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Spring Art Show at Harper Clubhouse Lansdowne

photoMichael Hardy, the Artist
Art Exhibit at Harper Clubhouse, Lansdowne

On Saturday, May 19th,at the Harper Clubhouse Michael Hardy will be the featured artist at the Spring Art Show. He will be displaying his work from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Clubhouse.

His medium includes oils, pencils, pen and ink and charcoals. His specialties are people and landscapes. And he has done wall murals, portraits, pets, shirts, flyers and canvases. So everyone is invited--admission free-- to the Harper Clubhouse on Saturday to enjoy this special treat.

Wish I could see your work in person. Keep painting

Your life is personified in the art painting you present. It is obvious that you have special gift from our Creator.Please continue to paint, so that your work reaches the heart of mankind everywhere.




Hi, Michael…Awesome job…keep up the great work.  I’ll see you at the next one.  :)

My dear brother - I have personally witness your great art abilities.  I am so happy and proud to see you share your wonderful talent with others. And yes, I still want to purchase that portrait depicting a little girl praying for the soldiers to return home safely. Much love and God bless.  Your sis, Verg.

Hey Michael, I’m sure this is a great accomplishment for you, having your art seen by people in the art industry.  Your work is great.  I am happy to see that the Lord is blessing you in area of expertise. You do do great work. Stay encouraged, and may God continue to be a blessing to you and your family.

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