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To the Board of Supervisors:

I was pleased to read that you have not yielded to the unreasonable demands of the teachers’ union for a raise, especially in this time of economic crisis.

Too long have the unions persisted in making unreasonable requests until they essentially ruin the fiscal position of the county. As was pointed out March 19 in a Washington Post editorial, years of yielding to the union’s unreasonable demands have essentially condemned the county to deficits for the next 35 to 50 years.

I trust that the Board of Supervisors will take a long look at the crisis in the finances of Montgomery County, Md., another of the richest counties in the country, and then act with fiscal responsibility in keeping Loudoun County’s budget under control.

The individual citizens must live within their means and the same should be the case with the county. We don’t have to have the best and newest equipment or the most attractive schools, or the highest-paid teachers. Just conscientious and competent ones. As I said before, it is not the money that makes the schools great – the schools in the District of Columbia have proven that point.

Keep out your red pencils and cut the budget to fit the income. The less debt we have to service, the better it is for the whole community.

Thanks again for your efforts.

Paula F. Glick



Thank you..Virginia is a “Right to Work” state.

I would like to know, Paula; Did you get a raise this year?  Last Year? Are you going to be asked to stay home for two days without pay? Do you have enough supplies to do your job?  Do you spend your money to buy supplies to do your job?

All of these things are things that teachers have to deal with. Learn the facts before you speak.

And, Thank a Teacher that you can read and write.

uhh….maybe you should check your facts…there isn’t a teachers union in Loudoun or Virginia for that matter.

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