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Atari pleads guilty, will face sentencing

Diane H. Frederick Atari, the Ashburn woman and former realtor accused in a $50 million mortgage and credit scam, pleaded guilty on Oct. 11 to felony counts of making false statements to obtain credit and grand larceny.

Atari, who owned and operated ACR Consulting Co. and Atari Management Co., will return to court in February 2012 for sentencing. She was originally indicted on the charges on July 13, 2009.

Atari fled to Turkey in 2009 shortly before her indictment, where she was arrested in October of that year.

Since Atari had fled the country by the time of her indictment, local law enforcement had to contact Interpol to help find her. She spent more than a year in prison overseas before her extradition on Feb. 18.

“The investigation was not an easy one,” said Capt. Ken Pratt of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in February. “It deals with forensic audits and an attention to detail that goes beyond normal fraud and white collar crime investigations.”

Atari fixed her clients’ credit and inflated their incomes to qualify them for homes they couldn’t afford. Atari’s scheme is said to have obtained losses of more than $50 million in mortgages. She is also alleged to have obtained $1 million, personally, from the scheme.

“It’s been distorted and fabricated,” Atari said in court in February. “I’ve offered my cooperation and they’ve denied it. I’ve just tried to seek justice and truth.”

Her rhetoric has appeared to change in the past several months, as her attorney Steve Webster released the following statement on Oct. 11 after the plea.

“Diane Atari has today acknowledged the mistakes she made years ago. After reflecting on those mistakes and what she has learned from them, during the past several months she has fully cooperated with authorities and has agreed to assist a local Community Services Board in a program aimed at helping offenders readjust to society upon their release to help prevent recidivism,” Webster stated. “I commend the professionalism of [Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney] Mr. [Jim] Plowman and his staff in this matter as well as Investigator Tim Ortwein of the Sheriff’s Office.”

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Gigi Lawless was not immediately available for comment following the guilty plea. Atari will be sentenced Feb. 13, 2012.


the truth is ignorant to facts. Larry Beerman didn;t commit any crimes, so why would anyone prosecute? WaPo reported (if you want to call it that) erroneously that he was involved with doing something wrong. After an investigation, the leftist over at WaPo failed to report that he was cleared of the fake charges.  This was noithing more than a smear campaign to get green leftist activist elected in Loudoun and it worked…now all we want is to get rid of these people who don;t think our taxes are high enough.

This conviction is clearly another victory for the Loudoun County Prosecutor, Jim Plowman, who spearheaded the investigation, and not sheriff simpson’s office.  Atari is Osama’s relative, and simpson failed to contribute to that investigation too, other than returning the campaign donations from Osama. 

It speaks volumes when the current Prosecutor doesn’t endorse the current sheriff.  Plowman supports Mike Chapman for Sheriff. 

While Atari was committing mortgage fraud, Ron Speakman was filling his coffers from mortgage industry too.

I’m still worried, what with Khalid Sheikh Nintendo on the loose.

Did Jim Plowman ever investigate Larry Beerman?  Nah, he was too busy giving him favorable conflict of interest opinions.


Great work by Sheriff Simpson and his investigators!  Keep up the good work LCSO!

Don’t forget that Nintendo probably had his greedy hands in the cookie jar too.  I can only wish that Playstation and XBOX would going to do about this, probably nothing though.

Let’s vote them out, all of these corrupt systems, they’re just playing games, games dang darn it!

@ the truth.
You are so correct.

“the corrupt gravy train going for all their buddies.”

That is a fact.

So why wasn’t Speakman investigated?  Well, Simpson and his pal Plowman need Speakman in the race so Simpson can get elected again, and they can keep the corrupt gravy train going for all their buddies.

Who really cares whether she is white or brown, a sister or a cousin. She was born and raised in Sterling yet bolted to Turkey when things got, shall we say, interesting for her. Right… I see LOTS of innocent people bolting to foreign countries when they are being investigated… Sounds like a great family…

Diane Atari was born and raised in Sterling VA, is white and was married to Ali Atari who is Osama’s cousin. Now as for skanky mortgage brokers have any of you looked into Sheriff candidate Ron Speakman? His company, Mortgage and Equity Funding,dealt EXCLUSIVELY in sub-prime mortgages.

Simpson and Plowman nabbed her so they could show themselves to be tough on someone named Atari because Simpson was taking thousands and thousands of dollars from Osama and then helping him get out of traffic stops and out of jail early.  How better to throw people off the trail then to arrest someone in his family?  Still waiting on any other arrests of skanky mortgage brokers, and all the names she was willing to spill that were doing the same thing.  Nothing still.

She wants to cooperate why because she knows she is screwed and may get a lighter sentence she fled the country that admits guilt right there - She sat in a Turkish prison for over a year.  The gvt doesnt contact Interpol if they dont have a good case - give her the max and still have her turn over ppl thats what she is a turncoat, law breaking biaatch - Loudoun dont screw this case up like you have done so many times before.

I never liked atari. I was sega player.

i never trusted Atari ... or Colecovision ...

@Daniel Carver

Nice Howard Stern reference by the way…she is white.  Her husband and his family are not.

Not that it matters, Diane Frederick before she was married

@Jack G

She was married to Ali Atari who is a cousin/distant relative of Osama.  Source   http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/15/AR2009071503689.html

So she is related but not a sister-in-law.

Does anyone know how much time she could face?  I’d say 5-10 years is fair but I’m not familiar with sentencing guidelines.

your and idiot.
she is a cousin of former Ashburn restaurateur Osama El-Atari. and she is not white.
your an idiot.

@morons- I think she is Osama El Atari’s sister in law.  I’ve heard that somewhere but am not positive.

you mad dude?

@lou cypher
No you are not ignorant because you’re not “a common crook,”(@@)  but because you’re a bigot racist who’s only response for your ignorant remark is to say, “i don’t steal money or going to jail…”  So yes, I’m pointing the obvious out.  You are a bigoted racist who’s not a common crook, doesn’t steal money, etc.  SO yes, that makes you an idiot.
Crooks (and ignorant people too) come in all colors/religions.

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