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River Creek Blog: The whimsical game of golf
Both Lansdowne and River Creek to an extent are golf course communities. And summer brings on a golfing population that can be competitive, recreational or strictly social. Regardless of which category a golfer fits – even if a mixture of all three – shot-making is the essential part of the game.

Every round of golf has it oddities that entertains the question: Is it better to hit a good shot that goes bad or a bad shot that goes well. All golfers have had the opportunity to experience both. For example, one golfer hit a tee shot toward the grove of trees beside the fairway. His ball glanced off a tree, rebounded on the cart path ending up on the fairway. His foursome coined the term “barky sparky.” Meanwhile, his partner pounded a tee shot that just caught the tip of a limb on the other side of the fairway and the ball flew into the woods never to be seen again.

Once a golfer topped a ball that rolled to within 18 inches of the pin. His playing partner hit a beautiful, high-arching shot that struck the bank beside the green and rolled into the pond. On one of the other holes, a golfer hit a line drive into the water so that it skipped and hopped up on the green three feet from the pin. He and his companions referred to it as a “skipper.”

Often these variables can produce descriptive vocabulary lounging on the cusp of profanity, such as “shucks” or “dang it” (wink wink). Sometimes venting one's wrath can involve releasing the golf club. We once found a putter in Goose Creek, and another time there was a club up in a tree.

Comedy and Magic Show

The River Creek Club will host comedian Denny Corby on July 28. Cocktails and dinner will precede the performance beginning at 6:30 p.m. Corby hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and has performed at a number of venues in the area. According to reports from those who have seen him, he is known as an illusionist who mixes comedy, sarcasm and mind-reading skills. And according to one source, “he can be family friendly, but the audience may not be.” (Hint, hint: Find a babysitter if need be).

The cost for members and their guests is $50 including beverages and dinner. For one member it's $39.95.
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River Creek Blog: Ted Garber at the Village Green
Renowned guitarist Ted Garber will bring his talent to Village on the Green in Lansdowne Town Center on July 21. The program will kick-off at 6:30 p.m. with the pre-concert event involving Bach2Rock student bands.

Garber has has been prominent in the D.C. Metro area for several years. He has performed at D.C.’s 9:30 Club, Blues Alley and the Strathmore, where he was Artist in Residence at the performing arts center. He is a two-time winner of the WAMA Pop/Rock Recording of the Year for the albums “Live at Strathmore” (2011) and “American Rail” (2010). Garber was named a top Entertainer by WUSA-Chanel 9 and won On Tap magazine’s Battle of the Bands Taste of Arlington Competition in 2006.

No admission fee, but remember to bring something to sit on.

Movies on the Green

The River Creek Club will be showing the movie “Sing” on July 18 from 8-10 p.m. The apron that slopes down on the back side of the clubhouse forms an ideal amphitheater, an outdoor setting for gazing at the Potomac River or for watching movies. Ice cream and popcorn will be on hand for the movie goers consisting of members and their guests at no charge.
“Sing” came out in 2016 and features anthropomorphic animals meaning they have human traits. Voices in the movie come from Mathew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson.

Lifeguards from Slovakia

Every summer, the company Premier Aquatics hires lifeguards from eastern Europe to work at the swimming pools in Lansdowne and River Creek. Phillip and Petra from Slovakia are on duty at River Creek. Phillip said they have very little free time working for 10 or 11 hours each day. But before returning to their home country, they will have some time off. He says they “both want to see the great monuments in D.C.

“And go to Las Vegas, New York and Hawaii,” he added. They ride their bikes to and from their place in Leesburg, enjoy soccer, read a lot, spend time with friends and, according to Petra, “Five Guys hamburgers, very good.”
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River Creek Blog: Remembering Bazil Newman
This week 165 years ago, Bazil Newman at age 72 was laid to rest in the Newman family cemetery, located opposite the 13th tee box at River Creek along Olympic Boulevard. Newman, an African-American, owned and farmed 119 acres near the Potomac River and Goose Creek. He was part owner of a warehouse along the creek, and he operated Edwards Ferry, thought to be a link in the historic Underground Railway transporting escaped slaves to safety. He and his family settled on his farm in 1835.

Newman's tombstone was found originally leaning up against a tree on the family cemetery plot. Later it went missing and didn’t reappear until five years later when a resident called the developer, Mark Montgomery, saying that the tombstone was in his backyard flower bed. Montgomery had the tombstone embedded in concrete at the Newman family cemetery with a plaque marking the plot along with an ornamental fence enclosure.

Reflections magazine

For the third consecutive year, the River Creek magazine, Reflections, won the APEX award for the top community magazine in the nation. According to its editor-in-chief, Bea Snyder, there were over 1,400 entries in the Magazine, Journal and Tabloid category. “We were up against such publications as American Bank Association in DC, AARP Bulletin, Midwest Luxury Publishing … just to name a few.”
Ms. Snyder said, “This would not be possible without the talent and commitment of the editorial staff: Margaret Mortimer, Fran Roberts, Linda Furr, Cami McNamee and Laura Pitt. A very special thank you to Mary Pat Imlah, principal of Imagery Print.” She added a singular note of appreciation for members of the River Creek community who contribute articles, photos and information “which made this award possible. Reflections is a community effort.”
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