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UPDATE: Leesburg stabbing spree—crime blog

08/12, 11:11 a.m.

Suspect’s former place of employment releases a statement

Scott Zeiter, CEO of North Spring Behavioral Healthcare, released a statement Thursday night about Abuelazam’s employment at the Piedmont Behavioral Health Center branch in Leesburg:

“Elias Abuelazam was formerly an employee of North Spring Behavioral Healthcare.  His employment at North Spring ended in 2008. We understand that he may be a suspect in certain crimes committed in 2010.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.”

08/12, 7:30 p.m.

County tax records link suspect to three separate Leesburg addresses

Suspect Elias Abu Elazam is now linked to three Leesburg addresses, according to personal property tax records.

He was on Leesburg tax rolls from 2001 to 2008, Commissioner of Revenue Robert Wertz told the Times-Mirror Aug. 12.

From 2005 to 2006, Abu Elazam had property assessed at 113 Adams Drive NE in Leesburg.

From 2006 to 2008, he had property assessed at 723 Fieldstone Drive, Apartment 202, in Leesburg, near Battlefield Parkway.

The Fieldstone Drive property was jointly owned by Elias Abu Elazam and a woman named Jessica Nicole Elazam, according to personal property tax records. Wertz did not know the relationship between Elias and Jessica Nicole.

There are no other records before 2005 because certain pieces of personal property tax information expire after a few years, Wertz said.

At some point during this seven year period, Abu Elazam was also receiving mail at 414 Dodd Drive in Leesburg, Wertz said. Wertz did not know when he started and stopped receiving mail there. The Dodd Drive property has been owned by Joseph and Marvat Farran since 1998. Wertz did not know what the relationship was between Abu Elazam and the Farrans.

8/12 6:34 p.m.
Scarce social media presence

A search for “Elias Abuelazam” on Myspace.com produces only one find. Eliasabuelazam has only one friend on the social networking website – the founder of Myspace, Tom Anderson.

He has no blurbs: He has nothing listed in the “About me” section or “Who I’d like to meet.” He’s listed as “Single” and his horoscope sign is “Virgo.”
Visit the myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/eliasabuelazam

A search for “eliasabuelazam” turned up the Twitter name, “elias1234567,” He has no followers, profile or tweets. He is following one person.
Visit the Twitter page at http://twitter.com/elias1234567

08/12, 4:05 p.m.

A man with the same name as the suspect lived on Adams Drive in Leesburg for five years

According to Gary Clemens, Clerk of the Loudoun County Circuit Court, a man named Elias Abuelazam bought a condo at 113 Adams Drive in Leesburg in November of 2002. He sold this condo in August of 2007.

“My land records do not provide any information as to whether this was a permanent residence or a rental property,” Clemens said in an email Aug. 12.

This information aligns with the report of the Leesburg resident who lives at 120 Adams Drive and claimed to be Abu Elazam’s neighbor.

08/12, 3:55 p.m.

Leesburg residents and employees react to the attacks

Lorraine James, Lovettsville resident, employee of Leesburg Veterinary near where the Aug. 6 attack took place, white female

Q: How did you feel when you learned one of the attacks was committed right near here?

A: Well, I’m sure glad our building has cameras. On Tuesday afternoon I actually saw a vehicle that matched the description of the suspected vehicle exactly. I called the cops and the Chief of Police showed up. They were glad that we called because they said that anybody who has even the slightest suspicion should call. It turned out to be nothing, but I’m glad I called.

Q: How does it make you feel that someone was hit in the back of the head with a blunt object very close to your place of employment?

A: It’s scary. But we’ve since increased our security measures here. No one is allowed to leave this building at night alone. We’re open until 8, so with day light savings time coming up, it will start to get dark around 5. When you need to go to your car, you walk with someone. We’re all about the buddy system now. If there is anything suspicious going on, come back inside, lock the door and call the cops. Don’t hesitate. All in all, these crimes have made people acknowledge that they always need to be aware. Kids shouldn’t be walking around at night with headphones in their ears. They need to be aware of their surroundings.

Q: How does it make you feel that you have to step up security measures in Leesburg?

A: Honestly, it makes me feel secure. We have a huge floodlight out here now. It just makes me feel safe. I’m glad they have stepped up the security.

Q: On Aug. 5, local police had stopped the suspect for a traffic violation and he was taken into custody due to a 2008 crime. Obviously, the police let him go. The next night, he attacked someone right near here. How does that make you feel?

A: Well, I guess somebody didn’t do their homework. I guess somebody didn’t push the right button in the computer. They should’ve known about those recent crimes. Thank God the 19-year-old that got hit didn’t die, because it sounds like that crime could have been prevented.

Allison Tegler, Leesburg resident, officer manager of Leesburg Veterinary, white female

I’m personally angry that these crimes were primarily geared towards black people. My daughter’s soccer coach is a 24-year-old black man and when I picked my daughter up from soccer practice the other day, she said, ‘Mom, I’m sad, I hope coach is okay. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him.’ However, I am glad that this younger generation is aware that people are people, no matter what color they are.”

Maurice Shorts, Leesburg, 34, black male

All I can say is, he’s lucky he didn’t run into me. It’s that simple. I’m trained with military hand-to-hand combat. I’m a third-degree black belt, I know taekwondo; so yeah I would’ve taken him out.

Q: How do you feel about the fact that he was attacking people from behind?

A: That’s cowardice. That’s a coward move. You want to stab somebody, you should be able to look at the person, then maybe you’ll realize you’re not a killer. When the first attack happened, I was actually sitting outside with some friends talking. It makes you think… we could’ve seen him. He could’ve come after one of us.

Q: How do you feel about the fact that he was targeting black men?

A: There’s a lot of sickos out there. Some people target black men, some people target white. Obviously it was racially motivated. Some killers have that mentality where they only target a certain type of person. Either way, it’s all bad. But again, I wasn’t worried. I walked around here at night during the attacks, no problem.

Q: You may be able to defend yourself but the 67-year-old man that was stabbed near here may have not been able to.

A: That’s true. I actually know that guy. It was really unfortunate for him. He’s a good man, well-liked in the neighborhood. I hope he recovers fully.

Q: Did you fear for your two small children?

A: It would only scare me if I wasn’t with them. If I’m not around, then no, I wouldn’t want them walking around at night alone.

But I’m glad they caught the guy, it makes everyone rest a little easier.

8/12 3:50 p.m.

It was a tip that set it off.

Late in the afternoon August 11, a tip developed into a strong investigative lead that identified a person with ties to both Flint, Mich., and Leesburg, Va., according to the Leesburg Police Department.

Elias Abuelazam, also known as, Elias Abu El Azam, a white man born August 29, 1976, was arrested without incident at approximately 10 p.m. at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on charges of serial killings and assaults in Michigan, Ohio and Virginia, officials said at a press conference at 2 p.m. on August 12.

Abuelazam is an Israeli citizen of Arab descent. He was boarding an airplane to Tel Aviv when he was stopped by Customs and Border Patrol with the assistance of the Federal Air Marshal Service and the Atlanta Police Department.

Officials said he was not on a watch list. In 2007, he spent “about a month” in jail for a misdemeanor because he provided incorrect information when applying for a firearm license in Virginia. He did not put on the application that he had a felony conviction for fraud in California in 1995, according to Loudoun’s Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman.

More details from the press conference will follow.

08/12 3:10 p.m.

A man with the name of Elias Abu Elazam has a Facebook page

The profile picture for the Facebook page of a man named Elias Abu Elazam. Courtesy photo.

A search for “Elias Abu Elazam” on Facebook brings up a profile with a picture that matches the mug shot of stabbings suspect Elias Abu Elazam. Due to online Facebook privacy settings, no other information is available beyond his gender, although there is the option to both add him as a friend and send him a Facebook message.

To visit the Facebook page, click here.

08/12 2:30 p.m.

Leesburg resident claims to be Abu Elazam’s neighbor

Suspect Abu Elazam has been linked to two addresses, in Leesburg. One is on Dodd Drive NW, off of West Market, as indicated by court records. The other is on Adams Drive NE, off of Edwards Ferry, as confirmed by divorce court records.

A 31-year-old Leesburg resident on Adams Drive claims to be a former neighbor of Abu Elazam’s. The neighbor said he’s lived there all his life, and that Abu Elazam moved there in 2004 and lived there for three to four years, “right behind” the neighbor’s house.

When he saw the sketch of the suspect as posted by various news sources, he said, “I knew this guy. I used to be next door neighbors.” He confirmed this again after looking at the AP photo used by various news sources.

Elias Abu Elazam. Courtesy photo.

He remembers Abu Elazam as having a wife, but does not recall any children.

He did not ever speak with Abu Elazam but recalls Abu Elazam occasionally waving at him. He also remembers Abu Elazam driving fast through Adams Drive, in a maroon, four-door Toyota Camry with a tan interior.

The reason Abu Elazam eventually left, according to the neighbor, was that “he abused his wife.”  They argued a lot, the neighbor said.

The neighbor claimed to recall an instance in which Abu Elazam knocked his wife down in the doorway. The cops were called, and the wife left shortly afterward, the neighbor said.

Less than a year after that, Abu Elazam left the area, the neighbor said.

08/12, 1:45 p.m.

Suspect has very strong Leesburg ties

Suspect Abuelazam (or Abu Elazam according to some news sources) worked for the Piedmont Behavioral Health Center in Leesburg in 2002, when he filed a worker’s compensation claim and listed a Leesburg address as his residence. It has not been confirmed how long he worked at the center or where he lived in Leesburg. The CEO of the center has promised to release a statement shortly.

According to civil court records, Abuelazam was previously married to Dawn Costello. He also has a sister in Leesburg.

According to the manager of the party store in Flint where Abuelazam was most recently employed, Abuelazam took some time off to see his sister. Two days later, on Aug. 3, the Leesburg attacks began.

08/12, 12:54 p.m.

Suspect was arrested Aug. 5 in Loudoun for 2008 assault charges

Early Thursday morning, investigators announced that a suspect in the case has been taken into custody.

Currently held on unrelated charges, this suspect has strong ties to both Flint and Leesburg.

The arrest came at 10 p.m. Wednesday, when officers from Customs and Border Protection arrested him at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

He was attempting to board a Delta flight for Tel Aviv, Israel. Court records indicate the suspect’s name is Elias Abuelazam.

A review of Loudoun County General District Court records show several minor traffic infractions against someone by the same name dating back to 2003 and an Aug. 5 arrest for a misdemeanor assault that occurred in November 2008.

After Abuelazam was served an arrest warrant Aug. 5 for the November 2008 assault, he was released on a personal recognizance bond, according to court records.

A statement from the Leesburg Police Department, said “While this is a key step in the investigation, there are still many issues that need to be addressed before we identify this individual as the person responsible for this horrific crime spree.”

Reports indicate that the suspect was taken into custody in Atlanta, Ga. while attempting to board a flight out of the country.

08/12 6:53 a.m.

Person of interest taken into custody Aug. 11

A person of interest was taken into custody Aug. 11 in connection with a series of stabbings in Leesburg that may be related to several slayings in Flint, Mich., and an attack in Toledo, Ohio.

Police have received several tips on the case since Monday, after a Leesburg Police detective linked the Leesburg attacks, which targeted two black people and a dark-skinned Hispanic person, with the incidents in Michigan, Leesburg Police spokesman Officer Chris Jones said.

Late yesterday afternoon one of those tips developed into a strong investigative lead that identified someone who has ties to both the Flint and Leesburg areas. Investigators from the Michigan Task Force, Leesburg and the FBI worked this lead through the night. A person of interest was taken into custody, Jones said.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Steve Sapp, the person of interest was taken into custody at about 10 p.m. at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport where he was trying to board an international flight to Tel Aviv.

“While this is a key step in the investigation, there are still many issues that need to be addressed before we identify this individual as the person responsible for this horrific crime spree,” Jones said.

If you have any tips regarding this story, please call 703-777-1111 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Check with loudouni.com and LoudounTimes.com for ongoing updates on this evolving news story.


I don’t like people who differentiate by caste as its a big problem all over the world
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Wow, this guy is ugly.  I wish they’d delete the pictures.  I think we all get it.

KLB< ALBY right on it!!!!

And you Joan are blind as hell if you believe what you just said. There is nothing racist about demanding that the Government enforce the laws as they are written. Personally I could care less what nationality somebody is, if they are here illegally then they should be deported, that is the law of the land and that is all most of us are asking for.

Alby you are a racist as hell

@ Truth:
You sound kind of racist yourself…could you be in cahootz with the nut they arrested? Let me tell you something else…there are only two kinds of people who live in gated communities; old people and crazy people…which are you?

it dont matter where u live at or what side of town u live on u will always have something happen it dont matter what it is. and whoever live in river creek stuff happen there and it dont matter if u have a job or not somthing all happen i think everyone need to grow up and lives your life and stop worryin about everyone else.

The “truth” needs to continue his education and then open his eyes and mind!  Typical ignorant “American” that speaks as if his life in the gated community of River Creek is the way most of the world lives!  Dude- you need to get out and actually live in the real world.

Truth@  I’m right there with you. I don’t doubt that all the Hispanics hanging out in front of 7-11 in the morning are illegals. But given the screwy system of laws, we got to figure out how to detect illegals with our eyes closed.  Unless somebody changes a few laws. :)

Maybe the police should setup a sting operations. Announce a job fair in which every applicant gets screened and checked to determine their legal status.

Um ok, you know me so well.  I wouldnt live there if all I did all day is played golf.  Sorry buddy, I work in telecom and a lot of hours.  And no, if my world crumbled I would pick back up and start all over. 

Look all I am saying is this guy wasted his life trying to clean up trash when there is other ways to do it. 
People who call someone else ignorant are ignorant their selves.  Open your damn eyes and see what is going on, it is turned from Little Haiti to Little Havanah.  It has always been bad, as far as I can remember.

It is hard not to stereotype when most of the illegals in the US are hispanic decent. Do you really know if there are legal citizens sitting at that local 7-11?  I am curious, if they are legal I am all for it.

Please open your eyes

Is anyone aware of when in 2008 this man was incarcarated? I live in Omaha NE and he is a dead ringer for the composite of a POI in the stabbing deaths of a child and a family housekeeper on 3-13-2008. The housekeeper was attacked from behind, both killed in the boy’s home. Any info appreciated!

Truth…a.k.a. Thurston Howell

You live in River Creek huh? Hmmmm, how many times has RC been in the newspaper. Hostage situation, conterfieting, burglary’s not to mention so other “shady” stuff in that place. I’d be too embarrassed to even share that info. You may be successful now, but situations can change in a blink of an eye and your whole “perfect” world could change in the blink of an eye. Of course, you couldn’t handle mingling with the Common Folks so you would probably take out yourself and your whole family. Whatever would you do not being able to play golf.


I agree and disagree with you on something.  I completely agree that you, me, and most of us in Loudoun work hard for our money, only to watch the Government (Federal, State, Local) tax as much of that money away from us. I’m such a Huckabee supporter because I believe that the 16th Amendment should be repealed, Income taxes abolished, and Government should receive their tax revenue from the consumption of goods. That way, Government doesn’t take our money after we’ve worked hard to make it. Instead, they tax our money when we actually spend it. That would give the government an incentive to promote trade to increase revenue, rather than income growth to milk the rich and the middle class, so they can provide to the poor. Robin Hood Economics is destructive.

As for what I disagree with… Standing on the corner looking for work. Let me first say, if anybody is in the United States illegally, they need to be rounded up and deported. There is no room in America for law breaking illegals to enjoy the fruits of our society at our expense.  That said, if you have legal citizens standing on the corner looking for work, that is something I’ll have to support. I see it as a defacto job placement center without the bureaucracy and middle men. Employers and Workers negotiate the terms of work and wages in a free market setting. In fact, its true capitalism at work. 

Of course, if the folks participating in that free market for labor aren’t citizens, they should be arrested.  The question then becomes, how do you determine who is and isn’t a citizen without stereotyping? The answer to that question is the holy grail in being able to solve our immigration problem.

It is funny, most of Leesburg is fine. But on that part of town.  It is just horrible. Like I said, let them kill each other.  We are at fault letting them illegals sit there on the corner.  I also find it funny, how one says I am ignorant for stating the TRUTH.  Get over it.  Too many people don’t speak up and make a move to have this trash removed from our area.  Wellfare is not a job.  I am sorry I live in River Creek, and yes I have money and but yet I get penalized and taxed more for being successful.  I have to pay full prioce for everything. I don’;t count on my state and federal government to foot the bill for me.  I worked hard for what I have, and if more people did what I did, we wouldn’t have f——- welfare. I pay double the water because I don’t live (in town) and I wouldn’t no matter how nice the house was.  I feel sorry for the people on the other side of Edwards ferry, it is starting to get bad over there as well.  All the way down to Battlefield parkway. 

Look the truth isn’t always pretty.  It sucks, but at least I can state it and not feel bad for it.  If anyone is ignorant it is you, you are probably the dirty Spanish guy that sits on the corner iliegally.  Oh wait, if you were you wouldn’t be on here.

An Israeli Citizen of Arab decent who is a Christian?  Now that is just about one of the strangest mixes I’ve ever heard of.

Read an article that said he was a CHRISTIAN, not a Jew or Muslim.

Is there a connection to this person & the murder of Jammie Lane from a few years back on Adams Drive?

I knew right off that he was in the wrong area to not get caught. Leesburg is a closley knit community and the police officers are vigilant and generally have nothing more to do than scope out even innocent people and there is a tremendous neighborhood watch that naturally goes on. I knew he was in the wrong neighborhood because it is a sleepy one—thank God. 

He would have gotten a lot further in DC proper.

Horray for Leesburg.  How did Flint not catch him??? I can’t even get away for going 35 in a 25 zone which is what most are.

“I just don

He couldn’t have been abusing his wife,....if he’s a Muslim.  OR, the unfortunate victims may have drawn a cartoon of Alla. OR, the unfortunate victims didn’t want to convert to Islam. OR, the unfortunate victims didn’t want to pay the Jizya.

“Abuelazam is an Israeli citizen ”  That makes sense he was heading for Israel. You can’t extradite Israeli Citizens. He would have been home free (sort of ) and never face a day in a US court had he made it to Israel.

Leesburg has had a lot more serious crimes in recent years. This once-small town community locks its doors at night now. It’s interesting that no one mentioned this person has an Arabic name. His surname is translated “Father of Ezam.” Though Arabs might consider themselves caucasion, they are not what most Americans of European decent would consider “white” in the traditional sense. This blog states that Elias is a white man attacking black people. Israel is next door to Egypt. Egypt is northern Africa. People in those neighboring countries tend to be dark skinned. I would like to correct the blogger and state that these were attacks by a dark skinned man against people of dark skin. Just look at his mug shots. Likewise, people who consider themselves ethnic jews have some jewish blood/DNA. Though they may have bred with white Europeans and may like to consider themselves “white,” their “jewishness” is traced back to their Holy Land blood where their ancestors were dark skinned people just like the ethnic jews living there to this day. And before anyone accuses me of being anti-semitic, let’s not forget that jews and arabs are ALL semititic people of the same semitic bloodline.

I just don’t understand why when he was arrested on 8/5 for the warrant he had out, he was then released on bond?  I mean, numerous articles have stated that he does not have a valid driver’s license and is in face here illegally.  I’m all for VA having similar laws to that in AZ where citizenship status should be questioned when someone is pulled over.  And I think that as soon as it’s found that you are an illegal and not in the process of obtaining citizenship legally, then you should be deported.

And for the record, I do live in this neighborhood where he used to live, and YES, and large majority of the residents are illegals, criminals, and welfare abusers, but another large majority of the residents are people who bought a townhouse here before Loudoun House was closed and the trash moved here and their property values plummeted.  Trust me, I’ve had my place on the market once before the housing market busted and during the bust, and both times were horrible.  People aren’t looking to buy in here; they simply want to rent, tear up, not pay rent, and get evicted.  It’s a shame, really, and the good people in the neighborhood all have the same feelings as I’ve expressed here.  The loss we’d take on our homes is simply too great, so for the most part we mind our business and remember a time when it wasn’t full of trash. 

I only wish that the criminal sketch of this killer had been more accurate because I know of many, many people in this neighborhood who would have recognized him immediately because he was a bit notorious.  He was always very controlling of his wife and always yelling at her in Arabic before the incident in which he abused her.  He wasn’t a friendly sort of fellow or neighborly, but other than his problems with his wife, he never really interacted with anyone else. 

As far as the Jammie Lane murder, I do believe, from what is being sad in the neighborhood, that he is the number one suspect in his murder now due to the way in which Mr. Lane killed and the fact that the suspect used to live directly across from Mr. Lane.  The suspect did not live here at the time Mr. Lane was murdered, but I’m sure if some checking was done, he was probably here “visiting” his sister.  Mr. Lane could very well be his first murder in this spree and I’m sure that now that he’d been caught and can be investigated further, other incidents will probably be found.

Lots of sweeping generalizations here.  Unless you live in the area(i do) then you dont really know what’s going on. 90% of the people are not felons.  Actually since I’ve grown up here and went to school with white people.  Fact is they can sit there in their houses and do drugs all day long. Go to the pool - do drugs, have parties wit cops being called - get away with drug use.  Please know what you’re talking about before you comment.  It’s not a race thing or an area thing.  “Trash” so you call it is everywhere in the town. Not just on this side. What is wrong with people standing on the corner anyway? Is it bothering you or something?  Get a life

Abu Elazam?—  Terrorist?  Is this the new Al Qaeda attack plan?

Leesburgian is A COWARD.A down right p*%*y. Post your name if your such a stand up citizen of Leesburg. How pathetic that on your days off you say “well, guess I’ll get in my car and drive down past the 7/11 to see how man Mexicans are standing out there”. I hope the next rash of crime that goes on happens to you and your family. Sorry to say, but that’s the only way “You People"learn.

Or maybe she was the tipster…

sisnottobright-LOL! Good point; maybe she is actually “Truth” and is trying to deter the attention away from the family seed to the police.

Truth, that comment about pushing the trash out of there is dead on! They moved everyone out of Loudoun House years ago only to turn it into Mexico City by way of Leesburg. All the illegals that stand on the corner by 711 waiting for work just goes to show you that you are indeed in the ghetto. When I take days off of work, I sometimes ride through, just to see how many people don’t work and get the advantage of using our tax dollars to buy snacks from the dirty corner stores. Leesburg is a great place to live. I have lived here all my life. But it seems to me that, that same side of town has yet to change. It’s like the Landfield of Loudoun County. Layers and layers of trash. Now for the folks who are trying to make a better life for themselves and get out of there, great! But for the ones that are having kids, raising them and allowing repeat behavior, what a shame. The Leesburg Police did a great job, surprisingly. I didn’t think the guys and gals of Mayberry had it in them. But thats what happens when you call in the FBI, things get solved! I’m actually surprised they moved so fast being that blacks were the ones being assaulted and not the precious white people of Leesburg. NAACP way to step in to promote awareness! Now why don’t you step in and tell more of your people to get jobs, stop standing on corners all day, stop having kids and leaving us hard working folks to take care of them and stop being so violent towards each other. The serial stabber had it all wrong. No need to go after the black men, they like to kill each other and need no help at all. Glad this loser is off the street!

Gee, so he was here visiting his sister.  She couldn’t put two and two together and come up with “Gee my brother is from Flint,MI, drives a Green four door Blazer, and arrived into town roughly the same time the stabbings started?”  Things that make you say “Hmmmmm.”

Truth…the only truth is that you are ignorant. You are just bitter because your momma is a hoe is probably sleeps with all that so called trash over there. The truth is that you have nothing else to do with your pathetic life other than follow a cop back to the station. The truth is, you are so bitter and stupid, this “serial” killer could have been you…did you get bullied in school? Nut job…Go back to the trailor that you came from.

That might be the most disjointed post I have ever seen here, talk about all over the place, trash to loud music to going through a light back to trash.

Leesburg, and especially in that area where the stabbings happened is a crap hole. Area needs to be bulldozed and that trash needs to be pushed out of there. I agree about getting rid of the trash, but I also think he could of done it a different way.  Killing or hurting isn’t one of them, no matter how much they deserve it.  The Leesbrug police are a bunch of jokers.  They need to just give the town to the county.  They can’t do a thing right.  I once was washing my car, and had the music up doing it, when some idiot of a cop had a power struggle after I told him I would turn it down.  I called him “sir”.  Idiot!!!!!  he gave me a ticket.. LOL! What a retard.  Then I am sitting at the light at 7 and Sycolin, this motorcycle cop, (DICK) turn on his lights went through the light and turned him back off.  he didn’t want to sit there.  I followed him, and he just went to the police station and slowly walked in.  Yeah he was in a hurry. 
Look Edwards Ferry, is a horrible area.  I wont even drive down that way.  I can’t stand looking at the trash on the side of the roads.  You have illegals and felons living in that area (90%).  I feel sorry for the people that really try to work and that is all they can afford.  They have to deal with the wellfare of those other people.  It isn’t a place to be ever.  IF you can go around and lets work together an tear it down.  Why not, it wouldn’ tbe missed at all.  Trash Trash Trash.  This is not just a comment it is the truth and the truth hurts.  This guy will probably get the death penalty.  For what, killing trash.  No that is ignorant..  Let the trash be, they will kill each other in time..

He used to work out at World gym in Leesburg…Recognized the face as soon as I saw his picture.

Could there be a connection between this and the unsolved murder on Adams Drive from last year?

More information about the suspect as well as his picture can be found on myfoxDC.com. I cannot agree more on the job well done by the Leesburg PD as well as the other agencies involved.  I know my family will sleep better tonight knowing this sick individual is off the street.  God bless all the victims and families involved.

this guy use to live next door to me about 5 yrs

Bob Dobalina?!?!  Mr. Bob Dobalina?!?!

You got zilch.  You’re a monkee.  Furthermore, I don’t care if you plea is self defense.

Well Bob, everyone else was posting like they had some sense…I was waiting for the first ignorant comment to come up and you won!!! Sounds like somebody’s bitter over some speeding tickets or something. Anyway, Great Job Leesburg Police for your diligence in the case!!

yeah I was wondering why the police weren’t up to their usual nonsense of pulling people over for no real good reason, I guess they actually had some crime to stop.

FLINT—We are following breaking news where sources tell NBC25 they believe they have caught the serial stabber in Atlanta trying to flee the country.
Police in Leesburg, Va., said in a statement early Thursday the man was arrested late Wednesday afternoon and was being held on unrelated charges.
We know they have executed search warrants in Flint, Burton, and Grand Blanc.
Sources say they found the suspect

Police work must be incredibly difficult, and I am a grateful citizen.  How wonderful that the suspect is in custody . . . many thanks to all who helped with this case.

Jane wagoner have u heard anything

I agree with Matt, the Leesburg PD did an excellent job with this.  I’m surprised to find this guy boarding a flight to Tel Aviv (that’s the report down here in Atlanta).  Wonder what his background is?

The Leesburg PD has done an outstanding job with the handling of this situation.

This has been a terrible tragedy, but if they’ve caught the right guy, I’m proud that our local officers have taken their duties to “serve and protect” very seriously.

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