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Request for food, clothing and toy drives to support Thanksgiving and Christmas programs
HUMC LINKLINK toys distributed at Herndon United Methodist Church.
By Lisa Lombardozzi
LINK President

Volunteer’s ages 8 years old to 80 volunteer to participate in these very empowering, emotional and gratifying Thanksgiving and Christmas event experiences.

LINK seeks organizations to consider coordinating a food, gently used winter coat or new toy drive.

LINK has registered 775 families (comprising 3,700 individuals) to receive groceries, winter clothing and new toys during the holiday season. LINK relies heavily on the Scouting for Food programs, as well as schools, businesses, churches, and civic organizations to supply the much appreciated donations.

What does it take to provide 3,700 individuals food for 3 – 5 days, warm clothing and new toys to bring Christmas joy to needy children? In the next few weeks, LINK will need more than 60,000 pounds of food, 2,000 gently used coats, and 4,000 new toys. It is a huge goal, but one I know we can meet and possibly exceed with 1,000 volunteers and the generous donations from our wonderful Loudoun and Fairfax community organizations.

LINK is scheduled to distribute food and coats on Saturday November 21, 2015. On Saturday December 19th, LINK will distribute food and new toys for children newborn age through 16 years of age.

Our local schools have high percentages of children receiving free and reduced meals. Seniors are having to choose between food and medications. Families struggle to stretch their dollars to cover clothing, food and housing. Author, salesman and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar said, “Success is not measured by what you do compared to what others do, it is measured by what you do with what God gave you.”

Sometimes people can get overwhelmed with the huge need in their community and feel they are too small to do anything about a need so great. LINK provides everyone an opportunity to do something to touch the life of a single family with the simplest and purest of all acts (a used winter coat, four bags of non-perishables, a grocery gift certificate, two toys for a child at Christmas, etc.).

We live in a very affluent community and the needy children that receive clothes and toys from LINK usually attend school with children that enjoy bountiful Thanksgiving and Christmas experiences. If the only gifts these children will receive are those from LINK, then we would like for them to be very special gifts. LINK believes in loving each and every one as God taught us. Our motivations are rooted in spirit, mercy and responsibility to others.

LINK is eager to know that you will join us in our effort this Holiday Season. Won’t you consider coordinating a drive (food, gently used winter coats and new toys) to help folks in our community? No amount collected is too small – it truly all adds up to make a difference in someone’s life! LINK collected/distributed coats and winter clothing to over 400 local families in 2014. Sadly, we did not have coats for everyone. All collected coats and winter apparel can be delivered to the Narthex of Sterling United Methodist Church (304 E. Church Road) from Monday 11/16 to Friday 11/20, 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM. Coats can be new or used, just clean and in good condition. Men's, women's and children's sizes are needed. Anything that can be done to raise the quantities of food, clothes and toys for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be critical to the success of the LINK distribution. Thank you and God bless all of you for your efforts.

SUMCVolunteers sorting coats and winter garments at Sterling United Methodist Church.

About LINK:

Established in 1972, LINK is one of the legacy “all volunteer” emergency support organizations in Northern Virginia. Similar to the Gospel story of the loaves and fish LINK touches the lives of thousands of people with an annual budget of less than $110,000. LINK provides emergency food assistance by request on a daily basis and distributes holiday provisions for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The organization is comprised of 18 member churches (consisting of Baptist, Brethren, and Catholic, Episcopal, Fellowship, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian and non-denominational churches) in Herndon, Chantilly Sterling, and Potomac Falls united in a common cause to provide food, grocery gift certificates and financial assistance to qualified people in need 52 weeks a year.

LINK strongly believes that assisting those less fortunate with their most basic needs fosters hope and good will among our diverse and fast growing community. LINK retains no paid employees. Volunteers do all the work, and most goods are received from local donations.

LINK’s Campaign Participant Combined Federal Campaign Number is 78589 and the United Way Number is 9648. If you would like more information, please contact our LINK President – .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
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Highway Cross serves as icon of hope for 25 years in Purcellville
crux gloriaThe Piedmont's most visible celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, "Crux Gloria," stands aside Highway 7, the Harry Byrd Highway in Purcellville, Virginia. Tomas Jose Fernandez sculpted the 33-foot-high steel "Glorious Cross" in 1990. Photograph is courtesy of Nancy G.
The Crux Gloria was erected and dedicated by St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church in November 1990

If you're traveling from Leesburg on Highway 7, passing through Purcellville just west of the Berlin Turnpike exit, you can look to your right and see a majestic metal cross sculpture. Within the cross, the shape of Jesus appears to have been creatively cut out by scissors.

Called the “Crux Gloria” (Cross Glorious in Latin), it sits on the grounds of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church. No matter what religious beliefs one might avow, the cross impresses with a fantastic beauty, especially at night when the interior of the cross is illuminated, highlighting the outline of Jesus. The lights that brighten its interior automatically turn on every twilight and extinguish at each sunrise.

The sculptor of the Crux Gloria, Tomas Fernandez, was a member of St. Francis De Sales in 1988. He recalls being "literally woken up by God" sometime that year and being inspired to create the structure. "God told me, 'My cross is a cross of light, and I want you to build one,' " Fernandez said.

Fernandez recalls the total cost for engineering specifications, steel and assembly, including his labor, as $12,000. The Crux Gloria was erected and dedicated by St. Francis De Sales on November 21, 1990 celebrating the Feast of Christ the King. On that day the St. Francis de Sales community had their pastor consecrate Crux Gloria. The Feast of Christ the King is observed in the Roman Catholic Church in honor of Jesus Christ as Lord over all creation and falls on the last Sunday of the church year.

Fernandez remembers requesting the church leaders to install the cross in seven feet of steel encased in a massive block of concrete. This was done in advance of building the new church that was already in the planning stages. The new St. Francis de Sales Church opened in close proximity during June 1992 and replaced the first church built in 1921 and located on Main Street in Purcellville.

Crux Gloria stands 33 feet high and weighs 17,000 pounds. This sculpting of light within the cross is directly connected to the divine commission and vision of Crux Gloria, which impacted Tomas' spiritual and artistic life forever. "In one touch God can illuminate perspectives you have never considered,” Tomas said when describing his artistic vision. “Such was the case when He commissioned this monumental Cross. It is simple and yet profound. A window to see through, the door way, the gate to Heaven. It is a cross of light."

The large cross, softly lit at night, stands on the edge of St. Francis de Sales Parish’s property adjacent to the now heavily trafficked Highway 7. Crux Gloria is a monumental structure with its cut out figure of Christ and serves as an icon of hope for western Loudoun and beyond the Blue Ridge.

According to Diane P. Morano, Business Manager at St. Francis de Sales, in 2010 the cross was refurbished with the help of architects and engineers of the parish. Ted Welti, a parishioner, oversaw the refurbishing. The work took over one month and included sand blasting, welding, electrical work and painting. The repair effort cost over $10,000 and was chiefly paid for by donations from parishioners, with half from one donor.

About Tomas Fernandez

Tomas J. Fernandez was born in Washington, D.C. in December of 1955. His parents, Julian and Helen Fernandez, nurtured his artistic development from the very beginning. The home was an eclectic mixture of Spanish and Irish Culture. Tomas started out primarily as a painter; as a young man, he traveled Europe and the America's seeking inspiration and education in the arts.

Tomas Fernandez is a visual artist with a monumental heart for God and an ability to capture the beauty he admires in God's creation. His ability to transcend his medium is profound. His kinetic metal sculptures respond to a gentle touch or warm breeze. As an American abstract painter, he sculpts the canvas with vibrant colors and textures. His handcrafted cross pendant has given hope to inner city children and his custom metal sculptures have filled collections from the Presidential Library to those of private collectors, an airport, and businesses. His love of God, family, neighbors, community, country, and planet is manifested through community projects, memorials, environmental projects and the tremendous power and light within his works. He has lectured across the US, been featured in books, magazines, and television, yet continues to pray in humility to serve God faithfully in each divine commission.

About Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church

The parish consists of over 1,400 registered households (over 6,000 people) located within Western Loudoun County. The parish community is diverse and includes a large number of young families, seniors and middle age empty nesters. All are invited to participate as Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion, lectors, altar servers and ushers at daily and holy day Masses, as well as at Sunday Masses.

Charismatic Prayer Group

Come and join the parish every Wednesday evening at 7 pm in the Oratory Room for a dynamic study on “Living a Life in the Spirit”. This study will explain THE HOW TO concerning the walk in the spirit, living by faith, fighting the battles of life, and experiencing Charismatic Gifts of the Spirit (Wisdom, Knowledge, Prophecy, Miracles, Healing, Special Faith, Discernment, Tongues, and interpretation of tongues). If you desire to have a deeper walk in the spirit you will not want to miss this study. Immediately following the end of each evening study the St. Francis Charismatic Prayer Group “Refuge” will meet at 7:30 pm for a time of praise, worship, and prayer for the healing and needs of all who care to attend.

St. Francis de Sales Parish
37730 St. Francis Ct.
Purcellville, 20132

Pastor: Rev. Ronald S. Escalante
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Mark Mullaney
Deacon: Lawrence V. Hammel
DRE: James Blankenship

Mass schedule:
Saturday: 9 a.m., 5 p.m. Vigil
Sunday: 7 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 6 p.m.
Monday and Wednesday: 9 a.m.
Tuesday and Thursday: 6:30 a.m.
Friday: 6:30 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Parishioners: 6,830

><((((º> .• `•.. ><((((º> .• `•.. ><((((º> .• `•.. ><((((º>.•
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Becky Dvorak - Healing and Impartation at Church of the Holy Spirit in Leesburg on Saturday, Oct. 10
becky_d8 American women with Becky Dvorak, on Missions trip to orphanage in Guatemala.
Healing and Impartation
Saturday, October 10, 2015 at 7 PM
with Healing Evangelist, Becky Dvorak
of Healing and Miracles International of Guatemala

Where: Church of the Holy Spirit
908 Trailview Blvd SE Suite 200, Leesburg, VA 20175
Spanish translation available.

By Odessa Criales-Smith
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
><((((º> .· `·.. ><((((º> .· `·.. ><((((º> .· `·.. ><((((º> .·

Come join us for a time of ministry with Becky Dvorak, Healing Evangelist and full time Missionary to Guatemala. Becky Dvorak is a prophetic minister, evangelist, missionary, and author whose daily life gives way to the spiritual gifts fully operating, with signs following! I have always believed in divine healing and I’ve seen people healed (mostly over time, progressive), but my Missions trip to Guatemala was the first time for me experiencing God move the way He did in the services in Guatemala.

On this trip, we were 8 American women, ranging in ages from 25 – 65, plus the American couple, David and Becky Dvorak, who are ministers of healing in their orphanage in Guatemala (since 1994)…they are well-respected in their area of Guatemala, and we ministered at 4 different churches while we were there training, leading up to a 2-day crusade, where there were more than 2,600 in attendance (most of them walked there…no vehicles).

Becky preached on the 7 places Jesus shed His Blood (Garden of Gethsemane/conquered human will, plucked/pulled off His beard/bore our shame, whipping post/by His wound we are healed, Crown of thorns/became and reversed the curse, hands nailed/His hands loved, healed, fed...restored our hands to be a blessing, feet nailed/restored to us authority that was lost by Adam, and pierced in His side/remaining Blood and Water (cleansing Blood, streams of living water for our new birth)…this being the completed work of redemption for the people of God…Jesus left nothing undone.

Then Becky spoke about us being made in the mirror image of Elohim (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and we were made just a little lower than Elohim (many Bible translations are incorrectly translated, in that they state we were made a little lower than the angels). With this misinterpretation, if made LOWER than the angels (Satan is a fallen angel, and, as an angel, would have dominion over us)…this was all deep teaching, to cause us to understand the redemptive work that Jesus did for us, His love for us, and who we are in Him…as is He (Jesus), so are we, in this world (1 John 4:17).

And these signs shall follow them (us) that believe…and Jesus was with them (us), confirming His word with signs following (Mark 16:17-20). As we laid hands on people, they were so ready to receive of the Lord that they received. He met them right there, with healing in His wings…it was incredible! Hundreds were touched by the power of God, with no more room on the altar floor area…we eventually began going out into the congregation to meet people right where they were…Holy Spirit led, and we followed. To tell people that they were made in His image, they just broke and wept. People began bringing their children up to receive of the Lord…there were many salvations, healing, and people set free, in Jesus’ name.

Men came forward to ask God to change their hearts, to heal their marriages and to forgive them. Men asked of the Lord for reconciliation in their homes…men asked. I am used to women asking, but it was quite moving to have men asking and contending for their families in such a tender way. There were many women with tumors and ovarian-type issues, and we trust many were healed, as it was one of the “words of knowledge” that came forth, during ministry.

I believe that not one will leave this meeting untouched by the power of God. I am forever changed, and am learning to become more yielded to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and pray to greatly impact the world around us, for Jesus’ name sake.

Becky’s book, Dare to Believe will be available for purchase at the meeting. The book gives testimony to all of the divine healing and miracles experienced in the lives of ALL of the children of their orphanage, and AIDS home…not one is still sick. God is so good, and this is the life He has for all of us.

Join us for an evening of ministry and the healing power of Jesus Christ, and the opportunity to have the gift of healing activated and operating in your own life!

The event is free. A love offering will be received for Becky’s ministry.

There will be personal ministry and prayer for healing.

Please Note: God, in His great desire to see us blessed and equipped for His service, has provided various ways and means of impacting our lives. One of those ways is the Ministry of Impartation through the laying on of hands by mature, recognized Leaders.

Impartation has to do with the giving and receiving of spiritual gifts, blessings, healing, baptism in the Holy Spirit, etc., for the work of the ministry. It is the transference of these "gifts" from one man or woman of God to another, especially through the laying on of hands. There is an invisible flowing of spiritual ability from one to the other. That invisible flowing goes from the spirit and heart of the imparter through the arms and hands into the spirit and heart of the one having hands laid on them.

The Apostle Paul had this desire to help others to rise in effective ministry through all that God had given to him. He learned that he could pass on through impartation blessings and gifting’s of God.

"For I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong - that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith" (Romans 1:11-12 , NIV).
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"If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all and servant to all" (Mark 9:35).


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