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    Loudoun Sheriff: Neighbor fired warning shots before killing teen

    The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office confirmed today that the homeowner who mistakenly shot a 16-year-old Sterling student for a burglar on March 17 gave verbal warnings and fired warning shots before fatally wounding the teen.

    Caleb A. Gordley, 16, died on the scene at the home in the 45900 block of Pullman Court in Sterling.

    Authorities said Gordley, a well-loved student and athlete at Park View High School, mistakenly climbed into a neighbor’s back, unlocked window after a night of drinking alcohol with friends.

    At this point in the investigation, it appears there is no evidence that Gordley entered the home with criminal intent, according to Liz Mills, spokesperson for the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

    The shooting took place shortly after 2:30 a.m. March 17 when a resident reported that their house alarm was activated. As the homeowner went to investigate, he discovered an unknown man inside his home.

    After the homeowner fired warning shots, the teenager continued up the stairs and into a hallway. The homeowner discharged his firearm several times. The teen was struck once in the left rear shoulder after passing the homeowner in the hallway and walking toward an upstairs bedroom where other residents of the house were staying.

    At this point, it appears the firearm used, a .40 caliber pistol, was legally owned. Several shell casings and rounds were recovered at the scene, according to Mills.

    The Sheriff's Office is continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding how the teens were able to obtain alcohol.

    On Wednesday, Loudoun County Sheriff’s detectives met with members of Gordley's family to update them on the latest findings in the case and to detail the circumstances surrounding the incident. The homeowner and Caleb’s family remain cooperative in the investigation, Mills said.

    The case is open pending a final report from the Medical Examiner’s Office to include a toxicology report. The results of the investigation are being reviewed by the Office of the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney, but no final determination will be made until all the information has been received.

    Public Safety / Education / Eastern Loudoun / Sterling /

    This article is an excellent display of liberal media bias at work in our society.  Use of the word “mistakenly” when referring to a homeowner shooting a 6 foot tall intruder in their home in the middle of the night who refused to obey voice commands and who ignored warning shots is an insult to the homeowner and a dis-service to our right to keep and bear arms and defend our homes.  NOBODY can say what they would do in that situation until they’re faced with it.  I say shame on this author for accusing the man of making a mistake.  He did EXACTLY what I would have done given the possible alternative if it hadn’t been a drunk teenager.

    The homeowner acted appropriately. I would have done the same for the safety of my family. Although they kept saying that he meant no harm, did the kid wear a sign saying that he meant no harm? It is difficult to tell if a person is drunk or high on drugs. People are known to do crazy things when intoxicated. Ask yourself if you’re willing to risk the life of your family member to find out the intention of the intruder before taking appropriate action. Don’t blame this tragedy on the shooter. The culprit here is the person(s) that provided alcohol to these kids. Trust me, I don’t want to stain my house with blood if I don’t have to. I do not want my kids to witness their dad shooting someone. But I will do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe. If someone breaks into my house they can take whatever they want as long as they don’t try to make it upstairs.

    “A classic case illustrating that one’s self defense plan should never include deadly force because it too often results in accidental death.”

    Using deadly force to stop an attack isn’t “accidental”.  It’s a very deliberate choice.

    EdMyers - Point in fact this sort of thing is so rare it almost cannot be measured. Please stop fear mongering.

    If we want to do something to prevent this happening again tell your kids not to get drunk. Drinking is still the #1 cause of death in teens and #2 reason for car related teen deaths. Texting is now #1 cause of car related deaths.

    Another thing we can all learn from this as well - guns or no guns - lock your doors and windows.  The report states the window was unlocked.

    A classic case illustrating that one’s self defense plan should never include deadly force because it too often results in accidental death.  Non-leathal force (e.g. A stun gun) would have allowed this situation to be sorted out without a funeral.

    VTPhiDelt —-  The homeowner did what anybody protecting their family would have done.  Let me know what you would have done if you gave an intruder a warning they ignored and started heading towards you child’s room?  The man with the gun’s life may not have been in danger, but that may not be true for the rest of his sleeping family.

    As for the alcohol, I pray to God the Sheriff’s office finds out who supplied this kid with alcohol and charges them with manslaughter and contributing to the delinquency of a minor and whatever else they can throw at them.

    “Ok, now I’m getting a little skeptical about this story.  It just doesn’t feel right.  He let the kid walk past him??? (That fact was in the WAPO story and conveniently left out of this one)  Sounds like made up justification for shooting him IN THE BACK!”

    The homeowner gave this lad several chances to stop by firing the warning shots.  No charges have been filed by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office against the home owner.  The young man kept going up the stairs to where the bedrooms are even after the warning shots were fired.  No intruder should assume his/her life will be safe crossing that line.

    Why don’t we instead pray for everyone involved?  And also impress upon our children that all actions have consequences and foolish actions can have deadly ones?

    Ok, now I’m getting a little skeptical about this story.  It just doesn’t feel right.  He let the kid walk past him??? (That fact was in the WAPO story and conveniently left out of this one)  Sounds like made up justification for shooting him IN THE BACK!

    alcohol abuse = bad things happening.  Sounds like the kid was so out of it that the sound of gunfire or seeing someone strange in “his” (what the kid thought was his)house didn’t register with him.  Alcohol totally did this kid in.

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