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    River Creek & Lansdowne
    RIVER CREEK/LANSDOWNE: Summer reading
    My literary habits have no discipline, rather an apportioned dose of disorganization. I was thinking of joining one of the book clubs in River Creek as they have a sterling record in the literary field. My only problem is that I would miss guys’ night out and Nationals' baseball games on TV.

    While these clubs have a social element, their central purpose is reading. Most if not all of the book clubs in River Creek consist of women. Some read the books themselves and some read off a Kindle or iPad. They usually meet once a month, decide on a book and have it read by the next meeting for discussion. As a result their span of content continues to increase to their benefit.

    The Player’s View Book Club earlier read “Lost Horizons” by James Hilton, the classic story of Shangri-La. To add to the flavor, they obtained a CD of the old movie with Ronald Coleman and thus had a chance to compare it with the book. In addition they read “The Orphan Train” by Christine Blake Kline. It recalls a sad chapter in this country’s history as they shipped orphans from the East Coast to the Midwest. “Most ended up as indentured servants, rather than being adopted by family members,” said Bea Snyder, member of the book club. Players View member Marilyn Wilson’s reaction to this migration: “A disturbing story.”

    “The Invention of Wings” was the choice of Book Bonders Book Club and involved the story of sisters in Charleston, S.C. in the 1800s. Book club member Dorothy MacDonald said that the story is about two privileged Southern sisters who spoke out against the injustice of slavery. “It was a very, very good book,” she said. They were willing to “risk their personal safety and the possible loss of friends and loved ones.”

    On a lighter note, Carol Wrable recounts the reading of the Book Club for Blondes (there are at least three non-blondes in the club) with the book, “One Lavender Ribbon” by Heather Burch. She says “The book, a very light summer read, involves a divorced woman who discovers a stack of love letters from World War II.” They lead to an unlikely romance.

    The Between the Covers book club has relegated its members to fend for themselves over the summer in their individual book selections. They will reconvene in September.

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    RIVER CREEK: Lifeguards at River Creek
    Each summer lifeguards who provide a safety net for the swimmers nearly always come from Europe and mostly from Eastern Europe. Of the four I spoke with two were from Istanbul, Turkey and it was their first time in the United States. One of the others came from Poland and another from Slovakia. The latter two had been here in previous summers. The one from Poland, Poznan had been here three times before and Alriana had been here a couple times.

    Emre and Yigit from Turkey stay in Leesburg and they get around on their bicycles. Emre says, “It takes us 30 to 40 minutes to come here from downtown Leesburg.”

    I asked him where all he had been since arriving in the states. “Leesburg, Lansdowne, Arlington. We hope some day to go into Washington and New York and maybe California.”

    Their comment on what it’s like here compared with Istanbul, their hometown: “It’s silent compared to Istanbul.”

    Poznan from Poland, her fourth time here says, “I like it. Different than in my country. I feel comfortable. It’s really important for me. Everyone has been friendly.” She has been around the area and to Miami in one of her previous stays.

    Atriana from Slovakia says, “I love it here. Makes us feel like home.”

    I asked them if they had ever had a crisis as a lifeguard. Poznan explained that the swimming pool at River Creek has no diving board and that can be the root cause of accidents. Also when she worked as a lifeguard on the beach it was more likely that people would find themselves in danger.

    Still to insure a safe day at the pool it may behoove swimmers to know how to call for help. In Turkish it’s 'yardin.' In Polish and Slovak it’s 'pomoc.' Or maybe better yet just holler out 'help?'

    “Wreck it Ralph”

    On Saturday, July 19 at 8:30 p.m., the River Creek Club will sponsor a viewing of “Wreck it Ralph” out on the lawn behind the clubhouse. Admission is free and popcorn, ice cream and candy will be available. The movie has been around since 2012 with wide appeal. Even if you’ve seen if before you could take the little ones and enjoy Ralph’s rage with the arcade games.

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    RIVER CREEK: Bear sightings
    Residents of River Creek have recently reported bear sightings in their neighborhoods. Courtesy Photo
    One day last week, Chantel Smith was walking her dog when she spotted a bear at the end of our street – Hill Head Place. As she says, “I was scared. Not able to handle such situations well.” The Loudoun Animal Control Office said they had been tracking this same bear since it left its home. According to them, when the mother bear is about to be a mother again, she sends her latest cubs out to fend for themselves. They roam the countryside until they find their space.

    By some parody of coincidence the bear that paused at the end of our street had positioned himself near the residence of Robin and Eric Bear. Could this be some act of fate? Or as one person commented, “Maybe the bear clawed his way into” Does this bear want to take up residence in River Creek? There is a house for sale in the neighborhood.

    Then one day later another bear appeared on Mid Ocean Place. This time the Animal Control truck was on the scene and the street was blocked off. It could have been the other bear’s younger sister or brother or even cousin. Anyway their fascination with River Creek has likely lifted the real estate market.

    From common references, black bears are not carnivorous; are good tree climbers and swimmers; can run up to 35 miles an hour, which exceeds the speed limit in River Creek; are typically shy and easily frightened. However, mutual fear may be a good thing. They can weigh up to 600 pounds and are intelligent and curious to the extent that the one bear may have been trying to learn about the Bear household.

    “The Goonies” at Lansdowne

    On Friday, July 11, at 6:30 p.m. “The Goonies (instead of bears) will be visiting the Village Green in Lansdowne Town Center. Prior to the movie, there will be a treasure hunt, face painting and other activities for the younger set.

    “The Goonies” came out in 1985 about a group of pre-teens seeking to save their homes and in the process find an old Spanish map revealing the location of some lost treasure. It records their adventures in the process. The executive producer is Steven Spielberg.

    For those interested in being comfortable, bring chairs to sit on. Admission is free.

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