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I read Del. LaRock’s op-ed in the Loudoun Times Mirror and would like to respectively comment on his misguided statements.  Being a homosexual and publicly seeking LGBQT protection against discrimination is not a “social experiment.” Protecting the rights of these students is not a research project in which we are testing to see how many homophobic people live and teach in Loudoun County Public Schools, nor are we trying to turn children gay by allowing homosexuals to express themselves.

What we are seeking is to uphold the principles of the Constitution specifically under the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. This guarantee of equal protection is one of the most profound and important statements in the our Constitution.

It is not a waste of taxpayer money to fight for civil rights. What is a waste, Mr. LaRock, is your failure to understand the Constitution and its laws. As I continued to read your argument, it occurred to me that you have never taught in a classroom and have no real idea what teachers see in the day-to-day operation in our schools. The mere fact that you think teaching or discussing homosexuality in the school, or allowing our students to express who they are as individuals will lead to the sexualization of our students, is absurd.

Your beliefs are antiquated. The protection of LGBQT rights do not depend on your agreement with its behavior. The Constitution through the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment’s protect citizens from discrimination and allows them to make personal choices. Your belief that homosexuality is an “abnormal behavior” is irrelevant and illogical. You cannot ban homosexuals from school, you cannot deny them their free expression in the class, just as every student, whether gay or straight, has a right to express themselves in an appropriate manner in public. If a group needs to be identified in order to be protected from discriminatory acts or possible acts, then a government body is obligated to safeguard those citizens under the Constitution.

At one time in our nation’s history, the idea of giving African Americans civil rights protections would have been considered abnormal. But it took the progressive thinking of millions of Americans to realize the error of their way.

The author of this letter is a teacher in Loudoun County Public Schools. With the writer’s fears of retribution for his position, the Times-Mirror has agreed not to use his or her’s real name.


‘Jefferson Smith’ (Pseudonym)

Loudoun Times


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