place to volunteer where you will witness directly all the good it has to offer, this is the place for you. You don't have to love golf to get involved. Click HEREto find out where help is needed.

A little History
The Cormac Finn McCarty Foundation began tragically after Paul McCarty lost his life in a car accident on August 9, 2002. Initially, the foundation’s purpose was to raise money for Paul’s son’s college education. He was only 10 weeks old when his dad passed away. Family and friends were searching for ways to help his family, and with the help of a small South Riding community, a golf tournament was organized. In the years since and with the persistent help of their community, the McCarty family has continued the tradition of the tournament by helping local families facing adversity.

Caliente Mex-Sea Restaurant & Bar Grand Opening March 1st

The newest restaurant in Brambleton will open its main dining room at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 1st. Last night, residents were able to dine and sample the full menu during a staff training session. Diners were able to try a variety of menu items and were given comment cards to rate the food and service. In conducting the training session, the staff at Caliente were able to further identify areas to improve upon in order to provide the best service possible.

Co-owner and Brambleton resident, Ben Franks, welcomed friends and family to participate in the training session. It was a full-house, filled with great support and community spirit. Everyone enjoyed the evening and looks forward to Caliente's success.

Caliente's current hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 5:00 - 10:00 p.m.; Friday, 4:00 - 1:30 a.m., Saturday, Noon-1:30 a.m. and Sunday, Noon - 10:00 p.m. Also, don't miss Fiesta Caliente Monday - Thursdays from 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. and Fridays from 4:00 - 7:30 p.m. For more info, please contact Caliente at 703-327-5776.

Going Green In Brambleton

Brambleton Launches Energy Conservation Pilot and Recycling Rewards

Brambleton residents are being rewarded with more green in their wallets. Brambleton Group L.L.C., residential and retail developers of Brambleton, recently launched an Energy Conservation Pilot Program in association with Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) and Carina Technology.

This smart grid technology accessed through the Internet will give residents an opportunity to identify ways to improve their energy management and provide a better understanding of home energy consumption and potential savings. Participants will receive real-time usage summary updates and will be able to determine if lifestyle adjustments are needed in order to create energy savings.

In another green initiative, the community’s new refuse company, AAA Recycling and Trash Removal, brought RecycleBank® to Brambleton residents last fall. RecycleBank is a rewards program that motivates households to recycle. The community’s recycling will be weighed weekly and points assigned to the community as a whole. Residents who have registered with RecycleBank will then be given an equal share of points on their account which can be redeemed towards coupons, gift cards or movie tickets at both national and local retailers.


Purcellville Library Hours & Services To Be Cut

The Purcellville Library Advisory Board is asking for your help! Did you know that the County's recent proposed budget cuts could drastically impact your library services & hours if passed? Some of the cuts include:


Want your voice to be heard?

Here's how....

- Call your County Supervisor at 703-777-0115 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
- Attend/Speak at the next Public Hearing held at the School Administration Building in
Ashburn on Saturday, February 27th at 9:30 AM

On Stage in Sterling, Lyme Forum, Hampton Quilt Show Bus, Quilters’ Meeting

On stage: The Sterling Playmakers announced the cast for the spring production of “Harvey,” the classic Pulitzer Prize-winning play about a nice guy with an invisible rabbit for a friend. Nearly half of the cast members call Sterling home: Alex Bhargava appearing as Duane Wilson, Stephanie Hearne playing Nurse Kelly, Susan Kronenbert as Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet, Tim Silk as Dr. Sanderson and Jerri Wiseman as Mrs. Chumley.

Additional Loudouners in the play include Amber Bosworth of Ashburn as Myrtle Mae Simmons and Bob Rosenberg of Leesburg as the cabby. Producer April Bridgeman and Director Jim Campanella are from Hamilton.

The cast also includes Michael Morsberger of Brunswick, MD, in the lead role of Elwood P. Dowd, Barbara Carpenter of Herndon as his sister Veta Simmons, Dennis Fox of Reston as Judge Gaffney and Michael Scheuchenzuber of Arlington as Dr. Chumley.

“Harvey” takes the stage April 16-18 and April 23-25 in the Sterling Middle School theater. For more information, check online at http://www.sterlingplaymakers.com.

Lyme Forum: After two postponements due to February’s record-setting snowfalls, the Alerting Loudoun to Lyme (ALL) Forum co-sponsored by members of Girl Scout Troop 952 is now rescheduled to Friday, Feb. 26, at Potomac Falls High School. The speakers include Dr. David Goodfriend, Director of the Loudoun County Health Department; Monte Skall, Executive Director of the National Capital Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Association; Dr. Deanna Mitchell, D.V.M., the senior veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center of Cascades; Dr. Sarah Fletcher, a family physician, and Supervisor Andrea McGimsey of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. The forum’s information booths open at 6 p.m.; the speakers’ presentations begin at 7 p.m. For more information, call 571-434-9658 or send email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Quilters’ bus: A few tickets are still available for the CountrySide Quilters’ annual bus trip to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA. The day trip takes place on Saturday, Feb. 27. The bus departs at 6:30 a.m. from the parking lot of the Community Lutheran Church in Cascades and leaves Hampton around 6 p.m. when the show closes. The $58 round-trip fare includes admission to the quilt show. Non-members are welcome on the trip. To reserve a seat, call 703-409-9893.

Machine quilting: The CountrySide Quilters group holds a business meeting and sit-n-sew on Tuesday, March 2, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Lutheran Church in Cascades. Quilter Carol Haverfield of Sterling will demonstrate machine quilting and the use of a sewing machine walking foot. For more information, call 703-409-9893.

National Bird Feeding Month

Heading out the door for a midwinter getaway? As you head out the door, you congratulate yourself on the commendable job you have done for all of the lives that depend on you! The dog is at the kennel, the goldfish is with a neighbor and a friend will come over to water your plants and tend to the cat. But wait a minute! Your birdfeeders are already half empty, and you haven't even left the driveway. What will happen to those cute little chickadees when they fly in for black-oil sunflower seed but find nary a crumb?
For those of you who feed the birds year around or just in the winter there are a few things you should know. In your absence, keep your feeding schedule consistent, but don't worry if you must stop feeding briefly—while traveling, for example. Wild birds will find other food in your absence, especially in suburban areas, where other bird feeders are just a short flight away. If you live in a rural or isolated area, however, try to arrange to have a neighbor maintain the feeders in your absence, just as you would have someone look after your pets or houseplants. The birds will appreciate your consideration!
When winter has left trees barren and daylight hours are few, birds still fill our suburban landscapes. Providing food for wild birds will help the winter pass more comfortably for them, while adding interest and activity to your winter days. Experts disagree as to whether backyard bird feeding makes a significant difference for whole bird populations, but for the individual birds in your own backyard, feeding certainly can help. Winter feeding also gives you a chance to observe wild birds at close range. Come spring, as the nesting season unfolds, you'll have the added pleasure of recognizing many of the birds as individuals.
If you care not to feed year around, when should you stop feeding? The birds will tell you! You will notice that, long after the snow has melted and the days are longer, the birds are still flocking to your feeder. Just because the grass is green doesn't mean that nighttime temperatures are above freezing. If the nights are still freezing, insects will be inactive, and this will keep the birds coming to your feeder. As the nights warm up, you'll see fewer and fewer birds, and you'll find yourself filling your feeder less frequently. In addition to birds who leave your feeders when the insects show up, migratory birds will also desert you when it's time to fly away to their summer homes.
To learn more about bird feeding or National Bird Feeding Month, visit the National Bird Feeding Society's web site @ http://www.birdfeeding.org.

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