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Have you ever wished????

Perhaps it’s a New York thing, but I find myself frequently wishing I had another vocation, simply for spite. For example; when driving, if someone cuts me off so badly, I am forced to swerve in order to avoid being hit, I wish I were a police officer. I imagine whipping out my light through the sunroof of my minivan. I would pull them over and give them a good talking to (and perhaps a ticket)! That would make it all better! I frequently wish I were the office manager of my general practitioner’s office. I would never allow the 19 year old assistant to call anyone by their first name. Maybe I’ve been living in the South too long but if I have 20 years on you and you still have the word “teen” in your age, I am Mrs. Cardone to you!
A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a bridal shower for my cousin. It won’t surprise any of you that know me to learn that I had a very specific idea in mind regarding theme and décor. That being said, I needed a diamond ring cake. The cake had to appear as though it were a pillow. The ring needed to be coming out of the pillow and it had to have a large “diamond” on top. I was referred to Kimberly McDonald of Simply Desserts. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted and was fair in pricing so I booked her to make my cake.
I sent my husband to pick up the cake the evening before the shower. He made it home to find the ring had cracked. Let’s just say in that moment, my reaction would have painted Charlie Sheen in a positive light! I had decided the shower was ruined! If the cake wasn’t perfect, the shower would be a total disaster (insert sarcasm font here). I called Kimberly in a panic and she agreed to come over after her ladies night out to help.
The doorbell rand after 9pm and there were three ladies standing in my foyer toting boxes of “emergency cake supplies”. Although already having spent a night out enjoying themselves, they arrived ready to help. They worked like surgeons to repair the cake back to its original beauty, creating a whole new ring. These women could have been any of us ladies, here in South Riding. In my mind however, they were, our friend Chris, Donna and me. There was the Cake Captain (Chris), the dutiful assistant (Donna) and the distractor (me). The distractor was merely there to keep me out of their hair. They stayed until the job was done (well over an hour) and laughed their way through the inconvenience I clearly was. When they left, I thought; “gosh I wish I wrote for a newspaper so I could tell the world how awesome this woman is”. Oh yeah, I do!
Simply Desserts .Kimberly McDonald.703-362-8942.www.simplydessertsonline.com

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