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Loudoun as political hot spot resumes Wednesday

Virginia Republicans are back on the campaign trail in Loudoun Wednesday with two separate events planned at the local GOP office in downtown Leesburg

Pete Snyder, the chairman of conservative grassroots organization Virginia Victory, will lead a “commit to Mitt” early voting push at the Republican office at 18 Royal St. around 9 a.m., while former Gov. George Allen, a U.S. Senate candidate, will headline a get out the vote effort at 3 p.m.

Political events across the commonwealth and the East Coast were halted Monday and Tuesday – just one week before the general election – out of respect for the millions of Americans in the path of the devastating storm.

Snyder and Republican volunteers “will hold ‘Commit to Mitt’ early voting events [Wednesday], making phone calls reminding people to return their absentee ballots and vote early for the Romney-Ryan ticket,” according to an announcement for the event.

“Additionally, the bus will be collecting storm-relief donations, which will be delivered to areas affected by Hurricane Sandy,” the announcement states.

Mitt Romney’s wife Ann addressed a couple hundred supporters in South Riding Oct. 27, her second visit to Loudoun County in two months. Mitt Romney, who swung through Leesburg earlier this month, will hold events in southern Virginia Thursday.

Polls in recent weeks have shown Romney and President Barack Obama in a virtual dead heat among Virginia voters.

-Trevor Baratko


Sorry frankie I did make a mistake Romney had his state number 28 in job creation his last year in office. You are using a average of 4 years which reflects the previous admins ineptitude not Romneys. You go ahead and waste your vote btw did they name that storm after you. The gov balanced the budget something not on Obamas list of things to do. Obama added more to the debt in 4 years then Bush did in 8 thats great if you like bigger debt.

StevenAK, put down the kool-aid, son.  I’m not a Romney fan, but the “fact” you put out there about Massachusetts being 47th is missing some information.  The FACT is that when he took office from the democrat that was there, it was in 50th place.  Now, I’m no math whiz, but 50 is worse than 47.  He brought the state UP three points during his time in office.  So, if you’re going to spew “facts,” you look much better if you tell the WHOLE truth and not just cherry pick some bit of information and throw that out there as if it’s the ENTIRE fact.

As for 5 million jobs being added under Obama, that’s also not wholly factual since we’re in a NET job deficit AND it’s been proven that this administration was using goofy math to make those numbers (like if multiple people had the same job, they considered it multiple JOBS).

Delusional about the Romney who claims to be bipartisan when he wouldn’t work with the MASS governance, 800 plus vetoes?  The Romney who hasn’t answered any press questions in three weeks, the one who restricted the elevator to his MASS office because he didn’t want to discuss issues with his state congress?

Oranges said it best, albeit a faux pas - “Romneys last year as govenot”  Thanks for that - the Govern-not.

On another note, what about his sons’ involvement with voting machines in Ohio, a most critical state?

@ Oranges
yeah, try 47th not 30th (check politifact per Steven). Nice try though. I like the “govenot” freudian slip too.

Obama may have added 5 milion low paying jobs but lost 4.5 million jobs that paid higher wages. Romneys last year as govenot his state was 30th in job growth. Your average over 4 years is misleading! Wages in the USA are down per worker, there are fewer workers, gm will cost the taxpayer up to 25 billion in losses, Fisker, the battery company, Solyandra, talk about outsourcing look at Obama and Rogers, Katzenbaugh and Immelt.

@ Oranges (again)
OMG, didn’t see your second post until just now…
Did you seriously just bring up Katrina?????? wow

@ Oranges
Yeah, so if Obama is to blame for Benghazi, then I’m going to blame the republican administration for the 3,000 that died in 9/11. I didn’t before, but using your logic I guess I have to.
And it was Clinton who tried to blame Clinton, not Obama.
4 poor folks who died in an embassy in a hostile zone vs. ~3000 innocent civilians whom died at work or while on an airplane. Again, your logic.
Oh and btw, they guy that killed those 3000 people, where is he now? How did he get there?
Yeah, I know who I’m voting for.

In 8 years under Bush 4.4 million jobs were added. In 4 years Romney’s MA was 47th out of 50 in job creation. (TRUE according to politifact) In 4 years under Obama 5 million jobs were added.
                  The President is the best choice.

The President has a job to do Romney does not hence he is free to campaign. It’s to bad our people in Libya didn’t have the Presidents rapid responce to a disaster when our embassy was attacked. Yeah it must be a publicity stunt by Romney collecting stuff for disaster relief. Was it the red cross that that had the fraud problem with Katrina aid?

I didn’t know Virginia and the entire East Coast was across the country.  And why does “storm-relief donations” have to be canned goods.

Where was this great Obama leadership when our embassies were attacked and our people ended up dead? No where to be found, tried to blame Clinton and no one bought it, tried to blame CIA and David Petareus said not on my watch bubbie oh and lets not forget the video bs ans isn’t it about time to release that guy for minor parole viol. Leading from behind alright!ations

“do you just report what the GOP is up to?”  Remember that LTM endorsed Romney.  Don’t doubt that Dems are busy while President Obama is leading by example in a bi-partisan way with Christie in NJ.  Meanwhile, collecting canned goods and shipping them across the country is against best advice from the Red Cross; Mitt should know that from his experience as Governor.

I’m amazed that the Democrats aren’t holding *any* events in Loudoun this week…or do you just report what the GOP is up to?

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