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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Ten to twelve foot snow drifts covered a major portion of Lakefield Road just outside of Purcellville, but that did not stop one resident from digging out. Winds blew relentlessly for days across open fields causing the already narrow dirt road to close back shut in just a matter of hours. With the help of the employees from the Round Hill Sewer Treatment Plant, Ken Fleming worked assiduously for days keeping the road open for his friends & neighbors. Can you just imagine driving an "open" cab tractor for hours in the blinding snow, while those bits of icy flakes relentlessly sting your face, whirling around the cab distorting your vision? This of course is compounded by the fact that you have to drive "backwards" in order to operate the eight foot blower attached to the back of your tractor. If you look closely in the photo you can make out the tractor beneath the blowing snow.

I commend people like Ken & the employees at the Round Hill Sewer Treatment Plant who are still willing to help their neighbors. If you have a neighbor who has helped you out, please take a moment to whole heartedly thank them!

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