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Potomac Falls woman removed from son’s Boy Scout troop

photoFrom left, Jaden Steele, 9, Jackson Steele, 12, and mothers Denise Steele and Jackie Funk, load their plates with tacos for dinner in their Potomac Falls home. The couple has been together for 19 years and say they never encountered major problems with their homosexuality until Denise was removed from a leadership position in Jackson’s Boy Scout troop. Times-Mirror Staff Photos/Beverly Denny

Denise Steele has been living in Loudoun County for more than a decade, becoming involved with the community, especially through being part of her son’s Boy Scout troop for the past six years.

Steele started out in Boy Scouts as a den leader for her son, Jackson, 12, for his school, Horizon Elementary. No other parent would step up to the plate to take on the responsibility of leading a Cub Scout troop.

In retrospect, the situation was probably good – her son’s troop excelled at everything, including accomplishing badges and winning the Blue and Gold Award all five years, one of the highest awards for Boy Scouts.

Above all, like any mother, Steele put her son first and wanted to make sure he had a great time in scouts.

But in June, Steele’s chances to further bond with her son through scouting were dashed.

The mother was removed from the troop after one of the other assistant scoutmasters discovered Steele is a lesbian.

Steele has been in a domestic partnership with Jackie Funk for the past 19 years. The two reside in Potomac Falls with their two children, Jackson and Jaden, 9, and Steele’s nephew Will, 10.

Steele’s homosexuality has never been an issue with her in the past in regards to leading her son’s Boy Scout troop – it may have even opened some eyes to it.

“Some of the guys would come down and ask her advice,” Funk said. “Being a woman, forget about the gay part, it didn’t matter. They respected her for her committment and what she offered and how much she put into it. They respected her.”

Funk describes Steele as an “uber leader” and said that Steele got really into scouting.

“They made it fun and the boys wanted to stay in it. All the boys, except for like two who moved away, they all stayed the whole time. And scouting is just not cool anymore for a lot of people,” Funk explained.

Phil Holliday, the executive pastor at Christian Fellowship Church and Esther Schaeffer, the charter organization representative, say they are simply following the rules.
When a chartered partner agrees to sponsor a scouting unit, an annual charter agreement is signed, they explained.

In the contract, they agree to provide a place for a meeting, select volunteer leaders and follow the policies and guidelines established by the Boy Scouts of America.

“We are simply doing what we agreed to do in our charter,” Schaeffer said.

Finding the right troop

After graduating from Cub Scouts, the next step is to find the right Boy Scout troop. All boys are able to select which troop best fits them instead of being automatically placed based on the schools they attend.

“It’s all boy led, it’s his choice, but you want to make sure you get the right troop,” Steele said. “I wanted to make sure the boys had all the options out there.”

“It was like picking a college. You want to be surrounded by the people that are going to help you,” Funk added.

Steele says she and her son didn’t take into consideration the charter organization that backed the Boy Scout troop.

Boy Scout troops are backed by a charter organization, like a sponsor. Under the charter organization is a committee, the scoutmaster and the assistant scoutmasters of the troup – one of which Steele was striving to become.

The decision was made that Jackson would join Troop 761 – which was chartered by the Christian Fellowship Church, a relatively conservative church.

The Boy Scouts of America organization says it believes that “open homosexuality is inconsistent with the values.” It also recommends that scout parents and sponsors share this belief.

But, Steele still drove forward and as Jackson joined the troop, she completed her training to become an assistant scout leader. The training process to become a scout leader usually takes about a year. Steele completed it in three weeks. 

Steele approached the scoutmaster, Mike Tucker, to inform him of her partnership of nearly two decades with Funk. He told her   there was no problem.

The way Steele and Funk explain it is the reason why her homosexuality was overlooked was due to locality – local organizations can choose to overlook some of the Boy Scouting standards.

Funk says that Steele being a girl has never been an issue, but the Boy Scouts don’t like what Funk calls “the three G’s – the gays, the girls and the Godless.”

The weekend

The issue of Steele being a lesbian didn’t arise until one weekend in June during a camping trip to Assateague Island. The camping trip was from a Saturday to a Monday, and Steele needed to work Monday so she asked Funk to pick her up from the campsite.

After both departed, one of the other assistant scoutmasters, Skip Inabinett, started questioning who the woman was who had picked up Steele.

After discovering that Steele’s partner had picked her up, Inabinett felt that she should be removed as an assistant scoutmaster. In an email that Inabinett sent to a close personal friend of Steele’s and whose son was also in the troop, he stated, “If what you said about Denise Steele being an active sexual is true, do you feel comfortable talking with her about stepping down/resigning as an ASM … as her friend, this may be an opportunity for you to share with her about Christ’s love and the need to believe that as sinners we cannot get to heaven on our own and that we need a savior.”

The removal

More communication between both Steele and Inabinett went on for the next couple of weeks. The conversations centered around how Inabinett thought Steele’s lifestyle choice was a sin.

Funk described the situation between Steele and Inabinett as bullying, and it left Steele crushed and in tears through the many email exchanges.

“But this guy, who’s demonstrated very much a bullying behavior, if boys bullied other boys or girls bullied other girls to get what they wanted the way this guy has bullied her in today’s school system you’d probably get kicked out of school,” Funk said about Inabinett.

To bring up an issue, there are certain steps of going about it starting with the scoutmaster, then up to the committee and committee chair then to the charter organization. But, according to Steele and Funk, Inabinett went straight to the Boy Scouts of America with his complaint to get her removed as an assistant scoutmaster – and it worked.
“He didn’t go through those steps. He skipped over the scoutmaster, he skipped over the committee, he skipped over the district. He went straight to the highest level because that’s where he would get his answer. He went to the highest point to get me removed,” Steele said.

“A lot of our issue is, I mean it is what it is, she is removed, the issue is while she may be removed because he went about getting her removed because of this policy issue. It’s a private organization and they can do what they want,” Funk explained. “And she is no longer allowed to be near these scouts. She can’t go camping with them and she can’t be in a position of participation with them.”

But according to Deron Smith, the director of public relations for the Boy Scouts of America, Steele wasn’t removed from the national council and it may have been a troop decision. Units determine their own membership, Smith said. 

“The [Boy Scouts of America] recognizes that some do not agree with its position on this issue, but values the freedom of everyone to express their opinion and teaches its members to use courtesy and respect at all times,” Smith said in an email. “To disagree does not mean to disrespect. The [Boy Scouts of America] will continue to strengthen common interests, while respecting differences and will focus on its mission and on reaching as many youth as possible in order to help them grow into good, strong citizens.”

Several attempts to contact Inabinett were unsuccessful.

The aftermath

“There is no next step for us. She’s removed permanently. Issues like this get awareness,” Funk said. “The only way the Boy Scouts are going to change is if it impacts your wallet, donations go down because of this or they continue to see a drop of enrollment. At some point, if they recognize that their beliefs and their lack of being open and inclusive is affecting them, eventually that’s going to be the only way they are going to change.”

The big issue both Steele and Funk have with the situation is how it was handled by Inabinett. They both felt bullied, judged and put through emotional turmoil.
“I think it’s disappointing – it’s a sad day for Boy Scouting. I think the actions are really out of sync of what scouting stands for,” Eric Ianson, a friend of Steele’s and an Eagle Scout said.

The scout law says a scout should be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind and obedient, thrifty, clean and reverent, Ianson said.

“I mean, when the leaders of the troop hear that, how does it feel? Were they loyal to Denise? It certainly wasn’t kind what they’ve done to her,” Ianson continued. “It absolutely isn’t brave. The brave thing to do would be to take a stand here and say this isn’t right, this person has been great to our kids and it’s time to stand up for her and be great for her.”

Even other assistant scoutmasters from Steele’s troop felt it was vindictive, like Joe Leonard.

“I saw that he was vindictive and on a witch hunt because he asked her personal friends what her sexuality was. There’s no business in that. It’s a shame that a good leader for the boys has been removed because of one person who’s eccentric when it comes to his religious belief,” Leonard said. “It’s also a sad not that [Boy Scouts of America] has not or is not willing to entertain what other private organizations have done and their beliefs.”

The future

As for what’s next for Steele and her son, Jackson says he wishes to continue and make it all the way to Eagle Scout.

Steele’s son currently holds 11 merit badges, quite an accomplishment for a 12-year-old.

“Jackson is a very committed scout and doesn’t let his mother’s issue get in the way,” Funk said.


So, Steele lies on her application to be an ASM (putting in writing that she agrees with BSM policies), hides her sexuality from most of the troop (a tacit admission that she knows it’s incompatible with BSM policies), and joins a troop chartered by a church that has been clear for decades that the practice of homosexuality is a sin - and she’s the “Good Guy” here?  Everyone, including Steele and Funk, know the BSM don’t knowingly allow practicing homosexuals to be in scout leadership. Everyone should know that this church, and pretty much every other evangelical church, mosque, and synagogue, teach that practicing homosexuality is a sin. 
So Steele lies to enter anyway, and then cries foul when she’s found out, and many of you support this.  Wow - the world is turning upside down.  I guess next you will join the Catholic Church and then, years into it, make a stink because they teach birth control is a sin.  Or join a mosque and, after a few years, raise a fuss because you think the 5 Pillars should be optional.  Yeah, let’s join a synagogue and, after deceitfully weeding your way into the lay leadership, we can get some LTM reporter to write up how wronged you were for getting tossed when you made it known you think Abraham was a hoax.
If you think this is about bullying or

Sorry it took me a while to get back in response.  Let’s get the facts straight, homosexual community make up a very small part society.  It’s in fact that this society is tolerant of this small group’s push to be accepted in ALL aspects of society, which I don’t share.  In response to the those who believe I can’t prosecute; you are correct on one thing, I don’t know all of whom have contact with my children.  What I can do is try to protect them the best I can and if I find out about an indivdual(s), I will act appropriately.  I noticed no one mentioned anything about NAMBLA.  There’s an organization that actually do prey on young boys and many of them are homosexual.  For those who claim they are Christian and homesexual, they ARE in conflict.  Homosexuality is an abomination before God, period.  Anyway, I’m not wasting anymore time talking on this subject.  Just remember, if you want to have a Gay/Lesbian BSA/GSA type of organization, it’s a free country, form one.

So our Charter Organization - CFC Esther and Phil have called for an ‘emergency’ Committee meeting…but it’s closed to anyone outside the committee.

Funny, I thought that BSA always had an open door policy and that private meetings weren’t allowed.

Makes you wonder who is running this troop.  BSA or CFC?

Hey Jackie & Denise myself and a bunch of other guys I know think that you two should be able to do whatever you want.  You are really Hot and could make those campouts any Boy Scouts dream!  Now if the situation was reversed, and we’re talking about two men - I’ll be right there with Skip.

You are right it is close minded but it is also realistic.  Oh but I forgot the newbies of Loudoun hate teaching their kids the reality of life.

Actually the school of “Common Sense”.

Well, the straight people of Rivercrest (our WONDERFUL NEIGHBORHOOD), just “let us” help out once again with our amazing 7th Rivercrest Kids Triathlon. Thank goodness our community appreciates goodness, community service and family above all else. This is one of the many ways Denise and I contribute to Loudoun…Rivercrest…and kids. For all of you concerned about the damage we’re doing to our kids and others’...not a reality, just a closed minded, uneducated view of the world.

More than 130 kids participated this year…check out our awesome community event at www.rivercresttriathlon.com.

Signing off now…moving on.

Well BSA Rocks, that was one of the most convincing arguements I think I have ever heard!  You covered all the bases in defending your stance.  You brought character reference points, showed why the opposition’s view is wrong with in depth analysis, you used historical examples to prove your side of the arguement, and you whole heartedly showed me why your viewpoint is the right one.  Hahaha, where did you get your edumacation, the University of BSA or the School of BS?

“Too bad many of you can

Wish my family had had two supporting members like this family, even if both had been gay.  My dad left when mom gave birth to my younger sister.  Even before that, he was always out drinking at the local pub.  It was two weeks before he even saw me after I was born.

I got a guitar on my 15th birthday which made up for never being there for baseball games, birthdays, Christmases, etc.

And you morons (yeah I feel that is the perfect word) are going to bash a family that outwardly shows love and acceptance of their own. 

Too bad many of you can’t accept yourselves it sounds like.

If you really think these kids are never going to be picked on and harassed for their home life you must live in a bubble.  Where homosexuality is more welcome into the community then say 30 yrs ago it is still not completly accepted.  So yes “just sayin” is correct.  These kids are going to have alot to deal with as they get older.  You may accept it.  I may accept.  However there are plenty out there that do not.

Dear “just sayin’”,

“They”? Like they’re a special group? Libertarian maybe? “Bending rules?” Really?

I happen to know the family this article is about, including their children. Their kids are not being “dragged” through anything…and have no more to deal with than anyone else’s kids. They’re well balanced, polite, thoughtful, caring children. Move on…

Where I think most of what “you can’t be serious” wrote is a bit much I would agree with 1 point.  I too am sick to death over homosexuals wanting special treatment.  Rules are rules and thats it.  I can’t understand why they feel rules don’t apply to them or should be bent for them.  Deal with it move on stop dragging your kids thru this.  IMO they already have enough to deal with.

Stirring up drama? Playing victim? Not a chance. You must be Skip’s wife or one of Skip’s few friends. Skip, the former atheist, created the unnecessary drama. Did you ask him how he dared lead scouts while living a lie?

She was open from day one. Fortunately, most people could have cared less. Attention was raised to this unfortunate issue and many eyes were opened. Denise did nothing wrong.

this is ridiculous the boy scouts of America has every right to ban homosexuals from being leaders.  the are supposed to role models for young boys and their behavior is clearly not morally correct.  CFC sponsors them honestly, Denise, how did you think you were going to get away with this because you are not proving anything!!! you are only playing victim and that is not what boy scouts is about. You really need to get your priorities straight.  Boy scouts is not at fault; you knew going into training it was against the rules and you were only stirring up drama! I am not judging anyone here.  I am simply telling people like you to stop asking for special rights and playing victim. I’m just tired of all this crap.

It is only right that Skip Inabinett has been outed as cruel and intolerant.  He did what he did and it cannot be undone.  As always, I wonder why fundamentalist Christians must force all others to live by their narrow standards of “morality” (where tolerance and forgiveness are strangers), even when it is harmful to the community.  They are, in fact, very much like the Taliban in that respect.

As a Scoutmaster and a long-time scouter, let me offer my sympathies to you and your family.  After having read the story, I’d like to give my impressions.  Feel free to comment and let me know if I am on target.

The BSA’s policy is in regards to OPEN homosexuality…as in those who express it in a manner to promote it.  Most, if not all of the past court cases have been where the individual was actively promoting their sexual preference publicly.  Sexual preference promotion, whether homosexual, heterosexual, or autosexual is not allowed under BSA guidelines (falling under the definition of morality).  The BSA does, however, state that the Chartered Organization has the ultimate say on who is a leader or a member of the troop.  I believe this is where the blame lies.

Based on what the article states and from your comments, it appears that the pastor was not supportive towards you.  If this was the case, I would be almost certain that it was the Chartered Organization that removed you.  They have this right in that they “own” the troop and have total control of its structure if they desire.

The question here is in regards to what has happened since then.  Had it not gone to press, I would wonder if you could have gone to another troop with a more supportive chartered organization, discussed the matter with them, and sought to have your membership transferred to that troop.  I don’t know where the creation of the article and the (God forbid….) CNN coverage.

Unfortunately, many (if not most) here do not understand the past lawsuits and the policies of the BSA regarding sexual preference.  For what it is worth, from what I have read, I would be honored to have you as an Assistant Scoutmaster in our troop if you lived in our area.

If I am on track, please consider the option I mentioned.

Confirmed.  I work with CNN as a contractor.  It has been picked up by the assignment desk.

Here’s an inside tip.  CNN has wind of this story.  Please stay tuned.

Denise Steele,

I’m so sorry you were treated that way. You sound like a great parent who just wants to be involved her son’s activities.   

Pease keep in mind that the most of us support you. 

Hopefully, the

Do you want to give the Boy Scouts to the “Closed of Heart”?  An organization is people.  There is no business or bottom line. The worst that will happen if boys don

The point is that NOBODY is arguing that they have the right to do it.  It is whether it is RIGHT TO DO.  As someone on TooConservative stated, this can be thought of like the so called Ground Zero Mosque.  Nobody who respects the constitution, could argue the Mosque could be stopped.  But a lot of people protested it out of their belief it should not be done.

This is the same. The BSA has all the right the Supreme court has currently found.  And people are going to protest their use of that right as being a “wrong”.

““The point is irrelevant Mr. Young.”“

Wow- Constant and never ending personal attacks, threats of physical intimidation, bullying and now the constitution is irrelevant. Its amazing the level of radical thinking and actions that you guys are willing to take to try to force your way of life on others. And you call them them the Taliban? What’s next?

The point is irrelevant Mr. Young.  Already brought up and discussed below.

As a private organization, the BSA is perfectly within its First Amendment rights of expressive association to bar homosexuals from positions of leadership. Boy Scouts of America v. Dale. 530 U.S. 640 (2000).



It is hard to write to you because reading what you wrote nearly brought me to tears.  All I can say, as a Christian and as a Scout is “sorry”.

I am so sorry you were treated this way.  You sound very intelligent and caring and like a great Mom.

I know you know this, but most troops would not care.  I also know your existing troop doesn’t care and I appreciate that only a very small number of people are supportive of Skip’s action.  Troop 761’s reputation remains intact.  They might want to consider seeking a new Chartering Org.

Your grace in handling this is inspirational.  Please know that the few people on here that are truly being idiotic about homosexuality are a minority in every dimension and they will go the way of people who used to justify slavery with the Bible.

Skip has serious issues.  His reaction to leaving atheism (which is also his business) is all too common in that converts often have the strongest views.  He will forever now be remembered in history for this event.  And history will not be kind to him.

Please stay strong and know how much support is out here for you. 

I am going to cease posting now.  Your post has been moving and I wish you the best.  Jackson has a great mom.

Denise here. I’ve been amazed by the number of views, comments and re-postings this article has received. Regardless of your thoughts on this topic, I have to thank everyone for all of the comments thus far.  This article has reached many, many people, provoked a lot of dialogue and accomplished our objective…which was to create awareness.
I have tried hard to stay out of the “conversation” and have been proud of myself for doing so. But “Troopmember’s” comments are very off-base, so I feel the need to clarify some things.  There is a lot that we excluded from the article (including specfics on the negative interactions between Skip and me and a rather disappointing meeting with the Executive Pastor of CFC.  This article does not go into specifics, except to say that on many occasions I was crushed and reduced to tears. Since you are a troop member, I encourage you to give me a call if you’d like to learn more. I want you to be fully informed.
To address

Yeh that’s what I expected. Your a bully hiding behind the computer. Coward.

Good luck Mark.  My work has me in a foreign country right now doing the crap people like Inabinnett would never have the you know what to do.

Go talk to the Government.  I am not revealing my identity to you or anyone else who would support someone like Skip Inabinnett.

Saying I want Inabinnett and presumably you and others out of Loudoun County is not bullying.  I can’t make him move.  He took action to actually hurt a woman and her child.  He held power over that woman and he used it.


so @Conservative Republican Scout Leader you ready to tell us who you are so we can protest YOUR actions as a bully?  Cant wait to show up at YOUR work. I bet you won’t because you are a coward.

Alby - This statement “If people are born homosexual, wouldn

Annie said - “Same sex attraction is a burden to carry just like any other.  Same sex attraction cannot be actively lived as a homosexual lifestyle because God says so.”

Yes, it is a burden, but not one that people choose.  God gives them this burden to bare because he knows they are strong and he knows they will take life in stride to do the best they can.  God accepts and believes in every person for their strengths and weaknesses.  They cannot live their life normally because of Bible-huggin people like you who have a very skewed vision of what is acceptable and what is not.  Do you think it was right of Skip to “out” her?  Is that loyal?  Is that disrespectful?  Is that kindness?  Or forgiveness?  It is unkind, disloyal, unforgiving, and completely disrespectful…..

THANK YOU CALIBAN!!!!  This is why most scientists are not religious….they believe in fact, not something written before the time we realized the earth was round!  Come to the 21st century!  God still loves you there!

“The scout law says a scout should be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind and obedient, thrifty, clean and reverent,” Ianson said.

And I have libel insurance.  He will waste his time and I will be out a hundred or 2 hundred bucks deductable. 

And he would lose since none of those things you say are libel.  Calling for a protest of his actions is free speech.

I have never said anything not factual (according to the article) about him or suggested anyone do anything physical against him.  Protests are legal in the US.

Paying a couple hundred bucks to watch him keep this story on the front page would be worth it.  LTM would certainly cover it (as would others) if we ended up in a suit over a comments section. 

And then it stays in the news and more comments come…

The right thing for this guy to do is put out some kind of statement and apologizing for causing all this strife. 

Americans are quick to forgive.

He is a key subject of the article.  Of course I reference him in the comments.

“You are going to get your @$$ sued if you don

There seem to be two key larger issues here: one, to what extent is the BSA a truly “private” organization, or to what extent does it actually enjoy unfair access to publicly funded infrastructure?

Two, to what extent is BSA a ‘Christian’ organization, and, if so, by what Biblical teachings does it legitimate its discriminatory policies?

To the first: as its Dred Scott (slaves are “property”) and Plessy vs. Ferguson (“separate but equal”) decisions eventually illustrated, the Supreme Court (like the Church) is not infallible; its ruling in BSA vs. Dale may similarly be overturned by future decisions as the public will (voiced through Congressional legislation) dictates. 

Likewise, Bush-era legislation (i.e., the Boy Scout Equal Access Act) forbidding public school systems that receive federal funds (as they all do) from discriminating against the openly discriminatory BSA, may also one day be revisited and overturned.

That is, the BSA actually does enjoy unfair access to public infrastructure (e.g., free or discounted use of local schools where its troops meet; campgrounds where it enjoys reduced or no fees), given that its anti-gay stance violates federal statute. You can test this: Just try asking your local elementary school to let you host a KKK meeting in their multi-purpose room.

Future legislation and litigation will (we hope) render a more uniform fairness.  After all, ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’

Second, as to whether the BSA is a Christian organization.  Earlier posters have it right: BSA is not Christian, per se, but open to boys of all religious backgrounds, provided there is some form of deistic belief; openly atheistic scouts and leaders can and have been banned from membership.  So, more overt discrimination—again, not an issue for a truly private organization, but open to question when access to public infrastructure is involved (as it is with the BSA).

Earlier posters have noted that several religions ban homosexuality, so let us grant the Biblical influence on BSA’s anti-gay discrimination.  Shall we also give credence to other Biblical teachings, such as:

If it is discovered that a bride is not a virgin, the Bible demands that she be executed by stoning immediately.
If a married person has sex with someone else’s husband or wife, the Bible commands that both adulterers be stoned to death.
MARK 10:1-12
Divorce is strictly forbidden in both Testaments, as is remarriage of anyone who has been divorced.
The Bible forbids a married couple from having sexual intercourse during a woman’s period. If they disobey, both shall be executed.
MARK 12:18-27
If a man dies childless, his widow is ordered by biblical law to have intercourse with each of his brothers in turn until she bears her deceased husband a male heir.
If a man gets into a fight with another man and his wife seeks to rescue her husband by grabbing the enemy’s genitals, her hand shall be cut off and no pity shall be shown her.

As further noted by SoulForce.org, “The list goes on: The Bible says clearly that sex with a prostitute is acceptable for the husband but not for the wife. Polygamy (more than one wife) is acceptable, as is a king’s having many concubines. (Solomon, the wisest king of all, had 1,000 concubines.) Slavery and sex with slaves, marriage of girls aged 11-13, and treatment of women as property are all accepted practices in the Scriptures.

“Over the centuries the Holy Spirit has taught us that certain Bible verses should not be understood as God’s law for all time periods. Some verses are specific to the culture and time they were written, and are no longer viewed as appropriate, wise, or just.”

So our understanding of the Bible (and the Constitution) have and should continue to evolve to support a more perfect union—one where gays, blacks, Jews, Muslims, and all God’s children are accepted as partners, members and leaders of all of our institutions.

The bottom line remains: this troop has lost a good leader (just as Scouting continues to lose good Scouts and Leaders) out of the atavistic spite of religious fundamentalists and their uninformed fear of homosexuality and mistaken insistence that being gay is a “choice” (an odd one, given our society’s persistent discrimination; similar to choosing to be poor and black and then trying to get a home mortgage) versus a natural sexual orientation. 

If another poster’s note that Ms Steele continues to be active in the troop is correct, good for her—may she and her son continue to educate its members on the true nature and naturalness of homosexuality.

Conservative Republican Scout Leader now you are just proving a point- you really are a jerk. What do you think the “taliban” would do to you if you lived under their rule? Funny part is you sound like them more and more- willing to go to great extreme to get others to accept your views. A real bully you are to call others names like “taliban”. I’m sure you feel good spouting all of this crap from behind your keyboard. While you have no problem attacking others by name you hide behind your computer. So who are you? Are you ready to accept us showing up at your place of employment to protest your views? I bet not because you are a coward.

@Lesley B. - “It

@Conservative Republican Scout Leader - I am glad you were not my scout leader.

Let me be clear.  You can believe what you want.  You have that right.  When you take ACTIONS based on that belief, you step over the line into the realm of needing to be condemned.

The National BSA does not enforce this.  The chartering org could have stopped this cold. They are making excuse when they say they are just enforcing the rules. 

This rule could have been left unenforced and NOBODY would have been hurt. 

And this is not a Christian thing.  I am a Christian.  All religious people of any faith who use their religious beliefs to force someone else to do something are wrong.  And in America we condemn them. 

I saw this on a local blog (by another conservative republican) - these people are clearly the Christian Taliban.  We reject them as conservatives.  We reject them as republicans. Our society rejects them. 

They have every right to believe and discuss whatever they want in their dark church meetings, but when they bring it outside and affect others, they go too far.

The BSA’s consistent homophobic stand (and their anti-atheist/agnostic stand) are why my son will never participate in Boy Scouts.

You may call it arrogant or even unrepresentative.

You might as well be talking about Skip.  The majority of residents of this county would not agree with him and his kind and we don’t want them around us.  We don’t want their bigoted ideas exposed to our children. 

In fact, if one of these anti-gays comes around my children, I will have him arrested!

I am sorry, but we just don’t want those kind around here.  Nor their churches if they are teaching this stuff to children.

It might feel bad to be rejected.  I understand.  Perhaps you should be more tolerant of others, so I can be more tolerant of you.

Conservative Republican Scout Leader you are arrogant. You dont represent society and this sure as hell is not your county.

Conservative Republican Scout Leader no one has suggested running YOU out of the county. They just don’t want you in their group. That,s their right. YOU are a bully and the worst kind cause you do it in the name of tolerance. You should seek help for that.


How is my suggesting that Skip and people like him are unwelcome any different than how he makes certain people (gay people) unwelcome.  I am only doing to him what he did to others. 

We (society) reject Skip Inabinnett and shun him for his actions.  And the church he belongs to…  if they teach him this is right…  we reject them as well. 

We want them out of our County and certainly out of leadership positions.  In this way, my position is the same as Skip has towards gays.

It doesn’t feel good to be rejected does it?

@ Troopmember;

Regarding the last campout.  Was Denise Steele camping WITH the troop, or did she have to get her own campsite AWAY from the troop?

Well I can tell you that she was NOT camping as a participant of the troop outing and for you to even remotely suggest this is incorrect.

Conservative Republican Scout Leader you are a real loser. You are the biggest bully in all these comments and the worse part is you do it in the name of tolerance. I hope you get what you deserve.

Skip Innabinnet hurt a child and went too far.  Troopmember is almost certainly not with the troop.  The tension is high.  Skip should be kicked out and soon.

Troopmember is lying when he says Denise is being treated with respect.  Treating her with respect would have been to ignore the completely idiotic rule and leave her in a leadership position.

Skip Inabinett is now famous throughout the country as this article and comments have been distributed widely in other forums.  Skip Inabinett is a man who places his own twisted sense of morality above the welfare of a child.

He will never live this down.  Google will forever find this incident as it does the fact that he once ran for public office many years ago.

If he wants another side of the story to come out (God knows what that could be), he should come forward and tell it to this reporter. 

Otherwise, for ALL eternity, the bits searched on the internet or its future replacement will forever tell the story of the day Skip Inabinnett decided to take the actions that unnecessarily hurt a child.  Even if one day, LTM takes it down, it is now in so many places and cached so many times it will never go away. 

He and his decendents will live with that forever if he doesn’t repent and comme out and tell a different story.

One of my gay guy friends was put in to a pretty horrible position (I am vague for his confidentiality) at scout camp in 9th grade. He did not come forward for fear of being kicked out. To this day he volunteers, in the closet, with the BSA. He has his eagle scout.

“Do what I say and believe as I say and love as I say or I’ll hurt you, isolate you, cut you off from what you love,” said the man in between blows to his sobbing wife, “this is what you get for being disobedient,” he screamed to his two children, both too scared to cry.

“This is what you get for being openly gay, if you are gay or feel that you’re gay in the boy scouts, you are alone. If you ask for help, you will be forever unable to come back as a scout leader. Do you see these lesbians? Do you see what happened to them? Do what we say - or else.”

It’s sad to me that one closed-minded individual caused a problem based on his own fears and prejudices, hiding behind the governing rules of the BSA.  The article says that local troops can overlook regulations and evidently this troop was doing just that, and things were fine.  It sounds like Denise Steele was an excellent leader and role model and the troop would have benefitted from her involvement for many years, if this “Christian” had not put Old Testament cultural laws above New Testament love and acceptance.  How many of these people quoting the OT Scriptures really live by them?  Do they own slaves?  Do they shave or trim their beards?  Do they put to death any child who curses his/her parent?  Most importantly, do they eat shellfish?  That’s an abomination in God’s eyes too, according to Leviticus.

My point is that Denise Steele was a good person doing a good thing (and apparently doing it well) but was taken out of that position because an individual thought one aspect of her life – a totally irrelevant part of her life – was bad.  I understand there are many viewpoints on that topic, but I think we can all agree that it’s important to have good people involved in our children’s lives.  The boys in this BSA troop are missing such a person now.  And that’s sad.

I’d like to deal with some facts here.  Much of what’s in the article and many of the comments here just aren’t dealing in facts.  We are members of this troop.  (for real, which I suspect is not true of some others that claim this here…)
First, Denise has not been kicked out of this troop.  This is totally false.  She was simply taken out of a leadership position but is still in the troop with her son and is allowed to participate in all the activities just like all the other parents.  In fact, there was a troop campout this past weekend.  Denise and her son were both there fully participating in everything.  I can also report that the entire troop, including parents and leaders are treating Denise with incredible friendship and respect. 
It has also been portrayed that the local troop was responsible for “kicking Denise out of the troop”. This again is false.  National Scout rules dictate who and who cannot be scout leaders, there is no grey area.  In fact, all scout leaders go through mandatory training that is taken very seriously and must pledge to abide by these rules.  They rules state plainly that anyone in a homosexual relationship is not eligible to be a scout leader.  One may not like this rule but to sign it and promise to abide by it, then later claim victim status and attempt to blame the troop or another leader in the troop is dishonest at best. 
Lastly, I have to comment on all the nasty and hateful things being said about one of the leaders.  He did not skip over all the leadership as is being stated.  This is also not a decision that’s left to the local troop.  This is a clear rule by the National Boy Scout organization and the decision to remove Ms. Steele from leadership was made above the local troop. 
Lastly, I’d ask everyone to read all that’s being said and see who’s being hateful.  I haven’t heard one single hateful thing said by this man, but just look at all the things said by Ms Steele’s partner and frankly all the hateful things said by many of you here.  It does speak volumes by itself. 
Bottom line, Ms Steele and her son are welcomed and valued members of this troop and have been treated with incredible respect.  This too speaks volumes for the character of this troop and its leadership.  Others might learn a little from this great group of families.

Come on, we know the Skippy guy got caught trying to cinch one in the skirt.  She said “no way,” he said “you’ll pay.”  And the rest is history…. all 400 comments later.  Wonder if this loser’s wife even cares that he is obsessed with other women.  Oh wait, but he’s a good Christian guy who has morals.  This guy looks like the real threat in my book!  I would keep my daughter away from him for sure.

Troop Insider,

Please know that it is clear to me that Skip Inabinnett was the only one willing to hurt this child, this woman, and this Troop.  To call him a jerk is a mild description.

He betrayed you all, based on his own twisted idea of right and wrong.

Skip Inabinnett is the bad guy here.  He still hasn’t come out with any statement or called the LTM so they can get out his story.  Every troop has a bad egg or two, but this one was rotten to the core.

I blame him primarily as the one who chose to take an immoral action and hurt your troop.  He should be shunned within your troop and kicked out if that is at all possible. 

I also blame the chartering organization.  They made the wrong decision and ALSO chose to hurt a family when they could have chosen to stand up for a child.

Nobody on here who supports Skip Inabinnett should describe themselves as Bible Believing.  The bible does not call for us to shun or exclude sinners.  Jesus would NEVER have done what Skip did.

And if he looks in his heart, I am sure he will conclude that the emotion he felt as he did this was hate.  This was not an act of love.

Info for those misguided about the meaning of Separation of Church and State



I find the most ironic part of these comments to be that those who have contributed the least (bluebird, Jeanne, etc) are the ones telling people to get a life. Why don’t you idiots step away from the computer and go do something worthwhile!

As for the article? Yes BSA is a private group. I don’t agree with their policies. I also choose not to support them. I agree that Skip was a bully and out of line in his behavior.

To the religious debate? Last time I checked we are supposed to have a separation of church and state in this country. Keep your religiously based morals out of the law and out of my bedroom. Your bible and your gods do not get to dictate my life.

@CRSL… people who “take advantage of their special relationship with boys” are called PEDOPHILES not HOMOSEXUALS. Pedophilia and homosexuality are not one and the same. What I don’t understand is WHY someone who is gay or lesbian would choose to ASSOCIATE with a bigoted, disgusting organization like this at all…  I am a huge advocate for gay rights, but seriously, being involved with an organization that is open about homophobia and then crying foul later (regardless of the circumstances) really makes no sense to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think any organization has the “right” to discriminate today.  Period.  But you get into bed with the devil and you gotta expect to be screwed over.  I would NEVER support an organization like this.  Not with my time, or with my money.  I wonder what would happen if BSA decided to think “morally and biblically” about say.. race mixing?  The bible is pretty clear about race mixing…

Troopinsider. Thanks for the honesty.

If the troop didn’t dismiss her, who did? The chartering organization (I believe) has the power to do that. Maybe council (NCAC)? But once confronted with the rule and an objection from a parent (jerk or not), she should have removed herself. The only result of staying would be a public and losing battle with angry people taking sides. Which is exactly what happened.

This single policy has done more to harm the BSA than any other policy. This is widely understood. However, the rule stands.

I have no connection to that troop whatsoever. Though I do know kids who used to be in it.

@ Skeptikal

I AM with T761
Skip IS a jerk
Denise IS missed by everyone (including the other ASMs and scouts) except Skip
She WAS a great leader
She IS a great person
The article is accurate to a point, except that the troop leadership is NOT who dismissed Denise.

CRSL - I DID read the article. It’s all about people attacking Inabinett with no proof. One e-mail to another Scout parent is quoted. You do a pretty good job in your posts. Ms. Steele should have quit. The Troop leadership showed enormously bad judgment in not asking her to quietly resign. Instead - she and they brought this dispute upon themselves.

Is Inabinett a jerk for demanding that the rules be enforced? I don’t know him (sounds like you do however). Personally, I think that homophobia is stupid. But I do not sit on the Scout executive committee.

So own up. Are you in T761? It sure sounds like you are.


I just received this quote on my facebook page this
morning.  It came from the facebook page called ‘The Bible’

The Bible

John 14:6

No thank you, @Diane, I am quite happy with my own religious home. In fact, it’s rather presumptuous of you to assume that I am a Christian. Your goal may be to get into heaven, but mine is to live this life with justice and compassion, honoring the inherent worth and dignity of all people.

I think the wide array of denominations demonstrates that things ARE as open to interpretation as I suggest. Who among us can say which denomination is getting it right? Or which religion, for that matter? This entire discussion has revolved around Christianity, but there are many other religions in this world. What a beautiful thing that is! We can only worship in the way that feels right to us; I have no interest in changing individual ideology, but an organization that claims to serve members of all faiths and then adds a caveat such as “but only if you’re straight” isn’t really serving all faiths.

Yes, all faiths. The Boy Scouts are not a Christian organization. Direct from their website: “While Scouting does not define religious belief for its members, it has been adopted by and works with youth programs of all major faiths.” (http://www.scouting.org/Visitor/WhyScouting/FaithTraditions.aspx). No one is disputing the organization’s right to limit it’s membership, rather we are advocating change. As a secular organization that values “all major faiths,” it would be wise of them to not define the limitations of those faiths.

I don’t think either @CRSL or I said you hate anyone. I’d rather not get into whether or not a belief that some folks don’t deserve full equality implies hate. But your opinion that the Boy Scouts exclusionary policies are right (not within their rights, but correct), does seem to indicate you believe that the private practices of one group of people warrants their exclusion from an organization that, in their own words, is for those of “all major faiths.”


Go back and actually read the article:

“Funk described the situation between Steele and Inabinett as bullying, and it left Steele crushed and in tears through the many email exchanges.”

Skip Inabinett could have chosen to do NOTHING.  Nobody would have been harmed.  Nothing would have happened.  A child and his mother would have continued happily.

Skip Inabinnett took it on himself to make another - morally wrong choice - to take action that hurt a child.

This is an accurate description of him.  The christian thing to do would have been to do nothing and help the boy.

Now Skip Inabinnett is viewed by the majority of society as a pariah.  He is rejected by much of his community.

CRSL - By the way, the race to insults does not help your case. Not everyone who disagrees with you is an ignorant bigot. There certainly seems to be a lot of hatred and anger in your posts.

It is no secret that BSA has this rule. People have been kicked out of other units about it. Chartering organizations have canceled charters, and organizations have denied BSA their facilities over it. Its not news.

What was the effect of these denials? Innocent boys did not have access to these facilities and funds to learn how to be self sufficient and contributing members to society. That is all.

CRSL - there are no e-mails shown in the article. If you have some personal invovlement in the case, out with it.

She should have resigned when confronted with the rule. The Scoutmaster who said it wasn’t a problem was clearly wrong. Clearly.

The rule is there for many reasons. One is clearly ignorance. I agree. But there are others. The BSA has suffered lawsuits after Scoutleaders took advantage of their special relationship with boys in the past. Rules like this protect the boys, and the leaders. It is a draconiam measure taken to protect the organization. Too bad the Catholic Church didn’t do the same thing…. I understand that it can be argued.

But again, you come across as having a horse in this race. Do you? Are you involved with the Steele family? Or a member of the T761 leadership? A Scout is trustworhy.

@elly and @ crsl

Of course I don’t hate gays,adulterers, or anyone else for that matter!  @crsl you kick me out of the Republican party to which I don’t even belong!  Why is everyone philosophizing on all kinds of things except the real issue, which is this woman knowingly and fraudulently entered into a contract, the terms of which she knew she did not fulfill.  The Boy Scouts are fully within their rights to specify the types of leaders it wants, even if it excludes gays.  This is not about me hating gays, which I absolutely do not.  The Boy Scouts are a Christian organization.  The fact that they want leaders who share their Christian beliefs and values is understandable and is no different from parents that seek other schools for their children because they do not like what public schools teach/don’t teach.  Scout leaders have much influence over the children they lead. As such, I can understand the Boy Scouts not wanting those with significantly different world views.  It’s not about hate.  We are all sinners.  Some may say that the boy scouts are picking on gays, but they have done nothing wrong as a private organization.  It was wrong for the woman to fraudulently attain and remain in her position knowing the terms of the agreement.

@elly I think you should try out a bible based church.  Things aren’t nearly as open to interpretation or change as you suggest.  Like I stated before, it’s not about what I think or you think or this church says or that church says.  The bible is God’s word, not a mere tool!  My goodness, what is the point believing in things as you wish, if the end result does not get you into heaven??!!  It’s all about having a relationship with Christ.  That involves talking(praying) to him regularly.  Christ doesn’t care how you interpret the bible or your religious practices.  He doesn’t care if you are gay, an adulterer, or a murderer as long as you repent, try to change, acknowledge that he died for our sins to save us, have faith in only him, and establish a relationship with him.

My view may be ‘narrow’ but I like to think it’s as thick as any bible-no more no less. 

Study His Word and you will see that’s it’s not what things you do or don’t do that gets you into heaven.  Through Christ’s death, we are all forgiven of our sins.  It’s up to us to have the Faith to believe in Him. 

Conservative(biblical) Democrat

@elly I think you should try a bible based

Skip Inabinett is the one who is sick.  He cares not what children he hurts in the pursuit of his ideology.

To Elly and Bluebird Watcher - I have threatened no one and I hate no one.  Unfortunately, you people are making Loudoun County the laughing stock of Virginia. How sorry I feel for all of you. You all are a bunch of very sick, sick people. Goodbye.

“There is no proof that anyone harassed anyone. “

Yes there is.  One party made the assertion and emails were reviewed.

“There is clearly only one side of the story being told. Most

There is no proof that anyone harassed anyone. There is clearly only one side of the story being told. Most “journalists” won’t publish unsubstantiated accusations like this. The TM,sadly does not really care about journalistic standards in politically charged stories. The BSA has the (court confirmed) right to define its membership. Whether you agree with this aspect or not, the BSA does tons of good work.

The number and quality of service projects alone the BSA does would shock you - if I remember correctly there are over 40 Eagle projects on the W&OD; alone. At least it was that number when my son added his to the trail in 2006. Bridges, trails, shelves at schools, clothing drives, food drives, the list goes on. Scouts are taught to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Do you have a problem with these values?

What other youth organization takes a kid hiking in the Rockies and snorkeling in the Keys in the same year? Teaches kids about fire, survival, safety, and environmental sciences?

Do I agree about the rules here? No. But I’m willing to tolerate one Scouting idiosyncrasy because of the overwhelming good it does.

I have read that there Holy Bible cover to cover and I ain’t seen nowhere’s where the Lord Jesus Christ banned queer folk and the like from the Church or the Boy Scouts.  An if’n ye believe queer folks an the like is sinners, well, I cain’t see nowhere’s that sinners is banned from Church or the Boy Scouts neither!

I’m just sayin’ . . .

A sad loss that the troop lost a leader they truly liked and respected. I hope that the cowardly weasel who went to such great lengths to have her removed is made utterly and permanently miserable by the negative press he’s getting.

Bluebird, I have seen your posts.  Hate towards muslims.  Hate towards homsexuals.  Hate towards hispanics.  You have no room to talk.

And if you want to stop hearing this, then stop hitting refresh and you will hear no more.

And yet, @Bluebird, for all the disagreements in these comments you’re the only one who thinks threatening someone’s life is appropriate. Hello pot, have you met my friend kettle?

All you stupid people get a life and stop this absolute rubbish. What a bunch of hate filled people that populate Loudoun County. Boy, I am glad that I don’t live anywhere near that county, because I could only sleep at night with a shotgun handy because of the hate that goes on in that county. Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!!

@Diane: If, as you say, you are following what the Bible tells you, then perhaps you should drop the label of Christianity entirely. Christianity is a concept, created by humans (many years after the resurrection of Jesus Christ),  for the purpose of worshiping God and Jesus. Christianity is about human practices and an effort to live in a way that reflects the life of Jesus, a man with boundless compassion for those who needed love and care. Whether divinely inspired or a book of allegorical stories, the Bible is a tool used by Jews (Hebrew Bible only) and Christians (both Hebrew bible and New Testament) alike in an effort to understand God. The Bible itself is not Christianity. Christianity is what we do with the lessons we learn from the Bible.

Now, before you think I’m trying to tell you what to call yourself, understand that I’m not. I would never want to take the label of Christian away from anyone; I believe we define our own religious identities and use those to mold our lives.

So, to bring this back to the article at hand, @CRSL asks whether you strive to keep all who sin out of scouting. What an excellent question! If you are living your life in accordance with the Bible, how can you determine whose sins are fit for participation and whose are not? There are hundreds of sins in the Bible and who are we to determine, 2000 years later, the appropriate reaction to those? We’ve certainly stopped following the more extreme recommendations that people’s lives be ended (death penalty sentences excluded). The concept of scouting certainly didn’t exist either in Biblical times or at the times the books of the Bible were written, so there’s no biblical precedent. It hardly seems Christ-like to establish exclusive policies in His name, especially policies that directly contradict his work of reaching out to those labeled as “other.”

Now, I will agree that as a private organization the Boy Scouts are within their rights to deny membership. I agree with this not because I think that practice is right, but because I believe in the right of any private organization to define their own policies. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see systematic change. I applaud the Steele/Funk family for working toward that change, just as I applaud them for the strength it takes to live in a state that allows (mostly) men in suits 100 miles away to define family.

True conservatism is about limited government involvement. The Steele/Funk family’s lives have no bearing on ours (we wouldn’t even know who they are, were it not for this article). The state and federal governments certainly don’t know who they are. Whether these two women build a family together is no more our business than whether Susie Q’s heterosexual parents decide not to marry at all. And yet, many elected officials seek to define them as not a family in the name of conservative values. Really? Shouldn’t true conservative values allow individual families to define themselves? Wouldn’t the truly conservative practice be to let go of this tight control over people’s private lives?

@Diane, are you prepared to kick out everyone from Scouts who engages in sin?  Are you without Sin?  Since you say sex is not required for adultery, will you be kicking out everyone who kisses someone else outside of marriage?

The reality is that your view of Christ and the Bible is such a minority in Loudoun county that you are overwhelmed on here by other Christians and conservatives.

I will say this as a Republican.  Do NOT bring up your nonsense in LCRC meetings or in any way connected to the Republican party.  You are rejected from the Republican party and we would prefer if you and your type and Churches that think like you leave Loudoun County.  This is not to make us into San Francisco.  They are a bunch of left wing liberal nut jobs.  It is to protect our Christian values from those who distort the bible to fit your own hate and to protect our Conservative movement from people who do not respect the traditional values of individual liberty and the respect of fellow Americans.

The only group being rejected is the few narrow minded Christians like you who belong to distorted Churches that preach hate.

I am a straight Methodist by the way with no gay family members I know of.  You need to see Christ’s message of love and never reject a gay person.  Ever.  Otherwise, you have no accepted Jesus in your heart.  And I am sure you know what that means.

@Elly-Although you may think my definition is narrow, it’s really not about my definition, your definition, or anyone elses.  Trying to define Christanity, makes it about the individual and not about Christ, which inherently can never be correct.  You say my view is narrow, but really it’s not my view. It’s what the bible says.  Allowing for all these practices and beliefs suggests a person can make his own definition of Christianity.  This is a dangerous concept, in that a person can do/believe what he sees fit to do/believe, but it’s also very convenient for those who may be looking for an easier way.  I dont believe intercourse is required for adultery to occur. I don’t believe same sex couples can ever be married, regardless of what our government may say or allow. My beliefs have solid biblical basis.  The government’s is solidly based in ‘people’s’ beliefs.  I choose to follow Christ through what the bible tells me, not the Catholic church, Protestant church or any other.  People have the tendency to make all things about themselves.  There is no ‘me’ in Christianity, only Christ.

All you stupid people of Loudoun County: Grow up and please shut up. Enough is enough!!

@Diane: Your definition of Christianity appears to be a very narrow one. Keep in mind that not all Christians share your views or interpret the Bible the same way you do. Christianity is a huge umbrella under which followers have a wide variety of practices, beliefs, and interpretations of sacred texts. The implication that your interpretation is more correct that someone else’s does a disservice to Christianity as a whole. I often feel that when someone tries to define Christianity by very narrow terms, they are also trying to define who can and cannot be called a Christian. I don’t believe that determination is up to you.

Additionally, being gay isn’t just about sex and therefore isn’t actually in the Ten Commandments. The commandment you reference speaks to adultery only. Definition of marriage aside (regardless of its roots, today it functions as a legal contract. Many straight couples get married in non-religious services and doing so doesn’t make them any less married), lack of an active sex life doesn’t make someone any less gay.

Susan, I’m an old Loudoun County Resident too. You are correct in saying that me, and many others that I know here feel just like you in that we don’t want our county to have the same sleazy values of San Francisco. The one’s that justify this lifestyle generally have a child, grandchild, friend, or they themselves are participating in this lifestyle and they have to make it right.  It’s a perversion that has been acted upon.

Diane, you are 100% correct regarding your statement about adultery.  The sad part is I doubt no one this board will listen to you because their only goal is to get you to change your mind about them so they can justify that what they are doing is right.

Have Dick Black and Eugene Degaudio opined on this important matter yet?  Surely those two professional gay haters have something to say about this.  Call them up for comment, LTM, or maybe they are scared since they face an election in a couple months.

Eric the 1/2 troll:  quote from the article above, which you ignore:
‘When a chartered partner agrees to sponsor a scouting unit,
an annual charter agreement is signed, they explained.
In the contract, they agree to provide a place for a meeting,
select volunteer leaders and follow the policies and guidelines established by the Boy Scouts of America.’

For all this hogwash about homosexuality not being covered in the 10 Commandments-IT IS.  Adultery-sex outside of marriage.  I think even the non-christians are aware of how marriage is defined in the bible.

Reading through some of these responses is frustrating, because of people’s ignorance of Christian values and beliefs, though they quote the bible as if they are experts.

I can understand people’s extreme resistance to really learning and understanding what the bible is saying.  It takes time and commitment going forward to change your ways.  It’s also VERY uncomfortable acknowledging that you are a sinner.  But once you understand the Good News, and I mean REALLY understand it, it is just so much easier to mock the bible/Christianity because it really takes very little effort.  All you have to do is look up bible quotes that seemingly support your cause, but Christians understand that the don’t.  And the mockery is SO much easier than studying the bible and then CHANGiNG your life.  Living your life without Christ allows you to continue without disruption or effort.  What I find common to many living without Christ is their underlying unhappiness.  Seek God, you won’t be disappointed.  Your life will only get better and you’ll wish you would have done it sooner.  I’ll say a prayer for all of you on here that currently don’t believe.

Loudoun Times Mirror please take out the story and comments.  All you are doing is providing a venue for the residents to vent their anger on each other. This is NOT NEWS, this is SICK and you, Loudoun Times Mirror are the cause. All these residents are doing is providing entertainment for the sick staff of the Loudoun Times Mirror! Print this if you dare!!!!

Quit your whining and do your part.  We must elect good Christian anti-gay legislators like the Honorable Eugene Delgaudio and Colonel Dick Black back into office.  They will put an end to the awful sins of the abominations that call themselvee “gay”.  Too many “conservatives” don’t speak up about the evils of homosexuality.  Eugene and Col. Black have dedicated their lives to exposing this evil.  Please get involved against these liberals by supporting those who aren’t afraid.

I don’t care what anybody says.

Denise Steele can lead my son ANY DAY!

I would much rather him be around her, than ANY of the bible ‘thumpers’ in the thread.

Organized religion does nothing but brainwash people and create a bunch of weak minded individuals.

@Susan: I don’t know, I thought you came up with a pretty diverse collection of names we call you guys. I suppose we could start making some up if you want….

Frouwetrn - noun. 1. A bigoted, intolerant, homophobic, racist, hillbilly who identifies with the religious right.
“I’m happy to see the number of Frouwetrns in this thread is pretty low, but like most of their kind, boy are they vocal about their special brand of crazy!”
2. A magical monk-baked pastry loaf.
“That was a delicious Frouwetrn, and its magic gave me the power to decide what’s right and wrong and that everyone else should be like me!”

How’s that?

It’s Sunday.

If you post today, then you have committed a sin greater than that of homosexuality.

I just sinned.  God forgive me.

I was a scout for years.  Junior/Senior Patrol Leader, Order of the Arrow, junior assistant scoutmaster. 

I left before achieving Eagle for several reasons, but this kind of driven and unconsidered bigotry was a major component.  20 years later I’m successful in my career, qualified to teach most of the merit badges I earned when I was a kid plus dozens more, and I have both significant discretionary time and significant discretionary income to give to Scouting. 

They haven’t received a dime and they haven’t been given a minute.  And they won’t until this policy ends.  Ms. Steele has my respect for giving to an organization that adamantly refuses to outgrow its own archaic prejudices but I won’t be following in her example.  Ironically enough, my Christianity makes it impossible for me to support an organization so completely lacking in tolerance.

@BibleFollower - if that is the case, then I do apologize for the cutting remarks. I get very defensive when I see remarks like what you put and you made it seem like you were extremely serious.

I might suggest stating you’re being satirical at one point to avoid people taking it out of context like I did because you were exceedingly convincing about your statements over the course of several comments, even stating that when Jeanne stopped commenting that she had “learned her place”.

Outside of that, I hope that one day people get the point that we cannot point the finger and lay blame and assume we know what God or Allah or the Goddess would do against a “sinner”. Until we die and learn for ourselves, we have no authority to pass judgement through telling a person who they can worship or who they can love.

Old Loudoun County Resident ~ If you want to have a peeing contest I can do you one better ~ I’m actually a 5th Loudoun County Generation resident on both of my parent’s side, so maybe I can’t speak for you, but I can speak for so many others who feel the same way as myself.  We don’t appreciate people coming into this county and trying to run it into the ground with their gutter values.  If you recall, Virginia passed a Constitutional Marriage Amendment that said marriage is only between a man and a woman in November 2006.  Therefore, I would say we are in the majority, and those siding with homosexuals are in the minority.  As for you Conservative Christian, since you question my faith, I seriously question your church.  My guess is Unitarian.  That’s all that needs to be said.  I’m so sick of all the name calling. Wow; can’t you come up with something better than bigot, intolerant, homophobic, racist, hillbilly, religious right?  Once again, the Boy Scouts are a private organization that have rules.  Denise Steele broke the rules and got caught.  She can go form her own club.  Then if anyone is to blame for “hurting a child” as Conservative Christian states, it would be Denise Steele for breaking all the rules in the first place.

Stories like this one sadden me. If, when I have children, I have a son, he will not be a Boy Scout. I was a Girl Scout growing up and believe strongly in scouting organizations, but I cannot be a member of an organization with such discriminatory policies. I recommend people with sons look for a local Camp Fire USA club, or start one up. Camp Fire is a co-ed, welcoming organization. Camp Fire and Girl Scouts value many types of diversity and both are organizations I would be proud to be a member of.

KP wins! Ding, Ding, Ding!

I was indeed engaging in satire.  I was showing Jeanne’s hypocrisy.  I am a Christian and I follow the bible.  It says all kinds of things which when taken out of the full context can be used to justify anything.

I read the bible holistically and know that Jesus would never condemn someone for being gay.  Someone else on here (maybe a few) made that point.  Gay isn’t even a 10 commandment issue.  There are many worse sins committed by Christians nearly every day.  Especially on Sunday ironically.

Christians like Jeanne, if she wants to get on the case of gay people, better be prepared to go all the way.  Because after the gays, it will be the women next in the verses people want to focus on.

Sorry Ashley for the ruse.  I thought my satire was clearer.  Your understandably of the bible as a Wiccan is superior to Jeanne as a supposed Christian.

Well I suppose I could be wrong just as easily as you. Neither of us can know as we are not Bible Follower (unless this is some clever internet trolling-ruse or an extreme case of disociative identity disorder…), but there are enough legitimate morons out there without me creating more by assuming, so sometimes I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. It sounds to me like he was saying either follow all of the bible yourself or shut up and stop throwing stones from your glass house.

@KP - I don’t know who Stephen Colbert is or what “American Dad” is so I miss the reference to that, however I do understand what satire is and yes, you are correct, it may be that he was being satirical. However, based on his response to me:

“I am trying to guide her on the proper Christian path if she is serious about being a Christian.  At least serious enough to be against gays.  If so, she should obey the rest of the bible.”

I am going to go out on a limb here and say he’s not being as satirical as you think he is.

And thank you for addressing that, it may be that he was being satirical and if that is the case then I do apologize to him for my earlier, more cutting remarks. However, based on his choice of words, I typed in mine.

@Ashley - I don’t mean to be rude and I’m with your stance on equality but I must say… irony flies right over your head, doesn’t it? I’m thinking he was about as serious about that as Stephen Colbert or Seth MacFarlane writing his American Dad character. Learn to satire.

That may be the case, however, I know many Christians who are very devout in their faith who would never speak to a woman in that way.

I understand what the Bible says. I used to be Catholic. I taught bible study to children and was a lector for my church. I’ve read the Bible more than most Catholics and Christians that I know. I also know that it is wrong to tell a woman to “hush” and let her man speak for her. Use your common sense. People point the finger at Muslims and say that the Koran preaches violence and murder of “infidels”. They are correct, it does, however not all Muslims are like that because they use their “common sense” to know that it is wrong. A woman has every right to say whatever she wishes.

You may not have directed what you said to those outside your faith, but what you said was not “Christ-like” either, which is what Christians and Catholics strive to be. When they went to stone Mary Magdalene, Jesus stopped them. He did not tell her once he’d freed her to “hush and not speak” He spoke with her. He even appeared first to her. Going solely by what the Bible states (which was not even around at the time of Christ)and not using your common sense is just as bad as a Muslim being told to kill and doing so. It’s two ends of the same spectrum.

@Ashley, My guess is that Bible Follower is just trying to make a point to Jeanne that she can’t just pick and choose what parts of the bible she is going to be strict about.

Probably not being serious.  Just taking Jeanne’s thinking to the ultimate extreme.

If you are not a Christian you may do as you wish.

Jeanne says she is a Christian.  She is saying referring to the bible to justify being against gay people.  I am trying to guide her on the proper Christian path if she is serious about being a Christian.  At least serious enough to be against gays.  If so, she should obey the rest of the bible.

This has nothing to do with you.  I have no problem with you.  You are not a bible believing Christian. Jeanne says she is. I note she is quieted down and is leaving this to the menfolk to discuss as she should as a Christian.  Just as it is wrong to be gay, it is wrong for a woman to speak instead of her husband.

@Bible Follower, I pray to the Gods that you are not married because if so, I feel sorry for that woman. We have every right to speak our minds just as much as you do. The Bible was written by bigots. You want to point the finger at a woman who was doing good in her community? You want to say that being gay is wrong? Well guess what, take a look at your own precious church that is being rocked to its very core by child abuse and rape of members who preach the very scripture you throw at us! How dare you tell a woman to hush and let the “menfolk” speak! Oh and by the way, be a MAN and put your real name here instead of “biblefollower”.

I am Wiccan and I accept all faiths and walks of life, be they gay, straight, bisexual, or transgender. It is the bigots who claim they are right and no one else is that are the reason this world is crumbling beneath the wars fought over religion.

Jeanne Why do you not hold your tongue woman.  You clearly do not know your place.

Get your husband on here and leave this to the menfolk to discuss.

Genesis 3:16
  Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

Isaiah 3:12
  As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.

1 Corinthians 11:3
  But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

Ephesians 5:22-24
  Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

Colossians 3:18
  Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.

1 Timothy 2:11-15
  Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing.

Titus 2:4-5
  Teach the young women to be ... obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

1 Peter 3:1
  Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands.

Now cease posting and put your husband on here.  Otherwise you are clearly a gay lover since you disobey the lord.

@Bible Follower:

This forum is not a church, and we’re not in Corinth.

Anthony Philips,

You do know that gays are teachers, librarians, coaches and are in every other profession that comes to mind so how are you going to prosecute them if they get near your child?

I’ll be waiting for an intelligent response.

Jeanne Listen woman.  You better hold your tongue and let your husband speak for you on here about religious matters.  It is no place for a woman to speak about religious matters.  Know your place.

“1 Corinthians 14:34-36
  Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. “


“The bible also agrees with marital rape and wife abuse, as long as it isn

@Anthony Phillips,
I am a lesbian AND A CHRISTIAN. The two are not clashing stances. Also, it is not illegal to be homosexual… so how do you plan to send someone to jail for being in the same vicinity as your children? It shames me that people like you still exist and can procreate, because you make the world a dark and hateful place. God tells us not to judge, yet that is all you do. You pick and choose your bible like it is a cafeteria, but you can’t take some as whole truth and try to brush others under the rug. The bible also agrees with marital rape and wife abuse, as long as it isn’t in excess. I must say, if you are the all knowing Christian you claim to be, I feel sorry for your wife and all of the raping and beating you must put her through.

Denise Steele is an inspirational woman and I hope to be such a wonderful mother when my life is blessed with children. It is a great injustice that the Boy Scouts are supposed to teach morals and values, when it is clear that first and foremost, they teach intolerance and hate. This is one organization I will NEVER support.

“all of u get a life”

@jojo: Finally, a voice of reason.  Thanks, jojo.

Dear, Dear Mr. Phillips…

We all recognize you for what you are, and take solace in the truth that your values will not long outlive you.  The world has changed, and that change will continue.  It actually started with the renaissance, which you might have learned about before dropping out of school.

I am rolling on the floor reading yoru comments about how you will send any gay or lesbian who comes near your kids off to jail.  Silly man.  You really have no idea do you?  I’m not gay, but you’d be amazed to find out how many of your neighbors are.  Did you know that employees at their school are gay?  That gays have cooked food for them (sprinkling it with fairy dust no doubt).

Teachers, principals, mailmen, clergy, dentists, doctors, atheletes, firement, the soldiers who protect your right to be a bigot, they are all gay.  Mind yu these men and women are not quite as easy to spot a blacks, whom you probably also despise, but they are talking to and even touching and feeding your kids every day. 

And who is going to be here longer?  You, or the Gays?  They will outlive you my ignorant friend, and some day your kids will be a little bit better person than you are.

And to Ms. Kitty, yI ask you to rethink what you said.  It is no more reasonable to label scouting as full of these hateful morons than it is to label gays.  Its safe to say many, hopefully most in scouting are good people who have outgrown this kind of hatred.  My experiences as a scout helped me to form a solid moral foundation as an adult(one that does not thrive on ignorance or hatered).

The problem in scouting isn’t the majority, its the majority that don’t recognize that there is a problem and take a stand to fix it.

In time hatred will be banished, in the meantime we can push the effort along, or wallow in the last gasps of it like Anthony here…  God bless his tortured soul (if he still has one to save).

“I would suggest the authorities investigate you and consider whether you should remain in charge of your children since it is clear you are neither intelligent, nor capable of differentiating the true threats to your children

Stop with the picking and choosing in the bible.  Not being gay isn’t even one of the commandments, but I bet you still judge gay people harsher than those who don’t keep the sabbath holy.

By the way, when was the last time you ACTUALLY kept the sabbath?

Ever bought something on Sunday?
“We are not to buy or sell on the Sabbath.” Nehemiah 13

Ever cooked a meal?
“Elaborate food preparation is to be done on the day before the Sabbath so that there is no baking or heavy cooking on the Sabbath.” Exodus 16

Yea, that’s what I thought.

I can’t believe there are such closed minded people still living in this world.

All I have to say is that if you are religious, that’s fine.  You are allowed to believe whatever you please, but you can not use to religion as an excuse spread hate. If someone is gay and you don’t like it, that’s fine but keep it to yourself. 

Other peoples lives (and sexualities) are none of your business.  If she was a great scout master that should have been the only thing she was judged on.

Anthony Phillips,

You sir, are a moron.  I would suggest the authorities investigate you and consider whether you should remain in charge of your children since it is clear you are neither intelligent, nor capable of differentiating the true threats to your children’s safety.

“people that hate Christianity”

Some people do.  Some of us just hate your form of Christianity.  And since you are from a minority form, we love most Christians.

” who only want to promote and push a vial (homosexual) lifestyle onto our young people.”

Who is promoting homosexuality OR heterosexuality in scouts?  You must belong to a very screwed up troop if people are teaching the children about heterosexuality.

”  The BSA has policy in place to protect our young”

No they don’t.  Go back to training.  Youth protection has nothing to do with sxual orientation.  Furthermore the greatest threat to children is from heterosexuals.

” and the decision to remove that woman is the correct one.”

You also believe in hurting children.  Good to know.  Now GET OUT OF LOUDOUN COUNTY.  You are not welcome here or anyone else who wants to hurt children.

”  Remember, the BSA & GSA are private organizations.”

Yes, and we are members.

”  They make their own rules based on their belief of what is right and wrong.”

And we will change them as we are part of “they”.

”  And if the homosexual community don

Thank you for your comment sir.  I don’t have time to read through all the comments but enough to get a good general idea as to who’s commenting on the subject.  My decision and views still stand.  Gays & Lesbians are forbidden to make contact with my children.  I will prosecute.  In addition, if the BSA/GSA do change their policies, my affiliation with those organizations will end.

Wow, Mr. Phillips, if you read through many of the 372 previous comments and you only took that one thing away, you might want to start over. 

You missed a lot.

I read through many of the comments posted and saw only one thing, people that hate Christianity who only want to promote and push a vial (homosexual) lifestyle onto our young people.  The BSA has policy in place to protect our young and the decision to remove that woman is the correct one.  Remember, the BSA & GSA are private organizations.  They make their own rules based on their belief of what is right and wrong.  And if the homosexual community don’t like their policies, they can always start their own version of the BSA/GSA and call it something like NAMBLA.  And for those gays who are involved in scouting, should be removed from that troop’s/pack’s charter.  I know for a fact that if a gay/lesbian ever made contact with my children (I have two children, son & daughter), they would be spending a whole bunch of time in jail.  ~Anthony

all of u get a life

As a former Boy Scout and a Christian, I am saddened by the hypocrisy of the Boy Scouts and many others who call themselves Christian.  Would Jesus have attacked this woman personally, gone to such effort to banish her?  Of course not.  If he were here today, he would be calling BSA the modern day Scribes and Pharisees who proclaim the law with great righteousness but who are the arrogant judgmental hypocrites who fall short of practicing God’s unconditional love for all.  I would like the BSA to tell me where, in the entire Bible, where did Jesus ever say one word about homosexuality?  He didn’t.  Pretty significant omission for God Incarnate… He certainly was here long enough to make mention of it, if this is such a huge “abomination.”  Funny how in some people’s minds, the Old Testament and a couple letters from Paul apparently trump the actions and example of Christ himself.  Idiots.

The Boy Scouts of America is a bigoted hate organization, full of religious zealots. There is nothing wrong with being gay and the Bible is a collection of fables, myths, and stories written by men, many of them homophobic sexists. Science has yet to prove there is any god. If there was one and he or she was actively involved in what we do - the entity would have closed down this modern day KKK-style group. They will eventually change - just like those that used to stop black children from going to integrated schools.

The BSA anti-homosexual policy is anti-American.

This country will rise above judging people by their sexuality.  The BSA will eventually rid themselves of such discrimination or they will perish.


Hon. I’m a 4th generation Loudoun County resident. My family has been in Virginia since we started calling it Virginia. Please don’t speak for me or my community- old Loudoun, or new Loudoun. Frankly, I find your tone offensive and don’t think your message represents the people who built this community.

If you choose to ignore the diverse history and background that is Loudoun County that’s your choice. If you choose to forget about the multi-cultural roots that have made this county special from the beginning that is your decision. If you choose to pretend that we’ve all been close minded inbred hillbillies out here for generations, go for it.

Speak for yourself, not your neighbors (me) who you obviously don’t really know. It’s embarrassing and it doesn’t well represent our community to the world. Thank you.

Old Loudoun County Resident

Several excellent posts here reminding us of shameful periods in our history. Let’s not forget or repeat those terrible mistakes of our past.  I want to one of those heroes too, Justice….who posted: “Fifty years ago, it would have been interracial marriage that was a

BSA will change wrote:

“BSA will change.  It is inevitable.  This is the last gasp of an old way that is dying.  The few people left who think this way will be relegated to the corners of society.  They are as wrong as the slave owners were.”

Well said and bravo!!!  You’re my hero

All these comments only prove one thing - that people in Loudoun County have absolutely nothing better to do than to write nasty comments about each other in the newspaper! I thought Loudoun County people were above that, but I was wrong!!


to the person that brought up the story of lot and talked about the destruction of sodom you forgot to mrntion the part where lot offers his daughters up to the mob to raped. the christian bible is one of the most disgusting books ever written and yet christians will try to convince you it is full of “love” if it is it is the love of an abusive partner. i wish the woman that got fired the best and suggest she starts up her own troop

Hmm.  What would Jesus Do?  I know what he would do.  He would take these women in and treat them with the utmost respect he could give because he loves them.  Jesus made it a point to go out and find people who needed spiritial guidence by feasting and communicating with them as much as he could.  He always showed that he loved them but he also trys to teach us how to live according to his word and teaching.  If he felt that someone was doing something immoral or wrong, that is when he would explain to them in a loving way that they needed to change to have peace of mind usually through a parable. He also asks them to trust in him and he will help them through their trials and tribulations.  We all sin and are not perfect so the only thing we can do for ourselsves and this family is to pray and ask God to surround all of us with his blessing so we as well as they could be healed.  He will listen to us as long as we love him and others, ask for his help and do our best to abide by his word.  That is all he really wants.

I’m an Eagle Scout, and proud of it, most of the time.  I earned the rank more than 30 years ago, but about an hours drive from this area - we may have camped with these boys dads many years ago at some jamboree.

I can’t believe anyone in my former troop would have engaged in this kind of petty hatred.  Every group will find their own interpretation of the goals and guidelines of scouting, especially when they are not clearly stated. I’m sure there were troops that didn’t share out values.

I would urge each troop to produce a written mission statement outlining their own take on scouting and its place in society, and make it known.  I would hope that this would lead to a mass exodus of scouts and parents from those troops that exude such hatred and ignorance.

More to the point, its time for the national leadership to come out with an official position on these issues and make them known.  If their position is one of ignorance and hatred, then perhaps its time to let the institution die. 

This is not the Junior Klan, its scouting.  Its about character.  Perhaps the national leadership should let their character be known.

Scouting was a huge factor in shaping my life, my character, and my values. Homosexuality never came up when I was a scout, but the lessons I learned in scouting lead me to the understanding that everyone deserves respect, and that ignorance needs to be met with education and civil action.

I would urge all parents with kids in scouting, and any scouts themselves, to understand the character of the leaders of your troop - it they do not match your personal values, find another troop, and tell both groups why. Driving another 15 minutes once a week is a small price to pay to end the cycles of ignorance and hatred.

Scouting is better than this - at least I hope it still is.

BSA will change.  It is inevitable.  This is the last gasp of an old way that is dying.  The few people left who think this way will be relegated to the corners of society.  They are as wrong as the slave owners were.

Susan, I am sorry you are so distorted in your vision that you would think that someone like you is either conservative or christian.  No conservative would advocate hurting a child or excluding someone who is actually helping children.  No conservative would agree that an organization that does not judge people on merit rather than sex is upholding American values.

And I most certainly am being Christian.  Jesus would NEVER have done to this woman what this Skip Inabinett did.  He is a disgrace to all good Christians and so are you. 

This isn’t some stupid rule or contract matter.  These are people are nobody who is either conservative or Christian would act this way.

You people - sickos - focused on other peoples sexuality better stop calling yourselves conservatives as you are being rejected by conservatives and Republicans.  You are a minority and getting smaller all day long.  We don’t want hate and this is hate. 

You are rejected from the conservative movement and don’t you ever dare call yourself a Republican or come around to a Republican event spouting your sex focused nonsense or I and many others will shout you and the other wackos down.

Gay people may be sinners, but so are you.  For sure.  In fact I bet you engage in sins far worse than being gay every week. 

Don’t ever criticize my being a conservative or a christian again.  I am both, and it is time to make clear that you people are not.

Go pick up your church and get out of Loudoun County.  You are unwelcome.  This is a place that respects individual rights and liberties and is filled with good Christians that love and respect the example Jesus has given us.  Not haters like you that seem to have forgotten what Our Lord taught.

We respect traditional American values of letting people live there lives as they see fit as long as it doesn’t harm us.  And this lady was harming nobody.

Go move to Soviet Russia if you want to act out your left wing, sex controlling fantasies.  You have more in common with Stalin than Thomas Jefferson.

Again, get out of the county.  You show up in public spouting this nonsense and you WILL be shouted down by real conservative Christians.  You will be made unwelcome.

It is time for you to go hide in the closet.

And in case you have any idiotic ideas, I am straight.  Married for years.  But I follow Jesus and know what love and compassion is.  Unlike you and Skip Inabinnet the Child Hurter.

Susan, you knocked that one out of the ball park!  Let me know when they need donations.  I would love to give to an organization that is not afraid to protect it’s values.  YOU GO BSA!!  YOU GO!!!!  What is their motto?  Be Prepared? And they were and still are….....Skip stand strong!

Conservative Christian, you say Skip is a “sicko” and he should be removed from this community because Loudoun County doesn’t want his kind around us.  After reading all of your hateful comments I would rather keep Skip here, along with the Boy Scouts of America and get rid of people like yourself.  Unlike your misleading name, old Loudoun County does have values and morals, and most of us don’t appreciate biased articles like this one printed in our community paper.  We also don’t appreciate people moving into our towns and corrupting them and our children with their liberal ways.  The truth is the truth whether you like it or not:  The Boy Scouts don’t allow homosexuals to be Scout Leaders.  Denise Steele was a homosexual and she became a leader anyway.  She got caught.  I don’t care how good she was at it; it was still wrong.  It’s the same situation as an illegal alien coming into this country.  They still broke the law and are still illegal.  It’s a private organization and they can make their own laws.  If she wants to be in scouting she can join the Girl Scouts because they are full of homosexuals.  Everyone can quit whining and demanding for apologies.  The Boy Scouts will get extra donations from me this year for standing up for their values.

Conservative Republican Scout Leader and Eric the 1/2 troll, I must commend you on your persistence. I couldn’t even READ most of the comments because they were so misinformed and ignorant, much less respond to them all. Fact is… facts mean nothing to these sort. You can post the statistics on how most molestors are HETEROsexual men all day, but that doesn’t go with what they want to believe so they will either find a way to explain it away or just plain say “NO IT’S WRONG!” Your efforts are abortive, friends, and I’m not just being cynical - it’s psychological and physiological.

Read this study:

You see, when someone’s beliefs are so firmly entrenched the logical part of the mind does not even activate. They experience anxiety when argued with and it’s only alleviated when they cover their ears and go ‘LALALALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU.’ I admire your tenacity, but save effort guys. The only hope is to teach the next generation better the best we can and write off our losses with these guys.

I cannot believe people are claiming that Skip was the one who hurt these kids.  Denise and Jackie are guilty of that including the LTM.  Right now these kids may say they are not upset with this whole issue but time will tell.  I don’t care what an argument pertains too.  The bottome line is that the kids are the ones who lose.  They are seeing grown adults fighting, calling each other names and hurting each other.  This is not healthy for them and I feel that the LTM is the blame for even giving these women the opportunity to protest what they can and can’t do because it pertains to sexual preference.  When you were a kid did you want to know about ANYTHING that required the words sex and parents in the same sentence?  Only to have it picked apart by hoards of strangers.  Skip has the common sense to not get involved in this, not because he is scared of the issue but to try and protect the kids.  There is no agenda more important than my kids no matter how badly I want the world to know.  Now that this has been blown out of proportion and people are up in arms, I would advise the “two moms” to find a good counselor for the kids.  They really should go just to make sure or at least talk about it with someone trained to help them cope.

Fifty years ago, it would have been interracial marriage that was a “sin” and “evil”, and the people who would have stood up to fight against bigotry and for equal rights would have been heroes.

Now we have another issue of a marginalised group of people unable to have basic civil rights, and the ignorant fools who don’t see the pattern repeating.

I want my grandkids to live in a world where EVERYONE, despite religious propaganda has their basic AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS.

I want to be one of the heroes.

Skip Inabinett is a jerk who hurt a child.  He should be run out of town and this Church that took this action should be removed from the community.  Loudoun County doesn’t want these people around us.

Anyone who would hurt a child to make some point should be kicked out.  And I hope he is being investigated.  Supposedly has 5 kids himself.  Is he willing to hurt them too?

What a sicko.

The local leadership cannot make up their own rules contrary to the BSA as a whole.
You can’t compare this story to Portland in the least. You should actually study the details carefully before casually throwing it in. Although there are parallels.
There’s too much hatred spewing from both sides here.

All the Boy Scout and Christianity banter aside, the other “victims” in this case are those scouts and the families who will not have the benefit of knowing and learning from Denise. I can personally guarnatee that their lives would have been better for it.

I haven’t anything profound to say. I think this is a travesty and I hope this family finds another troop sponsored by a more flexible organization. I hope the plan to lobby from within, withholding donations and external (but benign) pressure brings about the hoped for change in the rules and charter of the BSA. That it is legal bigotry is an unmoving argument to me.

Caliban seems to have covered most of my points, which I appreciate. It’s been an interesting read.

Could not have said it better myself, Scout.  Thank you.

This thread has proven beyond a doubt that the most vocal people on any issue are also the most extreme.

Should all gays be lumped into the God-hating, vehemently anti-Christian view we’re seeing espoused here?  No.

Should all Christians be lumped into the fire and brimstone, “God Hates Fags” and similar sentiments expressed here.

Thankfully, the majority of gays I know are reasonable (as it appears the couple in this article are) and the majority of Christians I know are reasonable.

Knowing that makes this thread a sad display to watch instead of inciting hatred in me.

Sadly, changing people’s minds towards gays is just like changing people’s minds towards other minority groups. Bigotry is alive and well in America. You have to keep hammering the message that IT’S NOT OK TO DISCRIMINATE.

For those stating this is fraud, they are missing an important nuance here. Think of each Troop the like a local baptist church. While they may fall under the umbrella of the parent ... conference, there is freedom in the local decision on how to implement the national guidelines.

And that’s what happened. The local Troop leadership placed less emphasis on this issue then other troops would. And it appears like as a charter organization didn’t truely care either way. The church was looking for an outreach/support the community program rather than Scouting in particular.

As the complaint went straight to the Region b/c it didn’t appear to be getting traction, well that took it above the threshold Eagle T90 was talking about.

On a side note, I find it amazing how so many parties seem to feel “If you don’t like this organization 100% the way it is, go form your own”. Are these set in stone policies? Unless you are claiming BSA is a church itself, then why the heck can’t people try to change policies from the inside? All I can figure is the same parties are single issue voters.

The PR guy from HQ saying it’s up to the troop is just plain lying.

WWJD ?  Jesus would let her stay. Get her
reinstated. God is only 1 part of the Scouts.
I am mad she was bullied. She was doing what 8
men could not do ( a great job ).Melanie M.

Did somebody ask Ms. Steele who is the father of her children? Obviously its not Jackie Funk.  :)

I guess she can’t be all that homosexual.

This is a very sad article in 2011.  I feel for this family.  Stay strong and know the majority ARE in 2011.

Mr. Creideamh: perhaps not, but I didn’t say that to advance any of my own arguments. There are people on this thread who will post deceptively to elicit a specific reaction, and this discussion would be better served by them not playing directly into their antagonist’s hands. Some folks here might not know it. You’re certainly very helpful in pointing out that you misunderstood me, which is always nice.

This article was posted to bring about awareness of the fact that there are practices that, although once upheld, understood, and respected, are now viewed by a sizable percent of the population to be unfavorable. I believe the point of the article at it’s base is to bring about the knowledge that the Boy Scouts of America have a policy that is in need of modernization.

I agree with this point whole heartedly.

The BSA was formed in 1910. Over time it is inarguable that public views and opinions change. Policies within organizations need to change with them.

As in my former post, I am again citing the Scouting Handbook (Excerpted from page 47-54, Boy Scout Handbook, 11th Edition, copyright 1998 by BSA):

A Scout is Obedient.
  A Scout follows the rules of his family, school, and troop. He obeys the laws of his community and country. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobeying them.

Scouts, parents, Scout Masters, friends of scouts and anyone who finds these regulations unjust should pursue the appropriate methods to try to have these rules and regulations changed in an orderly manner.

“Eric the 1/2 troll

“people don

“You are correct about Jesus calling his followers to not judge others. He is not saying that you should not address sin, but that you should address your own sins first. And everyone sins.”

Exactly, so you, me and everybody (including Alby) should refrain from commenting on the potential sins of others until you are entirely without sin.  Let us know when you get there.

No offense intended, but you will have to do your own research as to the validity of my statements.  I know them to be true.  Nothing else is important to me.

@Eric: While there may be something to what your saying about sacrificed animals, I’m looking at Mark chapter 11 and Matt. 21 right now. It says Jesus began driving out those who were buying and selling there. “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations. But you have made it a den of robbers.”  I don’t see a reference about the sacrificed food. If you have a reference, I’d be interested in checking it out.

You are correct about Jesus calling his followers to not judge others. He is not saying that you should not address sin, but that you should address your own sins first. And everyone sins.

Eric the 1/2 troll— Why would I struggle with being exactly like God intended me to be?  Its only those who sin against God that struggle.

Hi people.  Satan here.

Can’t wait to get my hands on the souls of Phil Holliday, Esther Schaeffer, and the congregants at Christian Fellowship Church.  But I have a special place reserved for Skip Inabinett.

You better apologize Skip.  God and I are watching to see who wins this one.

Here’s the BSA membership standards from www.bsalegal.org/litigation-222.asp ,”...standards for membership, principally that Scouts are required to believe in God, be male, and not to be openly homosexual.”

The key word here is openly.  I do not think there is a question on the BSA leader application asking about sexual orientation.  It appears to be some sort of don’t ask, don’t tell policy.  Perhaps once a leader “comes out”, then they are open about it, which violates the membership standards that every organization has a right to set as they see fit.

“The woman fraudulently entered into a contract.”

No she did not.  She was open and forthright with the leadership about her sexuality - which, imo, is already above and beyond the call of duty.

“Once discovered by the other party in the contract, appropriate(agreed upon) actions were taken to eliminate her from her position.”

Wrong, the ASM took it upon himself to unilaterally report this issue OUTSIDE of teh troop leadership.  Nothing was “agreed upon”.

@ALeesburgResident - yes honey, I know the difference. Ethics and morals is something you think you have, but in reality you do not because your bigotry. Legal is the part that you wish you could use to hang the gays in order to justify your own homophobia. Must be hard to live as a closeted gay.


It was not so much that they turned the synagogue into a marketplace.  It was what they were selling.  They were making a profit off selling sacrifice animals meaning that the Jewish sinners had to pay money in order to be considered pardoned for their sins.  That was the problem Jesus had with the practice not just that there was a market in the synagogue.

None the less, there is far more in scripture about dealing with your own sin and especially NOT judging other than pretty much anything else.  Especially in the NT.  Start with the timber in your own eye in other words.

Immoral?  Oh, please.  According to who?  You?  Why should anybody live their lives according to what someone else believes is “moral”.  These are 2 women who have been together for many years in a loving family, with children.  What could anybody possibly find immoral about it?  It’s lunacy.  You people really need to get your heads on straight and understand that just because you have your head filled with magic dust and mythology, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world is going to live the way you see fit. 

You don’t want to have a gay relationship?  Then fine, don’t have one.  But the sanctimony and self-righteousness involved with telling others how to live their lives - - based on your interpretation of a dusty old collection of nonsensical folklore - - is absurd. 

Keep your bigoted views to yourself and let others live their lives in peace.  You want to point fingers?  Worry about your own sorry lives.

@Diane - Well written!  Nice and simple.


Jesus coming freed people from having to follow the legalisms that were necessary under the old Law.  Read the NT. So, no, Christians, are not bound by things such as dietary constraints. If you had read the whole “work of fiction” you would have known that.


Apparently you struggle with not choosing to participating in a homosexual lifestyle.  You are SO strong…good for you.

A Wiccan quoting Scripture? This just gets better and better.

You can’t take one verse you like and ignore the rest of the Bible. It doesn’t work that way. You either believe all of it, or none. Jesus preached loving your enemies. That is true, but Jesus was not a meek pacifist who just sat there sweetly while people sinned around him. He stood for what was right and he called sin “sin.” Remember the scene where he was flipping tables over (!!) in the synagogue because they had turned it into a market place? That’s not meekness. That’s boldness.

@ Alby

My gut tells me you would let bad things happen to good people because they don’t love who or how you think they should. I didn’t need a propaganda machine, liberal or otherwise, to figure it out.

@ Common Sense Mom

A quick lesson about the Internet: people don’t always say what they really think. Sometimes they get a little hyperbolic, just because they know it will make you squirm.

The woman fraudulently entered into a contract.  Once discovered by the other party in the contract, appropriate(agreed upon) actions were taken to eliminate her from her position.  What is everyone’s problem with this?  Isn’t anyone obliged to adhere to contract terms anymore?

@bobby b - your knowledge of the Christian Faith is lacking.

@bobby b - Do you know the difference between:  Ethics, Morals and Legal?

I do not know you and you do not know me, but you call me a bigot just because I believe that a certain act is immoral.  Nice.

Common Sense Mom - anyone who quotes the work of fiction called the bible needs to have their head examined. So I take it you do not eat shellfish? Because if you do, according to Leviticus, you are going to hell.

ALeesburgResident— Well said. I back you 100% These fools call anybody who doesn’t agree with them a bigot or racist or God knows what else.

Go with your gut feeling of what is right or wrong. Ignore the propaganda babble that the homosexual lifestyle choice should be adopted by the masses as acceptable in society. When in fact, it is a sin no matter how you slice it.

What would Jesus do?  Offer Salvation from Sin.

@David S. - Straight, male, Republican - The real question to ask is:  How will these boys “turnout”?  Two Moms does not equal one Mom and one Father.  This statement should light a fire under some of you.

ALeesburgResident - yes it does.

STOP IT!  Just because one beleives that “homosexual acts” are immoral does not make them a hater or bigot!

for a “conservative” organization, the boy scouts sure do take a lot of government subsidies. if this organization was technically someone’s private property, it would be one thing to do what you want with it if you are that homophobic, but the scouts are not privately funded. they are a taxpayer subsidized organization that should be held accountable at every level for acts of discrimination.

Jackie and Denise, if you are reading this I just want you to know that you seem like amazing and awesome moms.  I wish I had someone like you in my life when I was growing up.  The fact that neither of you sought to remove your son from the scouts after you had been treated so disrespectfully only shows how you put your kids first.  Most straight parents would have yanked their kids right out as a matter of personal pride, regardless of the impact on the kid.

As for the scouts, an organization that, as a matter of policy, ousts competent, passionate long-time supporters is in trouble.  An organization that views such an ouster as a big victory is probably not going to be around very much longer

Oh, and Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed because the men there were stealing paper clips. Reread the story.

Wow, you liberal, intolerant haters just don’t get it. Way to drag everyone off topic so you can bash Christians while promoting your views on homosexuality. None of which was the original issue.

@Conservative Republican Scout Leader: Please tell me you don’t go to church. Seriously. You have done nothing but twist the very basics of Christianity in your posts. And you continue to use the name of Jesus Christ to bash His followers. So sad. You are the one led astray by Satan. BTW, you seem to have an unhealthy fixation with Satan. Maybe that’s your problem. Find me a verse in the New Testament that says to pretend to “tolerate” others all the while spewing venemous hatred? You can’t. And that is what you and your sidekicks on this blog are doing. All you do is bash anyone who disagrees with you and then call for tolerance of your own views. Give me a break. Kudos to the people on here that see through that nonsense.

Then you go after RFP, making up some kind of views you THINK he has on Muslims? Huh? Funny, I can’t find the comment you think you are referring to. What are YOUR views on the matter? Like I said yesterday, you and your cronies don’t have a pair big enough to call out Muslims on their beliefs. You’re afraid. Christians are the easy target and you know it. Because they won’t threaten to chop off your head or burn down your house for your intolerance, beliefs, comments, or a cartoon about Mohammed. Funny, I don’t remember Christians flying those planes on 9/11.

Christians are the violent ones? Ha ha….that would be funny if it weren’t so backward.  Muslims are the ones who prompted the Crusades after they moved westward killing and pillaging in the name of Islam. Seriously, buy a history book. Any history book and educate yourselves. 

I cannot believe the number of people on here making light of Christians being murdered and even advocating it. Then you get called out and act like it’s a joke? Disgusting. Gee…would it be a funny joke to make the same “funny” threats of murder against all gays? I think not. And don’t feign ignorance to the thousands of Christians currently being tortured, raped, and murdered in the Middle East, Africa, China, etc. Wake up. No, they aren’t currently using lions that I know of. Just knives, guns, and other modern “conveniences.” Do some research before you open your mouth about things you don’t understand. I for one do not think there’s anything funny about any group of people being tortured or murdered. I don’t care what their beliefs are. Hey, liberal haters—how ‘bout that Holocaust? Find that funny, too?!

It is really sad when someone who is doing such a positive thing in the community is treated like this. I’m a Wiccan living in a Catholic community. I know what bigotry and hatred is and I sympathize completely with this woman. Who is this one guy to point the finger at her? Since where do Catholics (and I understand it’s only certain ones) but where do they get off knowing what it is that God approves of? Have they spoken with him personally? As for here in the comments, you want to quote the Bible, I quote Jesus. “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

Denise and family….I will you all the best. I am so sorry this happened to you and Jackson.

“There was a comment about homosexuality was not mentioned as a sin in the Bible, read about Sodom and Gomorrah. “

No, the comment was that Homosexuality was such a minor sin that it didn’t even make it into God’s top 10.  Stealing office supplies is a bigger sin.


All I have to say is that at least the BOYS wern’t being molested by some Male that had to have his hands all over the boys. Scouting is suppose to be fun and learning experience. NOT all about God. Yes, God has a place, but don’t need to run the troop. The woman did a good job, took care of a Troop that no one else had the balls or overies to take care of, so leave her alone, and let her son continue to aspire to be the best scout he can be. GROW INTO THE PRESENT. There are other “Clubs” that are still really ass backwards toward problems of today… and have their heads stuck up their asses and reading their bibles from there. GOOD LUCK WORLD WE ARE SCREWED!

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

@ Proud Christian -

1) The story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with homosexuality.  Before telling others what the Bible says, perhaps you need a better understanding of it.

2) Even if it did, how is that relevant to the lives of American citizens who don’t hold a book of mythology to be true?  We are not Iran;  this is not a theocracy.

3) Nobody said that ALL Christians behave the way that this guy did;  but the reality is that the face of Christianity IS that of bigotry in today’s society.  There are many good Christians out there, and if they are uncomfortable with that fact then THEY need to start taking action.  A great first step would be to pressure the Boy Scouts to change their policy of bigotry and exclusion.


Some of the comments that were thrown around about Christians need to realize that not every Christian is like the ones that are mentioned.  I have read in these comments that Christians are like Hitler.  I have also read that Christianity is the only religion that has a problem with Homosexuality, in muslim countries you cannot even say that you are a homosexual. 
There was a comment about homosexuality was not mentioned as a sin in the Bible, read about Sodom and Gomorrah.

Disgusting. Mr. Inabinett and the Boy Scouts of America should be ashamed of their behavior.

All of those Christians out there who like to act as martyrs, take note:  it’s stories like this which cause so much anger and resentment towards Christians in general.  Don’t act all coy and innocent;  you sit there and point your self-righteous fingers at others, and create a problem where none existed.  This woman wasn’t hurting anybody; in fact, she was doing something incredibly positive.  And because of the superstition and bigotry of one person, and the organization as a whole, there was an unnecessary disruption.  There are many reasonable Christians out there, I know.  You need to look at yourselves in the mirror and ask yourself if you want actions like this to speak for you, to stand for what you believe in.  Is this Christlike?  No, we all know the answer to that.

It’s time for Christians that believe in fairness and equality for ALL to start taking back your religion from the zealots and the haters, because THAT is the face of Christianity.  If that is how you want to be known, fine.  And right now:  it is.

Really?  BSA literally excludes homosexuals.  Do they also have an explicit exclusion for pedophiles?  I’d think that is more important.  Homosexuals are usually ordinary members of society who are constructive citizens.  It isn’t a “lifestyle choice”.  It’s one of the natural range of expression of humanity.  Unlike pedophilia which is destructive in all ways.          By the way, I am a heterosexual Senior Citizen.

If I’ve read the article correctly, it would seem Mr. Inabinett took the time to directly confront her about her sexuality(as well as having the gall to suggest she repent and change), revealed her private life to the troop’s parents, and when she refused to step down according to his demands went directly to higher sources he knew would back him instead of solving it at the lowest level.

Why is this okay with some of you?

“How is it wrong to point out that someone is perpetrating a fraud…”
The definition of FRAUD includes deception - there was no fraud, they knew what she was, let her be the Cub Scout leader because they didn’t have an alternative then tossed her out after they used her.

@Imogene - ok, should I add you to the list?

When are the Boy Scouts and other organizations like them going to drag themselves into the 21st century (not to mention reality)? I mean, for crying out loud, people!

“The Girl Scouts of the USA accepts gays and lesbians, and allows its members to substitute another word in place of “God” when reciting the Girl Scout Promise.”
The boy scouts of America need to get a clue.

What are Christians responsible for? Oh shoot, let me think, mmm, the Crusades, pogroms against the Jews, the 80% eradication of Native Americans from the New World, the African Slave Trade, the Inquistion, the 16th century Religious Wars, the 17th century Religious Wars, the Bosnian genocide of Muslims, the persecution and murders of gay people in Uganda by Christians, the persecution of gay people in Ghana.  Those are just a few off the top of my head.


I don’t advocate it - I ignore it as an inevitability on the Internet. The second you profess to be serious, you will be targeted.

Not one person here truthfully advocates harm to Christians. That you might believe otherwise won’t be dissuaded by anything I could say here.

Why do I support blood in the water? Because nobody gets to have it their way all the time, no matter how hard you fight to keep it just so.


Removing a leader because you disagree with how they lead a part of their life that is none of your business and does not affect their work reflects your definition of principled? Good to know.


That is not what I am saying at all. I am not condemning him for reporting his issue. I am responding to the allegations made by Funk regarding the bullying.

“Really?  I

Bravo Eagle T90!

You are why we all continue in scouting and are going to work to change this nonsense.  We are very proud of good Eagles like you.


Yes, in the blink of an eye. 

bye bye, liars.

Hey Mister RFP (Real Freakin Paranoid)

“The man who reported this woman did nothing illegal, wrong, or immoral.”

It was not illegal.  It was DEFNITELY wrong and immoral.  In the Christian sense especially.  He chose to hurt a child when no such hurt was necessary.  He needed only to do nothing and the child would not have been hurt and no negative impact would have occurred with anyone.

He was wrong to do so and the results of his actions were immoral.

God will judge him, and in my opinion harshly for his unchristian act.

In the meantime, we will speak out about our opinions.  He will hear from EVERYONE except the few Christians on here obviously led astray by Satan to HATE gays and treat them badly or with anything other than love and tolerance.

The Church that sponsored this troop is clearly under the sway of Satan, and must be purged of its leadership.

And meanwhile Innabett must be condemned by his community of he refuses to apologize and seek forgiveness from this woman and his troop.  He must be condemned and shunned and so must his company if he continues to be employed there.

There is no tolerance for the intolerant.

Also, I want to point out that it seems that ALL of the people posting on here in support of this idiot seem not to be in Scouting.  Many people who are in scouting are speaking out against this because we understand the true values of scouting and would not stand for this in our troops.

If someone on here is actually currently involved in Scouting and wants to come forward and defend hurting this child over something that was harming nobody, then come forward and do so. 

We need to know who else that is OK with hurting a child to shun in our scouting community.

Religion is a blight on the human race.  Christians can take their bronze age beliefs and shove them straight up their asses.  They’d probably have to remove the stick first though.  Maybe not.  There is no sky cake.

Where are the moderators?

Pulling a “No True Scotsman” huh?  No, sorry, you can’t get away with that. Christians of all faiths bear the responsibility for the blood shed in Christ’s name.  You can schism all you want. But as long as Christians like to paint other faiths, and beliefs, and types of people as damnable or not, then you’re going to have to take your lumps as an adherent of a violent faith tradition.

Disgraceful bigotry.  This is what happens when we allow the fear, ignorance and superstition of some to negatively impact the lives of others.  It’s sad.

I usually stay out of arguments of this nature but I feel this needs to be heard. I am an Eagle Scout. At 22 I am no longer with my troop but Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle. I am appalled at these actions by the troop leaders (although I understand the grounds they were based on). I am not appalled that they were religious based, but appalled that the Laws of Scouting were not followed and respected. Just a FEW of the scouting laws broken: (Excerpted from page 47-54, Boy Scout Handbook, 11th Edition, copyright 1998 by BSA):

A Scout is Loyal.
  A Scout is true to his FAMILY, FRIENDS, SCOUT LEADERS, school, and nation. (Being true to someone means respecting them, standing up for them, helping them, supporting them even when you yourself do not agree. All scouts are family. All scouts are friends.)

A Scout is Kind.
  A Scout knows there is strength in being gentle. HE TREATS OTHERS THE WAY HE WANTS TO BE TREATED. Without good reason, he does not harm or kill any living thing.

A Scout is Friendly.
  A Scout is a friend to ALL. He is a brother to other Scouts. He offers his friendship to people of ALL RACES AND NATIONS, and RESPECTS them even if their BELIEFS AND CUSTOMS are DIFFERENT from his own.

A Scout is Reverent.
  A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. HE RESPECTS THE BELIEFS OF OTHERS. (Note that a specific God OR RELIGION is not mentioned, this is NOT by mistake. This includes and is most certainly NOT limited to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.)

I am basing this view on the information in the article alone: Scout Master Inabinett has broken several of the Laws of Scouting and should himself question whether he is worthy of continuing on with Troop 761.

Furthermore, each troop, while sanctioned under the BSA and under guidance from their sponsor, has the ability to determine what is correct for them. I say this to bring up the fact that Mr. Inabinett should have ascended the appropriate ladder had he felt there was an issue. Whether the ultimate decision would have ended the same or not, this would have been a more appropriate action.

Another so-called Christian conservative doesn’t know history - Christians have killed, tortured, and raped more people throughout history, cumulatively than any other sort or tribe or religion of people - in the name of Christ.  Christians as a group make the worst depredations of Genghis Khan, Mao, Hitler, you name it, paltry in comparison.  Of course Christians been practicing violence and hate for 2000 years now, they’re pretty good at it.

“in an open forum, people will sometimes say things just to antagonize others.”

MKJ:  Why are you defending it?  Statements such as the ones I quoted are openly advocating punishment of and possibly violence against Christians, the very thing that Denise Steele and Jackie Funk claim to oppose because of the way they have chosen to live.

“Besides, there

I wish I could push a “magic button” and eliminate bigotry.

Get rid of Christians? Of course not.  They usually increase property values. I would just rather they worship and gather in those catacomb thingys.

There are very few practicing homosexuals, most get the hang of it pretty quick.


A fraud? If you insist. I certainly hope someone can take back the badges and erase all the lessons that that fraud helped those Scouts with, and replace them with the sanctioned non-fraudulent versions. There would seem to be an opening in a local troop - maybe you’ll step up to do it?

“No, someone took an oath and reported a fraud.”

What oath was that?

See this is the problem with Christians, no sense of humor or perspective -  as if anyone has ready built lions at hand.  The idea that anyone is persecuting Christians the way they used to in the good old days (like in Rome, I’m a super conservative) is laughable.  It’s not like a stepfather is killing his 4 year old stepson for acting “all Christiany” or something.

“The man who reported this woman did nothing illegal, wrong, or immoral.”

And there is where you are completely in error.  he did nothing illegal but what he did was clearly wrong and immoral.  It did harm to a Scout (likely multiple Scouts) under his keep.  That is inexusable.

@ sly

I think one of the main points here is that the basic tenets of Scouting are directly in opposition to homophobia and Mr. Inabinett’s actions.

A little tolerance(and minding one’s own business) might have kept a perfectly good Scout leader right where they belonged: leading Scouts.


Come down from your high horse long enough to realize that in an open forum, people will sometimes say things just to antagonize others. You will have to moderate for yourself.

Besides, there’s blood in the water - let the sharks swim. They’ll lose interest soon enough. What we’re left with is that someone’s religious beliefs led them to act against someone else to have them removed from a position of public good. Why is that okay?

Christian Fellowship Church removes Lesbian mom from role as Boy Scout leader.

So, when does the “Fellowship” part kick in?

When I hear about Christians like Inabinett doing stuff like this, I feel my arm start to reach for crosses and lions.

I don’t have a problem with this person’s life choice. But I can’t help but feel that she set herself up for a fail by putting herself into a situation that was bound to include homophobics.

I find it very interesting that the Boy Scouts so quickly removed such a great Scoutmaster and non-threatning Gay woman from their ranks but would allow the below to occur:
‘a Portland man who confessed to Scout leaders that he had molested 17 Scouts but was allowed to continue joining boys in Scouting activities’.


And another thing, I am a Girl Scout leader and it is alot of work. I am appreciative of any help I can get, including from the Heterosexual Males (I refer to them as Fathers).

Teach your children that they should never be alone with any adult. Not at school, church or scouts. They will be better off for it.

Hey Loudoun mom, poor Alby could never have kids. It would mean she’d have to date(and have sex with a guy) and not post on the Loudoun times all day(and probably other news articles).

Have to agree on the religious freaks out there. they ruin it for everyone. It’s easy to see why less and less people attend church when their followers are so narrow minded thinking. As for the Boy scouts, another joke of a club. Run by religious control freaks. Now if seeing a grown man in a cub scout uniform isn’t gay looking….. Meanwhile, the catholic church and Cub scout leaders will still lead the way with pedophiles.

At least the parents didn’t have to worry about the boys being molested ... for a change.

She did a wonderful thing for that troop.  I had two boys in scouts that went for all of six weeks before their pack was closed due to lack of enrollment.  I don’t think the issue here is what the organization did but what one person did.  He felt she sinned but yet his own actions were sins.  He condemmed her yet he should be condemmed.  God would not approve of his actions any more then hers.  (According to him.)  What business is it of his what she chooses to do in her bedroom?  Others in the troop need to stand up for her and make him leave.  Bullying should NOT be allowed and certainly not by someone who should be teaching children to be respectful!

What in the world makes you think that is just gay people who think you’re a bigoted and bad person?

As usual, religion poisons everything.

The real bigots and haters are out in full force here, and they are not hiding it now, gleefully advocating “punishment” and removal from society (or worse) for those who disagree with them.  They accuse others of “intolerance” while expressing the very same intolerance of those with whom they disagree.

Where are the moderators of this newspaper?

Ok, I am sick to death of the Gays telling me that I am a bigot just because I beleive that homosexual acts are immoral.  Get over it!!  It does not make me a bad person.

“This is why religious people need to be removed from public life.”

What a bigoted, hateful statement from “Darrell”.

“How christian like! Punish them!”

“Punish” them how, “gorio”? Why don’t you stop beating around the bush and tell us what is really in your heart? Would you like to see Christians in jail? or perhaps executed for their beliefs?  Which is it? What, exactly are you advocating

“Now I know why the Romans fed the Christians to the lions: because they are so damn annoying!”

So “Mario” believes in persecuting Christians, too.  (“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”).

Why are comments like this allowed to stand in a public form?

Tolerance is for people, not principles.

@Darrell - What an intelligent response.  Thank you.

If she knew the rules and bylaws of scouting, knowinly thumbed her nose at them, no matter the reason, she shouldn’t complain about being called out on it. Make a stand before jump in, not after you are called out.

Demand NO public funding for the Bigot Scouts!

This is why religious people need to be removed from public life. They simply don’t know how to play nicely with other people, or, being mired in medieval superstition, how to live in the 21st century.

Christians (some) can certainly be nasty people.  They love to be nasty to their fellow man then they run and hide behind Jesus and the scripture.  I mean who wants to argue against Jesus?  Like it is the perfect set up… you can be a bully then shame everyone who disagrees with you.

I do so love this.
This thread has people yelling ” Don’t give the BSA any money*
What you moron’s FAIL to understand is they don’t need your money… They get plenty from the MORMONS.

The Mormon’s don’t like the “gay”  Get a grip and move on.

Soooo many misguided comments posted here.

You aren’t going to heaven so we are going to judge and punish you in this life? Yeah, nice. This is really despicable.

Jesus must be SO proud of those on this site who claim to represent Him. </snark>

Now I know why the Romans fed the Christians to the lions: because they are so damn annoying!
I can’t believe a “so called Church” would do this. Two women who raise children are un-christian?? WTF?

How christian like! Punish them! Really makes me run from religion. Loosing my faith, one organization at a time….

Sounds like Boy Scouts of America needs to be put on a monetary starvation diet.

Just curious - do any of you who have commented on this by quoting the Bible and saying she needs to repent have a car loan, a mortgage, a savings account?  Did you know that the Bible is pretty clear that receiving or paying interest is an abomination?  Have you asked Jesus’ forgiveness and turned away from this sin?  If not, I’d like to suggest that you look at what Jesus had to say about judging.

To follow up on the reference to Baden-Powell, British Scouting is now co-ed, and openly accepts non-straight scouts and leaders.  The exact same rules of conduct apply to all leaders, male and female, gay or straight.

But what do those Brits understand about scouting, anyway?

I really do not see the issue with it.. If she was doing her job, performing proper leadership and cetra then she should be fine. She wasn’t “shoving it in their face”, she never mentioned it. The donation dollars went to investigating the sexuality of the leaders instead of providing content to the scouts. How sad.

I’ve made fun of the activist elements of several LGBT groups over the years. I can’t help it - they take themselves way too seriously and need to learn how to lighten up. Especially the ones who seem to define their entire being based purely on what they prefer to copulate with. Intolerant? Maybe. But at least I do it on a case-by-case basis, and not the whole group.

This… This is a different story. This woman never made a big deal of her sexuality, never brought it up for the sake of bringing it up, and she did a damned fine job with the troop. Treating her like this is a bloody disgrace! Even if it was against the rules, would it really have been so hard to turn a blind eye? She obviously really cared about helping out in the organisation, and put a lot of effort into it, when no other parent at the time was willing to do the same.

As for religion. Well. From what I remember about Christ… He wouldn’t have excluded somebody because they were a different religion, or had a different lifestyle not in tone with his own, but would have accepted them in the hope they come to Him in the end.  Christians say we should all emulate Christ. But I don’t see any of that compassion, patience, or enlightenment in a lot of the followers.

Ah, I love the “gay agenda” comments. Here’s the “gay agenda” of my son: 1. buy milk 2. love his partner and family 3. get his Master’s. There’s no “agenda” that gays are pushing, quit making stuff up.
Also, the most Christian person I know, who is all about calling out others for their sins, just asked me yesterday about “getting music for his ipod, but I don’t wanna have to pay for it.” Oh, okay, so just pick out the sins that OTHERS do, but stealing is okay since that’s what works for him. CLASSIC.
Final comment: I’d put my gay son’s “good deeds” that he has done in this world against any of those who are making negative comments about gays, and let God decide. There’s not an ounce of my Catholic being that if God could only choose one to represent how man should be acting while on Earth, He’d pick my son, trust me.

I really have no problem with people of faith, though I do not share it.  But frankly many of you are terrifying me.  As far as BSA goes, it *is* a private institution and religion-wise it can do what it wants, as long as it does not accept any government dollars.

I’m still a bit creeped out at the religious folks insistence that people are going to burn in hell. It kind of sounds like you wonderful followers of Jesus really want people to burn in hell due to the Old Testatment. Yikes!

Maybe you should read the New Testament a bit, what with the tolerance and the love and the not judging?  I don’t know, call me crazy.

Dear god, I can’t wait for those of you here saying this woman deserves an eternity in hell to get to your old age and fill up the nursing homes and/or die. The world will be better without you.

Seriously, if she’s into other women, why in the hell is it anyone else’s business? If you’re poor, sensitive religious tendencies are offended by that, move somewhere where the government will protect your poor, precious ego. I hear China is nice.

Thats the Boy Scouts for you. Accepting my tax dollar to promote intollerance.

I take some comfort in knowing that there will still be millions of gay people in the world, living their lives long after these bigots are dead and gone.

Just because being gay is accepted right now and activist are pushing their gay agenda on everyone, does not mean it is o.k. with everyone. Just more of the gay agenda in our face. They want to teach it in schools, preach it in church and now force it on the BSA to accept it. They are still a minority group faced with minority group issues, they can’t make everyone bend to their thinking.

Why would Inabinett respond? He got what he wanted: someone indirectly ruffled his evangelical feathers, he harassed them until he figured he was being ignored, so then he tattled to people who would give him what he wanted. And that’s what he got. No need to defend it to the likes of us - he acted according to his Christian conscience and won.

To those who believe homosexuality is a choice, and one that should lead to exclusion from select portions of public life, philanthropy and religious acceptance: YOU ARE LOSING. Your fear and intolerance will be washed from the national fabric like the stains that they are - not because of some phantom liberal movement you believe is forcing itself upon you, but because you are WRONG to believe yours was the only way things should be in a nation devoted to freedom for all. You will no doubt continue to wallow in your own stupidity, cowering in what few remaining tiny corners still afforded you and your ilk, while the world buries you under the weight of your own futility. Watch and wait - the louder you complain, the fewer who will listen, until finally you are an antique from the time before we knew better.

To you who suffer at the hands of these fools, take heart - the end is almost in our grasp. Keep the faith!!

As an Eagle Scout, I believe Mr Inabinnet should be ashamed of himself. I was taught to accept everyone for who they are, and this lady is obviously a fine leader. Far better than than this holier than thou hypocrite. I do NOT agree with the BSA policy on gay leaders. I believe it is contrary to scout teaching. The LAST thing it is is a religious organization. I sincerely hope Mr Inabinnett receives what he deserves.

I’m an Eagle scout and long time scouter (adult scout leader).  Women are allowed to be boy scout leaders and I know some that have been very good ones.

I agree that the BSA is allowed to define its policy, but I think it also needs to be called to task when we disagree with that policy.

Where should the BSA draw the line on leaders being “morally straight.”  Is a homosexual adult who doesn’t push their homosexuality less “morally straight” than a heterosexual adult that is well known to be cheating on their wife, or a heterosexual adult that is single and does some level of bragging about their conquests?  I’ve witness both of those cases in scouting.

It seems they’re drawing the “morally straight” line based upon what people claim about themselves rather than how they act in public and around the scouts.

How do we contact Mr. Inabinett?  I’d love to hear his side of the story.  Is he a better Christian now that he removed this person from her Asst. Scouting position.  Does he really believe this is how Jesus would have handled the situation (considering that Jesus never once mentioned homosexuality).  Why isn’t this person speaking up & letting us know that he’s “owned” his actions.

Do you think this story seems one sided because Mr. Inabinett chose not to respond to the reporter?

There are a whole bunch of people posting on here who don’t know anything about scouts.

Scout leaders can be female:


# Can be male or female, but must be at least 18 years of age.

If you are not actually in Scouts then stop saying how it works.

Cub Scouts have always had Den Mothers, but Boy Scouts have always had male leaders and that is as it should be. She should have NEVER been allowed to be a troop leader in the first place. It has nothing to do with her sexual orientation it has to do with what is right and what was established when this private male organization was formed. Come on people, get a life. If our son was in this troop when she was made a leader, we would have written to a higher authority in the Boy Scouts of America to protest, and would have taken him out.  I guess next we will be have female professional football coaches!!!!

Comeon RFP….

Is everyone who sins automatically not accepting of Jesus? 

Are we kicking all sinners out of BSA now?

“What would Jesus do?  He would offer the woman forgiveness for her sins and salvation through faith in Him.  If she accepted Him, she would gain eternal salvation regardless of what her sins were or are.  If she rejected Him, she would spend eternity in hell. “

But would he have kicked the woman out of the troop or continued to interact with her in a loving way?

Would Jesus have kicked the woman and her son out of the troop because of a sin.

How do you know she doesn’t accept Jesus as her lord and saviour now.  because she sins?  Are you not sinning RFP? 

Just because someone is homosexual, or a thief, or works on Sundays does not mean they don’t accept jesus.

Jeez…  What kind of church do YOU belong to?  Another one of those taken over by Satan to be intolerant of Sinners?

Or do you somehow belong to the only sinless church in the world?

What an idiot.  It is hard calling you a Christian if you like picking on specific sins.

Just the fact that the Boy Scouts only allows boys to be members makes it a discriminatory organization, right?  Some people think so because they have tried to sign up their girls, even though there is a Girl Scout organization with a scouting program tailored for girls, and have actually filed suit against the BSA!  Is that the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard or what?

Details of these and other frivolous lawsuits can be found on www.bsalegal.org, which states - The cases challenged Scouting’s right to set standards for membership, principally that Scouts are required to believe in God, be male, and not to be openly homosexual… In 2000, the Court ruled that Boy Scouts, and all private organizations, have the constitutionally protected right under the First Amendment of freedom of association to set membership standards.

No youth organization has been as picked on as the Boy Scouts.  Besides the lawsuits, some activists in local government had started denying the Boy Scouts access to public facilities. 

In 2005, Congress realized this had gone too far and stepped in with legislation designed to ensure the Boy Scouts would be treated like any other youth organization.  I think it passed with unanimous support.  Hooray for Congress!

Please respect the Boy Scouts membership standards and do not join if you have an issue.

@ Eric Troll. Thanks for disregarding the part of my last post that read: He wasn

May want to check some of your facts.  If her son, Jackson, is 12 then at the most she’s been with her sons Troop for 1.5years.  The earliest Webelos can cross over into Boy Scouts is 10.5. The other 5 would have been with the Cub Scout Pack (Cub Scouting does not have Troops).

  The Blue and Gold is an Annual Awards banquet, birthday party really.  There is no official Blue and Gold Award.

  The District Award of Merit (District level), the Silver Beaver (Council level), and the Silver Antelope (national) are the three higest awards given to Adult Scouters.  All of which can only be earned once.

  While the process of getting a leader to take the training typically takes a year or more, the basic training itself only takes a couple of hours.

  One does not have to agree with those policies, or their position.  However, as a private organization they do have the right to decline or revoke membership.  Not much different than your freedom of press really.

  Steel knowing these policies openly signed an agreement to abide by them.  As did the entire leadership of those two units and their charter org.  Strictly morally speaking what both Steel and the Troop’s leadership did is also wrong by any standard.

  Local units and charter orgs who “choose to over look some of the Boy Scouting standards” can find themselves with out a charter.  During the annual charter process both the unit leadership and the charter org agree contractually to strictly abide by the policies and guidelines established and set forth by the Boy Scouts of America.

  Bottom line, if you don’t agree with their policies then don’t sign up.  Protest, use your right to free speech.

Hey Scouts, today we’re going to learn about how evil Men and heterosexuals are.We refer to them as “breeders” yuk!

Is that what Jesus Christ would have preached, alby….bigotry, judgement, and hatred for your fellow man? Why can’t you find it in your heart to tolerate and love?

@Common Sense Mom,

It is time to put an end to your perverted view of Christianity.  You said:

“@Conservative Republican Scout Leader: You are being misleading with your domments on the Bible. Just because something is not in the 10 Commandments does not mean it

Perhaps Ms. Steele could start a Scouting for All chapter for her area/region. It sounds as if the alternative scouting organization is still needed, and her experience and dedication would be much appreciated. I would also allow her son to disassociate from an organization that holds intolerant attitudes about his mother. www.scoutingforall.org

Considering that Robert Baden-Powell, the FOUNDER of the Boy Scouts was most likely gay, there’s a certain irony in all this.

“Early discussion of Baden-Powell’s sexuality focused on his relationship with his close friend Kenneth McLaren. Tim Jeal’s later biography discusses the relationship and concludes that there is no conclusive evidence that this friendship was physical, but Baden-Powell’s views on women, his appreciation of the male form, his military relationships and his marriage, indicating that Baden-Powell was a repressed homosexual.”

The best thing that could happen to certain commentors here like “mom of 1” and Alby is that have a gay child. I don’t actively hope for that to happen though because there’s enough misery in the world already without another gay kid at risk for suicide due to ignorant and hateful parents.

FWIW, I was a Cub Scout and later a Boy Scout and my father was a Scout Leader. I later dropped out from a lack of interest rather than any policy of the BSA’s, but I dare anyone to come up with a justifiable reason for them to kick out Scouts who have been with the organization since the Cubs for no CAUSE, no other reason than accepting their sexuality. I don’t care what your religion says, it’s against the very values the Scouts claim to promote, to foster a sense of self-reliance, community, and respect for others. I suspect that, like many other groups, such things are mainly important to the hidebound old men in leadership, smug in their self-righteousness, and not to the actual youth the organization claims to serve.

@Alby - Right On!  Exactly.

John Buzzbee must be personal friends with Skip based on his post.  Skip was out to get this woman removed no matter who he hurt in the process.  He is not brave at all.


“If the BSA charter were to make it so heterosexuals aren

Good Grief. This debate will go on forever. Let me get out while I can.

Let me just finish with this fact:

The United States Supreme Court has upheld the BSA’s “right” to exclude Homosexuals from leadership roles in their organization. If you don’t like it, don’t get involved with the BSA.

God Bless America and all the people who stand up for what is Morally right while getting bashed by the those who wish to propagate sinful behavior as morally acceptable in society.

Scouting is the most diverse organization I know. There have been, are and will be people from ALL walks of life in Scouting.  Statistically, there are gay leaders in BSA, but so long as they don;t wear their colors on their sleeves, they continue on.  Scouting does not make a witch hunt over leaders with gay lifestyles, other people do and that is that.  If society thinks that any organization should change to meet their own paradigm, they are wrong, wrong, wrong….  Tolerance is a two way street.  I’ve noticed that people who go preaching for us to be tolerant, are some of the most intolerant people I know..
Society values change with culture, and those that change too fast and too much, fall fast.  Look at all socities that have collapsed and faded. Whether Nazis, Romans, whomever, think and read about them.  Those that stand the test of time do so for a reason.  The Scout Oath and Law have stood the test of time and that is why the women featured here will their son continue on in the program and reach the Eagle Scout Award. If I had a crystal ball, I might see Jackson as a fine young man with his Eagle Award pinned on his chest, his merit badge sash filled with badges.. and he might even say something abotu this story in public at his Eagle Court of Honor.  How he loves his mother unconditionally, etc. 
No political party or company or organization is perfect, but the bottom line is, you can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. BSA is the baby and their leadership standards might be the bath water to some who read this, but appreciate it is not dirty bath water to all of society.  Judge not, lest ye be judged.  Keep Going Jacjson, all the way to your Eagle Scout Award.

Sorry for all the typos.

It’s great to see an organization standing up for it’s beliefs and principles. Homosexuality is a type of sexual deviancy. Gays participate in activities which socially, morally and sexually deviate from normall behavior. Therefore a homosexual is by thier very definition a sexual deviant. For decades the liberals have been chipping away at us. Trying to make us accept the abnormal as normal. But the majority of us enjoy normal i.e. sex and will never accept this type of deviancy as normal. This person knowingly violated BSA rules. She got caught and was kicked to the curb. Get over it. Silly women Boy Scoting is for males.

Alby, joseph mengele and adolf Hitler would have agreed with completely. Just go ahead and put on your brown shirt.

R, Harrison Knight, what is stopping you from stepping up?

God loves everyone - no acceptions period
He alone is the judge - none of you should judge these people
Leave them alone, there is not enough love in the world. It is hard enough to find love, who am I or anyone) to judge them…

@ Eric Troll

If the BSA charter were to make it so heterosexuals aren’t allowed, then you would have an obligation to tell everyone in your troop that you were a heterosexual. Right? Your reasoning makes no sense on this matter.

If the rules say no, then she had an obligation to make it known. Obviously Mr. Inabinett didn’t go around asking people if they were homosexual. It came up at a camp trip when he asked who the other lady was. He was taken back by the answer, rightfully so. He wasn’t informed prior to that incident, as he and all the other leaders should have been when she signed on to lead.

Boy Scouts take an oath to be morally straight.  Leaders cannot be anything less if they are to serve as examples, regardless of what else they might bring to the table.
Knowing how he would be portrayed negatively in the media, the assistant scoutmaster was right to say something about the wrongness of having a lesbian in a leadership position.
He put God and the boys before any consideration for his own comfort.  Most people lack the courage to take a moral stand in the face of a growing intolerance toward people with traditional moral values.  The Boy Scouts have been under a sustained liberal attack since 2000, when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld their right to set their own moral standards.
Ms. Funk’s summary of the Scouts’ stand as intolerance toward “gays, girls and the Godless” may reveal more about her own apparent worldview than she intended. 
The troop is sponsored by a church that upholds biblical values, but even if it were not, the Scouts’ moral code is clear, and they made the hard, but correct decision. 
One last thing. This sad situation could have been avoided if more men were willing to step forward and take leadership roles.  Boys desperately need good men to look up to.

Imogene — Being Heterosexual is by birth, because it leads to reproduction and my genes continuing on.

Homosexuals, by default, cannot reproduce. Which makes homosexuals by birth, a birth defect. 

But the saving grace for homosexuals is modern science that allows them to skirt biological requirements. Gay men can adopt. Gay women can visit sperm banks. Neither of which are by biological design.

So my argument stands. Homosexuality is a birth defect because it leaves the homosexual biologically at a dead end.

But I don’t want to accept that homosexuals are birth defects. Because if they are, then we need a science foundation to cure future children from being born that way.  Instead I believe homosexuality is a choice. A choice chosen by people for many many reasons.  One of which, is why women become homosexual after being abused by men all their life.

@ Loudoun Mom

ok sometimes Alby says dumb things but I don’t think you should wish that on someone… I wouldn’t wish that for my children or anyone elses

Loudoun Mom —Ouch..

OK, alby, now please tell us all when you made the choice to be a heterosexual.

The BSA is a private organization and can make the rules it deems necessary. But that does not mean and never has meant it is beyond criticism for its words or actions. Just as you quite rightly criticize a polygamous compounds for their treatment of women and other practices, anyone has the free speech to criticize religions for their attitudes toward and treatment of gays. No matter how much you act like it, religions in the US are not like the Islam in the Middle East, above criticism. And the BSA should define itself as a RELIGIOUS organization since that’s what it is, then abide by the rules covering religious organizations like not receiving money from the government, which is a secular, public entity. Don’t like it? Then stop using religious texts as the basis for your rules.

Alby, I hope you have a gay son or grandson come into your life.  It will change your mind.

Have you ever met a lesbian Oscar?

Not the ones in porn, real ones.  Not always the most feminine, so if you are referring that she will turn the boy gay, thats semi-retarded.

Imogene —Heterosexual couples that can

May as well put a purse in that boys hands now.

I have recently had this debate with my somewhat religious-conservative coworker.  We are very close friends and I decided to come out to her as a gay man.  She was shocked, and said “Well, its not a lifestyle I would choose for myself.”

I thought a lot about that comment and it relates here.  Why would someone ‘choose’ to live a harder life?  Why would someone ‘choose’ to be discriminated against?  In my earlier years of coming out, I wished 1000 times to be straight, so I didnt have to deal with this type of BS.

Long story short, she is a good mother that is giving back to the community in which her children live in.  She isn’t trying to convert, abuse, or hurt anyone.  Why do people need to be so selfish?  We don’t expect certain rights because we are gay, but I expect not to be treated like a second class citizen because of something that is out of my control.  Same goes for this respectable woman.

Alby, are there not enough people in this world already for you? First of all, many gay people have biological children. And the support for a genetic cause for homosexuality is based not on the benefits to the individual but for the family unit as a whole.

Prior to this century most family groups included not just parents and dependent children, but grandparents, adult children, uncles, aunts, cousins, all working for the benefit of the entire clan. In that situation the gay adult who worked to benefit the group, helping to take care of other members and gather resources while NOT producing more dependents who needed care and consumed resources. So the gay individual benefited the group as a WHOLE and the genes were propagated though the family members who did reproduce. I’m not saying that’s true, but that’s how the evolutionary biology theory goes.

What DOES seem to be true is that homosexuality runs in matrilineal lines, through related women, at least according to several studies. To me that suggest that women who are likely to produce the gestational conditions which are likely to produce gay male children is an inherited sex-linked Y-chromosome trait passed from mother to daughter. Thus you end up with the possibility that the gene for male homosexuality isn’t a male gene at all, but a trait controlling conditions within the womb during pregnancy. Intriguing, huh?

And before you start thinking “Of we find the “cause” we can fix it!” you should really consider what might be lost if you did. There has never been a human civilization where gay people didn’t exist, whether they approved of it or not. We know this from the records they left, their art, myths, graffiti, and laws, all we have to record the fact those civilizations ever existed. (And don’t start the “Rome fell because of homosexuality” bullcorn because A it’s wrong, and B it’s stupid.) So homosexuality is literally a fact of life, part of the human condition from our earliest days. What’s amazing to me is that we still consider something “controversial” when it existed in Ancient Egypt and China, Mesopotamia an all civilizations since, when it predates the religions that currently condemn it. Hey hey, I prefer logic and rationality to hysteria and lies, so maybe that’s just me.

Alby, what is it that you have in mind?? Hitler felt the same way with his eugenics program. What about the heterosexual couples that can’t conceive?
Ignorance can be fixed, but stupid can’t.

It is a sad state of affairs when something so simple can be made into such a complex issue.  I am a gay father that has a daughter in a girl scouts troop in Alexandria.  I had been known as the Cookie Dad because I held that leadership position for several years.  I have never felt any type of negative feedback.  My husband attends functions with me and even participates in several events.  I am sorry for the two mom’s and how they have been treated as a family.  How that is “good” for the children or the organization of the boys scouts is beyond me…silly!

Oops! I meant “comments,” not “domments.” Long day. :)

This is the saddest excuse for journalism I have seen in a long time. This is a very one-sided, slanted sob story piece. Where is the other side of this to give balance to the story? What type of reporting is this? (Um, really bad, that’s what kind.)

@Conservative Republican Scout Leader: You are being misleading with your domments on the Bible. Just because something is not in the 10 Commandments does not mean it’s not addressed anywhere in the other 1400 pages of Scripture. There’s more to the Bible than those 10. And no, homosexuality is not specifically mentioned in God’s “Top 10”, but it is mentioned specifically in dozens of other places, both in the Old and New Testaments. Check these verses out for starters:  Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9, and 1 Timothy 1:10. Romans is particularly clear on this issue. In the OT, check out Leviticus 18:22 to start.

That being said, whether or not homosexuality is fine or a sin is not the point of this issue. The issue here is simply (as many have already pointed out) that the BSA is a private organization and can have its own rules for its leaders. Period. Some may not like their rules. Fair enough. But, there are many other organizations they can join. There is no indication in this article at all that the child is being prevented from being a Boy Scout. His mom is not allowed to be a leader. I’m sure there are additional groups that her son can join that she can lead. She can still participate as him mom, just not as a leader, in the Scouts as he continues to work toward becoming an Eagle Scout.

The people who pointed out the hypocricy of attacking Christians for their views on homosexuality, but ignoring the fact that Islam and Judaism teach the same thing are right on. So….where are the anti-Muslim rants on here? Is everyone too afraid to address that religion’s teachings on the matter?? Step up!

The same people on here ranting about this decision are the same people I see name-calling and insulting anyone who disagrees with their point of view. Anyone who disagrees with you is a “bigot” or “homophobe” or “racist” or ...on and on…... Enough already. Don’t have the audacity to call for “tolerance” when you yourselves are so clearly intolerant of anyone who has a different opinion than you do. It’s an old Soviet technique that didn’t work out so well for them.

Besides which, no one is falling for it. The issue at hand is what it is. Stop trying to distract people by dragging them into a debate on gay rights, which is not the issue at hand (even if you want it to be.)

Caliban -  If people are born homosexual, wouldn’t you consider that a Birth Defect? What is the biological benefit of a homosexual offspring in any species?  If they can’t reproduce, they are biologically dead.

I’m sure Ms. Steele didn’t receive those children from her partner’s genes.

If you look at the vast on ongoing research about homosexuality by RESPECTED organizations you’ll see there is wide agreement that it is in-born, probably due to factors during pregnancy, hormones, genetics, or some combination of the two. It is not a choice and even most religions accept that now, even when they advocate that gays treat their sexuality like alcoholism or drug addiction and either force themselves to marry the opposite sex (now THERE’S a recipe for happy marriage!) or stay celibate. It’s a rather convenient formula they’ve come up with, “YOU abide by OUR rules as defined by the book written thousands of years ago by desert nomads who had no conceot of science or medicine, while WE continue to do whatever we want, marry multiple times, divorce, cheat, in short whatever the heck we want, despite the fact that same book forbids all those things and many of the people in it had multiple wives as was standard in the day.” Um, NO. 

However, people CAN and DO change religions every day, because they cease to believe, they want to marry someone of another faith, to advance in a job, for any number of reasons. So it’s RELIGION that’s a choice, not sexuality. If that were not the case there would be NO reason for “missionaries” and door-to-door proselytizers, young Mormon men on bikes, etc. trying to convince you to CHOOSE their religion, sect, or denomination over many other choices, or none at all.

Your religion says gay people are awful sinners, doomed to eternal torment? Then CHANGE your religion or denomination! You can, easily, while it’s unrealistic to expect gay people to “change” just to suit YOU. No matter what you believe, how much you cherry-pick your religious book so you get to do whatever you like while other people have to abide the rules YOU deem important, you don’t actually get to determine truth and reality for everyone else. Freedom OF religion is also freedom FROM religion and while you are quite welcome to bow and scrape to your invisible deity however you see fit you don’t get to impose it on others. I firmly believe religion and faith CAN be a positive thing in the lives of people and communities but it’s depressing how rarely that actually seems to be the case.

why are you people so bent out of shape? Organizations can have their own rules/policies and beliefs…who cares

Alby, I don’t think I or anyone else said they did not have the right to do what they did.  Having the right does not make it right. That just as evident in this case as it was with Westboro Baptist Church.

To Alby - I agree with everything!!!

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