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What is not mentioned [in the story about Loudoun’s forthcoming state park: ]http://goo.gl/hn90Hu] is that the land that Robert and Dee Leggett donated was paid, in part, by a Loudoun County Purchase of Development Rights open space grant. That is not to say that the Leggetts were not most generous. The grant they received from Loudoun County was a minor part of their donation.

Dick Black, however, was totally opposed to Loudoun’s PDR program. If he had his way, the PDR program would never have existed and, perhaps, the state park would never have happened.

Is he now proud of the work that I and other members of the Loudoun County PDR Committee and the Board of Supervisors, that agreed to fund the grant, put into bringing this project to fruition?
Perhaps Sen. Black has had a change of heart and now supports Loudoun’s unfunded PDR program. If so, he should acknowledge this and seek state matching funds for the PDR program in Loudoun County.


Joe Maio

Former member of the Loudoun County PDR Committee


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