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    Letters to the Editor
    Comstock heeded lessons from Wolf

    Barbara Comstock and I had the privilege of working for Frank Wolf, Congressman for Virginia’s 10th District.

    He is certainly one of the most honorable men I have ever met, so while his philosophies are numerous there are two that have always stood out to me in regard to the legislative process. They are:

    “You have to be willing to put your country before your party for the greater good.”
    “You have to work on both sides of the aisle or you will have nothing but a stalemate. Some of my best friends are Democrats and we work together to write and sponsor bills so the congressional process can work the way it is meant to.” 

    I talked to Barbara about these two philosophies when she first began her campaign. She agreed that what we learned from him has always been a guiding force in her legislative thought process.

    He also taught us, as young women, to stand up for our convictions and for the rights of our constituents. Barbara will be a fierce protector of our constituents, just like our former boss. She has lived in and worked for the 10th District since the 90’s. Her depth of knowledge in matters pertaining to the 10th District of Virginia is simply unmatched by any other candidate. I have left the political world now, but I wholeheartedly support Barbara Comstock for Congress because bottom line, she is the most qualified person.

    Judy Craun

    Loudoun County

    Comstock backs a strong defense

    In the very dangerous times we live in – the pending prospect of a nuclear Iran, continued turmoil in Iraq and Syria, be-headings of Americans and the emergence of ISIS, the hollowing out of our military through sequestration – it’s clear that there is only one candidate in Virginia’s 10th District race, Del. Barbara Comstock, who understands and discusses the importance of our national security and defense.

    As a father of three daughters in the 10th District, this is a very important issue to me and my family. As a military veteran, I understand the importance of defense and take pride in the fact that America should have the strongest military in the world.

    Del. Comstock has clearly opposed the automatic and irresponsible defense cuts through sequestration and made clear that she opposes the Obama in-sourcing policies that would undermine our defense and national security jobs in our area. Del. Comstock has made clear that she would fight for our national security and defense jobs and as a former Justice Department official post 9/11, she understands the very real national security threats that we still face and why we must strengthen our military, not continue to cut it.

    John Foust, on the other hand, has said absolutely nothing about sequestration or defense cuts and given that he’s made clear he would be a rubber stamp for the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda; there is no reason to think he understands the dire threats we face on the international stage and supports these irresponsible cuts.

    Del. Comstock has pointed out that she was the only candidate in the race who has talked about the threat of the sequestration cuts and the need to restore and strengthen our military. Comstock will bring her experience as a former senior aide and former senior justice official to the important job of restoring and strengthening our military. She understands that this is a top priority for our next member of Congress and she will continue the tradition of Rep. Frank Wolf in making it a priority that our military be the strongest in the world.

    John Foust is no where near the ballpark of giving me the impression that he understands anything past what Obama/Reid/Pelosi tell him; especially nothing regarding defense.

    My children, and my country’s security depend on Del. Barbara Comstock continuing Rep. Frank Wolf’s strong dedication to our national defense.

    Rick Canton

    Loudoun County

    Attendance claims skew the facts

    I was hoping this year’s elections for Leesburg Town Council wouldn’t get down in the mud, but my colleague on the Leesburg Executive Airport Commission (and candidate for Town Council) Mr. Dwight Dopilka has decided to dig for dirt.

    In his letter to you last week Mr. Dopilka makes some very serious claims about Mr. Martinez’s attendance at council meetings which do not appear to be accurate.

    More importantly,  Dopilka himself has missed an even higher percentage of Airport Commission meetings.

    Why would Mr. Dopilka make these claims? Well, having lost two elections previously, and now apparently at a loss to find true problems to solve, Dopilka can’t find real issues of substance to the town.

    He’s decided to focus on meeting attendance as a parameter for performance. OK, since he’s raised the issue, let’s focus on his claims:

    Mr. Dopilka wrote this same letter to another newspaper, who declined to publish it after fact-checking Mr. Dopilka’s numbers. One might wonder if we really want to elect someone who can’t get his facts straight, or add numbers correctly.

    Do we really want Mr. Dopilka working on our own budget (made up entirely of our tax dollars) when he can’t add up attendance rosters ?

    Mr. Dopilka, when presented with the disparity between the facts and his claims, did nothing to correct his accusations.

    I think this speaks volumes regarding ethical positioning, a topical issue here in our commonwealth. Is this the kind of person we want serving us on the Town Council ?

    And finally, and most importantly, someone told me (more than once) that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    According to official Town of Leesburg records (and my own personal notes), Mr. Dopilka has only attended five of the nine regularly scheduled Airport Commission business meetings in 2014, for a whopping 45 percent absentee rate.

    No, that wasn’t a typo - in fact, I carefully checked the numbers before I wrote this letter.

    Mr. Dopilka, apparently too busy campaigning for Town Council and checking on other people’s attendance records to take care of his own business, has even missed the last three meetings in a row.

    In this day and age of hyper-partisanship, it’s disappointing to see a challenger in a supposedly non-partisan election resort to made-up numbers in order to try and gain traction in his third attempt to get elected to council.

    I’ve met with all three of the challengers for council seats to brief them on airport operations, and (until now) I thought they were all perfectly capable of serving the town admirably.

    I continue to think highly of Ms. Fox and Mr. Phillips, and think they would serve well on the council.

    They are both people of high integrity who have the best interests of the town at heart.

    I also continue to fully support incumbents Marty Martinez, Kevin Wright and Kelly Burk, who have already proven themselves to be excellent guardians of public funds and outstanding leaders of this fine town.

    I currently serve as the Town as Chair of the Leesburg Executive Airport Commission, appointed by Marty Martinez.

    I have been very proud, despite significant differences in our political philosophies, to be associated with Mr. Martinez.

    No one cares more about the town, it’s citizens, and most importantly, it’s children than the man who has devoted more than a decade of service to the council, and more than 20 years to coaching and teaching our kids.

    Yes, he’s a Democrat and no I’m not, but that’s typical of his bipartisan approach to local government.

    I’ve never been more impressed with anyone in public service regardless of political orientation or party affiliation.

    As for Mr. Dopilka, I empathize with him and understand his challenge of running as a non-incumbent when Leesburg is so often voted as a great place to live, and the council continues to act in the best interests of citizens.

    The plain fact of the matter is the current council is doing an outstanding job and there really aren’t any great reasons to make any significant changes.

    Coincidentally, this is the very same challenge Mr. Dunn is facing in his campaign for mayor - despite his long and loyal service to the Town of Leesburg and Loudoun County, he’s running against a very popular, highly competent and inclusive incumbent in Mayor Umstaddt. That’s a tough road to travel.

    In the final analysis, Mr. Dopilka is in a tough position to try and gain traction and avoid losing a third straight election.

    He’s now chosen to start mud-slinging with less than accurate numbers while forgetting that when you point your finger at someone, three more are pointed back at you.

    If his attendance record this year at Airport Commission meetings is any indication of commitment to service, Dwight Dopilka does not measure up to the incumbents on the council.


    Dennis B. Boykin IV


    Foust is devoted to constituent service

    There have been a number of readers of the Loudoun Times- Mirror that have questioned the record of John Foust with respect to his candidacy for the 10th Congressional seat.

    Some of these folks who live outside of Mr. Foust’s Fairfax Supervisor District undoubtedly have not experienced the extraordinary level of service he delivers to his constituents. I have been a residence of Mr. Foust’s Dranesville District since he was first elected. I have personally seen his devotion to seek citizen input on the whole rang of issues before the Board of Supervisors. He is constantly meeting with homes associations, business groups, parents of students and citizens with concerns on traffic.
    I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate on the Budget Task Force which John created to maximize citizen input into the budget process during a difficult period of necessary budge cutting.

    This process, while tedious, produced priorities for maintaining funding levels as well as the areas that could be cut with the least negative impact. John is clearly recognized as a leader among his peers on the Board of Supervisors who respect his judgment.

    John does not avoid his constituents’ questions and always listens to their concerns. This is in stark contrast to his opponent, Barbara Comstock. Comstock typically makes a cameo appearance at meeting and quickly slips out avoiding citizens and the press. John Foust is running on his successful record of service. Comstock is hiding her voting record and avoiding a public dialogue on the issues that impact the citizens of the 10th District.

    Nancy Hopkins


    Martinez helps make Leesburg better

    During my four years on the county board of supervisors, one member of the Leesburg Town Council became my best source of advice and guidance for issues affecting the town.

    Councilor Marty Martinez was always available to answer questions and help me understand what was best for his town.

    When we considered raising taxes on the airplanes at Leesburg airport, it was Marty who showed me why that wasn’t a good idea.

    When the town needed cooperation from the county in expanding the Ida Lee Rec Center, Marty gave me the advice I needed to hear.

    His long years of experience and his capable leadership are why Leesburg has the top AAA credit score, an award-winning planning process, a successful growing airport and a quality of life that has earned it a spot on Money magazine’s list of 100 best places to live, multiple times.

    Leesburg should go on being a great place to live.

    Re-electing Marty Martinez will help make it so.


    Stevens Miller


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