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River Creek Blog: A golfer’s delight

Occasionally, River Creek golfers take their pastime to Raspberry Falls Golf Course, usually on days when the course at River Creek is closed. When they pull up to the golf bag drop off, they invariably are met by a man named Gilbert whose face is perpetually creased with a broad smile. He quickly lifts golf bags out of the cars, joking with the golfers all the time. One River Creek golfer, Woody Wrable, commented “always a smile. He loves his job.”

Indeed, at age 50, Gilbert Charite does love his job. He’s been at it since he came from the Bahamas in 1996. His first job was with a construction company doing work at Raspberry Falls. He decided to join the staff and has been there ever since—21 years. What does he see for his future? “Another 20 years here. I would like to become a starter/ranger.” He works year round. In the winter, when the course closes occasionally because of the weather, he says he works on “repairs and painting in the clubhouse.”

Why does he like his job? “The guests, they make me smile. Makes the day shorter.” He and his wife have three offspring and six grandchildren. In 2006, Loudoun Convention and Visitor’s Association nominated Gilbert as employee of the year. Golfers at Raspberry Falls are very fortunate to be greeted by Gilbert. As I was interviewing him he kept referring to me as ‘young man’ and that made me smile.
Octoberfest at River Creek.

The River Creek Club will have an evening devoted to the historic German tradition of Oktoberfest on Sept. 29 from 7-9 p.m. in the Clubhouse. The German buffet is $35 plus $5 for German draft beer. Entertainment will be provided by “The Just South of Seven Band,” that says it plays, “Guitar driven music from the 60s to the present.” Members and their guests are welcome. Call 703-779-2022 for reservations.

The tradition of Oktoberfest began on October 12, 1810 at the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese in Bavaria. It became an annual event that lasts 16 to 18 days filled with festivities and shouldered by waitresses serving steins of beer. In contrast to the name Oktoberfest, the celebrations were moved to September to take advantage of milder weather in Bavaria where Munich is the centerfold.

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