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Lazaro: Loudoun leads clean energy economy

Tucked behind a non-descript construction entrance off Sycolin Road you will find the cleanest electricity generation plant in the United States. The project, Panda Stonewall Generating Station, will provide some 778MW of electricity (enough to power some 700,000 homes) and produce 60 percent less CO2 emissions than a coal plant.

In addition, the facility utilizes the treated wastewater from the Town of Leesburg’s sewer plant, meaning no precious potable water will be used to create electricity. The plant will not discharge any water (helping to protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed) and there is enough room on the property for a utility scale solar PV facility.

Approved by the Board of Supervisors 9 to 0 (the Board at the time was made up of six Democrats, two independents and one Republican) this project will create 800 construction jobs and will have a $7.1 billion impact on the local economy.

With 70 percent of the world’s Internet traffic flowing through Loudoun County, the plant will provide much needed electricity to foster continued economic growth not only in our county, but the region. And, it is a perfect partner for renewable energy facilities as the sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow.

Clearly, the commonwealth can do more to promote and encourage renewable energy. One only has to look at North Carolina to see how well they are doing (they are No. 4 in the country with respect to installed solar PV - more than 1 gigawatt).

But, there is sunshine on the horizon. The governor and the General Assembly approved legislation that requires Dominion Power to install at a minimum 400 MW of new solar PV. Further, legislation allowing localities to create Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs to further efforts to improve energy efficiency, renewable etc. And, a Solar Energy Development Authority has been created.

Recently, the President of the United States announced the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to help reduce America’s carbon footprint. The president need not look more than 50 miles west of the White House to see a great example of a project that is helping to keep our air clean, supporting the local economy and meeting long-term climate goals.

Congratulations to the initiator of the project, John Andrews, a Loudoun resident who saw a need and had a vision where Loudoun County could make a positive contribution. Kudos also to Chairman Scott York and the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, Leesburg Mayor Kristen Umstaadt and Town Council and many others involved in the project that helped it come to fruition.

Loudoun truly is leading America’s Clean Energy Economy.

Robert Lazaro

Former mayor of Purcellville and director of Regional Energy and Sustainability Policy at the NVRC

Sanchez and Haberl: In Va., clean energy initiative would bring job opportunities

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has highlighted the need to build a New Virginia Economy, and that finding good jobs for the commonwealth’s veterans is a top priority.

What better industry to focus on than clean energy?

Our state is home to 780,000-plus veterans. Because our military is America’s largest and most sophisticated clean energy customer, many veterans already know how to scale up clean energy technologies better than anyone else in the world.

Recently at an event in Arlington co-hosted by the national nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2 and the Latino environmental group Voces Verdes) this was evident as a roomful of Virginia veterans agreed that clean energy is their “next mission.”

The veterans in attendance voiced particularly strong support for the Clean Power Plan – which was just finalized last week, and is the single-greatest opportunity for Virginia to create more good jobs in the high-growth clean energy industry.

By setting the first-ever limits on the amount of carbon pollution our power plants kick out into the atmosphere, we can grow clean energy industries like solar, wind and energy efficiency. In the process, we can help create tens of thousands of good Virginia jobs not just for veterans but for all Virginians.

As mentioned in Gov. McAuliffe’s Energy Plan, nearly 40,000 energy efficiency jobs can be created in Virginia. An additional 14,000 solar energy jobs and 10,000 jobs in offshore wind energy alone could also be created if our state implements stronger clean energy policies, according to the Virginia Coastal Research Consortium.

Already, Virginia is on the way to meeting 80 percent of the Clean Power Plan’s pollution reduction standard. By focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency, we can easily meet the remaining 20 percent over the next decade-and-a-half.

In Virginia, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

While it’s commendable that E2 recently ranked Virginia No. 7 in clean energy jobs nationwide in the first quarter of 2015, it was also Virginia’s first appearance on the list. Our neighbors to the north and south, on the other hand, make frequent appearances in the top 10.

Thanks to a booming solar energy sector, North Carolina has cracked E2’s top 10 six times, while Maryland, which like the Tar Heel State has a strong, mandatory state-level renewable energy standard, has made the list four times including the latest quarter. Another Southern state – Georgia – ranked first nationally last quarter, primarily due to growth in solar energy.

While one in 10 Virginians are veterans, a similarly large portion of the state is Hispanic. And for Latinos, support for the Clean Power Plan is overwhelming – about 86 percent nationwide back the efforts to limit carbon pollution from power plants, which will help grow industries like solar and wind energy.

With the average age of Latinos in the commonwealth only 15 years old, we must make sure our economy can create good job opportunities for tomorrow’s workers – both at the unusually high percentage of Hispanic-owned businesses in Virginia (we’re No. 10 in that category nationwide), and at every other business in the state.

Clean energy can help provide these job opportunities.

Whether you’re a young intern working this summer at a Hispanic-owned clean energy business, or a veteran seeking to transition to a meaningful career in the private sector, we have a responsibility to ensure that our state’s clean energy industry is as strong as possible.

That’s why we’re calling upon Gov. McAuliffe to move forward with strong implementation of the Clean Power Plan. It’s good for our veterans. It’s good for the Latino community. It’s good for Virginia’s young workers. And it’s the right thing to do for the commonwealth.


Joseph Sanchez and Dr. Mary Haberl

Co-owners of SOLARFOUR LLC, a solar startup based in Leesburg

Dominion spokesman: Philanthropy funded by shareholders

Dominion’s involvement in the communities where we work and live includes more than 100,000 volunteer hours of service a year plus millions of dollars in grants to charitable organizations. Omitted from the Associated Press article published in the Loudoun Times-Mirror was the fact that our corporate philanthropy is funded almost entirely by shareholders, not ratepayers.

Regulatory practices in Virginia and elsewhere permit some of the company’s contributions outside the Dominion Foundation’s budget to be accounted for in the rate base. This is a long-established principle that is recognized by and transparent to our regulators. The Associated Press article did not provide the context that these contributions account only about one penny of the typical residential customer’s monthly bill of $109.40, or less than one-hundredth of 1 percent.

Our corporate philanthropy has virtually no impact on customer bills. But our spirit of community involvement—by our employees and through our charitable giving – is a positive force in making Virginia’s communities better places to live.

Bob Blue

Senior Vice President, Dominion Power

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