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Region: Survey finds Virginia second most corrupt state

A survey published last week ranked Virginia as the country’s second most corrupt state.

The survey, published by The Daily Beast website, analyzed a range of incidents of private and public corruption from 1998 to 2008 in all 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., to determine which are the most clean in terms of good governance.

Virginia ranked right behind the No. 1 state, Tennessee. The most honest state? New Hampshire.

The Daily Beast delved into federal databases to rank the level of corruption in each state. The areas examined included convictions of elected and other public officials; racketeering and extortion; forgery and counterfeiting; fraud; and embezzlement. Rankings were based on weighted averages using a mathematical formula.

Virginia ranked as follows in the categories: No. 14 in corruption; No. 9 in racketeering and extortion; No. 18 in forgery and counterfeiting; No. 9 in fraud; and No. 5 in embezzlement.

Virginia’s neighboring states and the District of Columbia fared much better. Maryland ranked 23rd overall, West Virginia came in at 31, and the District at 36. Among other states, Nevada – home to Las Vegas – ranked seventh, and New Jersey was way down the list at No. 21.

The report is available at http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-05-11/the-most-corrupt-states


I’m planning a “fieldtrip” for my organizations officers and we will be going to Chicago.
We will be taking 6 kids and 1 adult.
Where would be the best place to stay, remeber we’re on a “school” budget

You can’t just include business and government and forget the judicial system.  Virginia’s courts and judges are equally corrupt in serving business special interests and the politicians that appoint them.

Bad “science.”  If they base their findings on arrests for corruption, then Virginia would probably be one of the least corrupt states, because we actually arrest people, whereas in other states, they arrest no one, and the corruption goes on.  Junk.

“...the District of Columbia fared much better…” ha ha ha ha ha!!!  Thanks, Nicholas Graham, I needed a good laugh today!

I question this survey since two “red” states are No. 1 and No. 2 in corruption while a “blue” state is the most honest state.  I think this was done to discredit Republicans before their big wins in November.  Is the Daily Beast even a real newspaper?

Arithmetic isn’t my strong suit, but…how can you come in 14th, 9th (twice), 18th, and 5th in the categories and end up in 2nd place?  How many categories were there?  Sounds like a silly and inaccurate exercise; please tell me I didn’t help pay for it.

It goes without saying that too much sanity is madness, but the madness of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be. Make no bones about it, i’m not trying to preach from a mountain top.  But let’s not put the cart ahead of the horse.  Just remember the longest journey begins with a single step

Ending the iFile program because it “saves money” (even though it won’t and will cost taxpayers money) was definitely money well spent by H&R Block and Intuit.  They successfully got the corrupt pols to end a beneficial program that had minimal costs in favor of one that tries to get people to buy tax software they often don’t need.

Corrupt yes.  2nd most?  No.

This is a pointless article by the Daily Beast.com.  Measuring corruption?!  Why come up with some quasi way of measuring it?  Think About it and the how they obtained their stats.  Any significant amount of corruption in ANY state is not a good thing, let alone ranking them as better or worse!  Does it really matter if one state is “more” corrupt than another?  The corruption should be the story not some arbitrary ranking.  Pffttt…on the Dailybeast.com

And private enterprise, exemplified by ENRON and the likes of Bernie Madoff, are angels who live by the letter of the law and the utmost moral standards…give me a break…most Government corruption is at the very core a benefit to a private enterprise (Halliburton, BP, Dominion Electric, etc.). Take a lobbyist - they represent private sector interests, so when they buy a Senator’s vote, yes, the “government” is corrupt, but the benefactor is private enterprise.  Think about it - how many examples of government corruption actually benefit another form or representative of government?  At the end of virtually every scandal is a private entity, be it an insurance company, law firm, private government contractor, etc.  Govt.-on-Govt. corruption would be pointless.  So lay the blame where it lies - private enterprise.

Government is corrupt, period.  They are all crooks.

Just look at the sweetheart deals that the Greedway, HOT lanes, and power lines are all getting at the cost to the people of Virginia.  Someone has to be on the take!

Having lived in Virginia (both NOVA and Richmond) and in New Jersey, there is NO WAY Virginia outranks NJ.  The survey must be flawed.

I guess DC is more corrupt because cookie62 and virginia resident say so. You have no idea what goes on down in Richmond. I would say Virginia is more corrupt than some 3rd world countries. According to cookie don’t pay attention to this report just listen to her and virginia resident because they have all the answers.

The conclusion of this report is Bullll. I agree with cookie62. One could make an arguement that Virginia is one of the most honest states because criminal activity is being agressively pursued and reported by honest officials and law enforcement officers. Eveyone knows that Chicago and DC are the most corrupt cities in America but thier numbers are lower because the crooks are in charge of catching the crooks. They see nothing wrong so nothing is reported. It’s like having an illegal alien in charge of immigration enforcement.

This just means that more people in Virgina were caught than in other states. DC government is one the most corrupt that there is - but when you have crooks policing the crooks then no one will be cuaght.

Hey look how Dominion Virginia Power is buying votes in the General Assembly with campaign contributions - It should stop!

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