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    Letters to the Editor
    Comstock can get economy moving

    I recently attended the Virginia 10th Congressional District debate between Del. Barbara Comstock and Supervisor John Foust. The topic of the debate as outlined both before and the morning of the debate was supposed to be business, jobs, transportation, economic issues.

    Foust, who spoke first at the debate was jarringly loud and attacked from the start. He provided no positive agenda or record that he had on promoting jobs or the issues that were the subject of the debate. He cited no signature achievement of his own (as did Comstock with numerous legislative successes) and Foust attacked Comstock’s legislative successes as “tax cuts for the rich.”

    Foust also opposed Comstock’s competitive bidding legislation which has already saved us hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure projects. Foust wanted our infrastructure projects to have union mandates that would have cost taxpayers more while throwing money and jobs to his union boss cronies. These same union cronies are now lining his campaign coffers with tens of thousands in campaign contributions.

    Foust also failed to address his broken promise that he made to homeowners in Fairfax County. When he first ran for supervisor he said he would “lower the tax burden on homeowners.” Not only has he done the exact opposite – raising taxes on homeowners six out of the seven years he’s been in office, he’s never offered a plan to lower the tax burden on homeowners.

    Unfortunately, he continues to support the failed Obama/Pelosi tax increase agenda that will only continue to take more and more of our paychecks while hurting businesses and economic activity throughout our community.

    It was clear from the audience reaction at the debate, and it is clear from the business community endorsements – Barbara Comstock is the leader we need in the 10th District for job creation, transportation, and to get the economic engine of her district and the country going again.

    Cathy McNickle


    Lawmakers can create healthy future

    Our health care system is neither healthy nor accessible for many women, but Richmond lawmakers have an opportunity to make improvements. They need to stop playing politics with people’s lives and begin to start governing.

    In large swaths of Virginia, particularly in low-income neighborhoods, women are suffering. This suffering affects the well-being of all of us, not just the children and communities that are directly affected.

    You probably didn’t know that childless uninsured women are not eligible for Medicaid in Virginia even if they are planning to have children. Moreover, for many mothers who are eligible, they lose their Medicaid coverage 60 days after giving birth because they exceed the very low-income requirements to qualify for Virginia’s sparse Medicaid program. This exacerbates an already stressful period in a mother’s life.

    In fact, mothers in most parts of Virginia qualify for Medicaid only if they earn less than 40 percent of the federal poverty line.  This means that a single mother in Richmond cannot receive Medicaid if she makes $6,100 a year or more. But if Virginia participated in Medicaid Expansion, a program for which we are already sending tax dollars ($5 million per day) to Washington, hard-working individuals, including women, earning up to 138 percent of the federal poverty line would gain insurance coverage. Virginia’s tax dollars are supporting Medicaid expansion in 29 other states but not here at home.

    Medicaid expansion may not be perfect but the cost of not going forward is astronomical. We all know that maternal health is critically important for the healthy development of a child. This means that prospective moms can only achieve a healthy state if they have access to care before pregnancy as well as access to pre and post -natal care. Preventing low-birth weight babies and developmentally delayed babies is something we must embrace. Virginia cannot afford to wait; we must pass Medicaid expansion now.

    Barbara Favola (D) 31st Virginia Senate District Kaye Kory (D) 38th House of Delegates District

    Loudoun County

    Full-day kindergarten supported

    I moved to Loudoun County 10 years ago to provide a great life for my family, especially my son. I am appalled Loudoun County does not have full-day kindergarten.

    It is not fair that my son is at a disadvantage because Loudoun County receives a per pupil budget for full-day kindergarten; however, allocates it to other resources. Loudoun is the only county in Virginia that does not receive educational funding based on a majority of kindergarten students being in full-day kindergarten.

    If the majority of students received full-day kindergarten, Loudoun County would get a bigger allotment from the state. Loudoun County is one of four counties in the state of Virginia that doesn’t have full-day kindergarten.

    There are proven results and lasting educational benefits up to eighth grade for children who attend full-day kindergarten. It is a disgrace to our children not to provide full- day kindergarten for all students.

    All Loudoun County students deserve a start to their school experience that is equitable to those students in surrounding districts. These students are our future leaders.

    Loudoun County needs to get with the program and support and implement full-day kindergarten like surrounding counties and school districts across the country.

    Robyn B. Engelson

    Loudoun County

    Foust can solve partisan gridlock

    Democratic candidate for Congress John Foust made a mistake when he said that his Republican opponent, Barbara Comstock, had “never held a real job.”

    As The Washington Post recently verified, Comstock has been consistently at work as a hit (wo)man for the Republicans starting with her attempt to smear Hillary Clinton in the 90’s over the so-called Travelgate mess that turned out nothing.

    Then she went on to be an “opposition researcher,” paid to dig up dirt, and then “chief investigative counsel.”

    She’s been working all right.

    Partisans like her are the reason Congress is in gridlock and cannot move. To elect her to replace Frank Wolf would be like inviting Carrie Nation with her hatchet into the saloon. Say what you will about Wolf, but he did often work with both parties to get things done.

    John Foust, an effective Fairfax supervisor and moderate Democrat, would be a better choice for voters who want the Congress to function and not be stuck in another few years of dangerous gridlock.


    David Williams


    Full-day kindergarten

    I moved to Loudoun County to provide the best possible life for my son and daughter, including full-day education starting in kindergarten. I was shocked and completely unprepared when I learned Loudoun County doesn’t have full-day kindergarten.

    It’s erroneously presumptuous to think that all families can supplement the current half-day curriculum with private instructors and/or daycare providers.

    It’s unacceptable academically and economically. Please put full -day kindergarten on the priority agenda.


    Sharon Huff

    Loudoun County

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