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Delgaudio’s advocacy group put on anti-gay watch list

Public Advocate of the United States, a non-profit “conservative advocacy group” run by Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, has been added to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) hate map as an anti-gay organization.

SPLC listed Public Advocate as an “active hate group” in 2011 based on research compiled through hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports.

According to the SPLC, an internationally recognized civil rights non-profit, “all hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

Delgaudio (R-Sterling) founded Public Advocate in 1981.

“This is a political battlefield I’m involved in,” Delgaudio said by phone in early March. “I’m trying to change entire populations of people, turn them in a different direction.”

In January, Delgaudio was wrought with controversy when Public Advocate pushed a marketing email through a contact list of political magazine, “The Weekly Standard.” The email stated that Congress desired to “indoctrinate an entire generation of American children with pro-homosexual propaganda and eliminate traditional values from American society.”

Delgaudio said at the time, “If someone thinks they can deny me this discussion, they are smoking serious weed.”

The email focused on what the Loudoun supervisor calls the “Homosexual Classrooms Act.” The official name for the legislation is the “Student Non-Discrimination Act.” U.S. Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) introduced the bill to end discrimination and bullying based on sexual orientation in schools.

Delgaudio claimed the bill would “require schools to teach appalling homosexual acts,” “spin impressionable students in a whirlwind of sexual confusion and misinformation,” and “force private and even religious schools to teach a pro-homosexual curriculum ...”

The SPLC counted 1,018 active hate groups in the United States in 2011. Virginia is home to 34 of those, including “Ku Klux Klan chapters, neo-Nazi, Racist Skinhead and Black Separatist” organizations.

According to the SPLC report, the American radical right grew substantially in 2011, “a third consecutive year of extraordinary growth that has swelled the ranks of extremist groups to record levels.”

“The dramatic expansion of the radical right is the result of our country’s changing racial demographics, the increased pace of globalization, and our economic woes,” said Mark Potok, senior fellow at the SPLC and editor of the report.

“For many extremists, President Obama is the new symbol of all that’s wrong with the country - the Kenyan president, the secret Muslim who is causing our country’s decline,” Potok said.


Johnny of Tarzan fame was here in Loudoun. I said loved your work how are you doing? He said not good really, I have a bad hip and am blind. Wow sad I said.
Well how is Jane doing?
Not so good she weighs 300 pounds and watches Oprah all day on the couch while drinking. Wow!
How’s Boy doing?
Not so good he is homeless living under a bridge in California getting welfare and doing drugs. Wow says I.
How’s Chimp doing? He smiled
Chimp went to college and ended up married to the President of the United States. Wow

Deputy Insider and Detective BlackOut are the infamous gruesome twosome from the most hateful Loudoun County blog Too Conservative. Look it up. They think they are the pulse of Loudoun politics but they are more like two little girls throwing tantrums because no one will pay attention to their cries. They are the bestest of friends, forever.

Who are Deputy Insider and Detective Blackout?

I am wondering how this guy continues to be so controversial, yet is re-elected time and time again? Only in LC, I guess!

It is very newsworthy.  An elected official in Loudoun runs a hate group for his day job.  I’m sure companies looking to relocate to Northern VA will be interested in that.  Same with people looking to relocate to Loudoun.  It should get more coverage.

Why is it that conservatives are assumed to be out of touch, hateful, and non-embracing?  I am a conservative, 30 year old mom of three.  I don’t agree with certain beliefs, but that doesn’t automatically make me a hateful person or narrow-minded.  I believe in God.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think others shouldn’t worship how they want.  I am not gay but have no problem with someone being gay.  Do I want my 8 year old daughter being forced to learn about homosexuality at a young age because of some legislation?  No. But I also plan to opt her out of all sex-ed classes that start teaching at an early age so that I can teach her myself.  Is she going to hear about things in school - of course.  I was a kid once too, so I’m not naive.  I think what’s the issue here is that the media loves to rip the conservatives, Tea Party, and in this case, Supervisor Delgaudio, as hateful.  What ever happened to debate and having a different view?  Why is something automatically labeled as hate speech or bigotry?  If it was the Tea Party that had been leading the Occupy Movement all over the country, they would have been attacked and not allowed to demonstrate.  It wasn’t a majority of right-wingers camping out, causing havoc, being arrested, hurting businesses, leaving garbage and the tax payers to clean up and pay for their messes - it was led and organized by liberals.  They love to take an issue and spin it in such a way that makes normal upstanding citizens look like idiots.  And it’s really just the opposite.  KKK, neo-Nazi, Skin Heads - yes - these are HORRIBLE groups and are certainly hateful.  And the liberals are first to point out that these groups typically lean Republican.  The media (newspapers and channels) seem to give a pass on everything and every comment that a liberal makes.  Whereas if the conservatives make a comment or try to make a stand for something, they are deemed hateful and ignorant and then SNL makes them out to be a moron on national TV. Liberals are the narrow-minded because they think that everything deserves the label of ‘intolerant’  or worse if it’s not in agreement with their agenda.  And for this story regarding Sup. Delguadio to make the FRONT PAGE of the newspaper - not something I really thought deemed news-worthy for the front page.

My family has been on this county for GENERATIONS.  I can go back as far as my great great great grandparents. (Records are kind of skimpy before that because my ancestors were considered property)  I graduated from high school in 1983.  My mother graduated in 1963. Not too long ago, huh?  My mother was forced to attend Frederick Douglass High School because of the color of her skin.  My mother, who was born in Leesburg, was not allowed to eat in some restaurants, shop in some stores and drink from some water fountains… in Leesburg!  If you think that a few years and a few new laws will simply make bigotry and hate simply disappear.  Think again.

The SPLC is a complete joke.

It is amazing how hateful people can be to me. I think the sweetest part of it all is Eugene Delgaudio is taking your money and mostly giving it to himself, he is ripping you off hatemongers and you deserve it.

A fool and their money are soon parted.

to be put on this list is a badge of honor. Keep up the good work Eugene

All people of faith should pray for the soul of Eugene.  He may truly believes in what he says, or he may simply be prostituting himself for money, but the Lord he professes to believe in created all mankind in His image, not in an image created by Eugene. Confess your sins, Eugene, and be absolved.  It is not too late to change.

Most of these comment are from the Too Conservative Blog Crew, Deputy Insider and his trusty sidekick Detective Blackout. Perhaps they don’t realize they are the number one hate group in Loudoun County, what an honor!

The SPLC labels groups it hates as “hate groups.” Then it sends this propaganda to law enforcement agencies around the country. Most of the people in these groups are law-abiding citizens, regardless of what one may think of their views. The SPLC’s clear intention is to suggest to law enforcement that they are criminals or potential criminals.

Such Stalinist tactics reveal the SPLC to be an enemy of free expression and civil liberties. It doesn’t speak well of the Loudoun Times that it seems to endorse this outfit.

Good, we can feel your liberal anger. We are defenseless. Take your weapon. Strike us down with all of your hatred and all y’all’s journey towards the dark side will be complete!

What a coincidence, the Southern Poverty Law Center is on my list of hate groups.

I am always amazed that their posturing is always regurgitated by the media, no questions asked, no curiosity about who they are.

SPLC identifies hate groups and publicly labels them for what they are. It takes them to court and makes sure they are prosecuted for their crimes. If ED doesn’t want his group to be called a hate group then they should stop with the hate-filled speech. If fighting against racist skinheads and the KKK and violent crypto-Nazis is being a shameful liberal, then count me as supporting shameful liberals. I fail to see anywhere in Christ’s words where he counsels hate as ED does. It is certainly not God’s work that Ed is doing.

*deep breath*
Way to go, Honest ‘Gene. I wouldn’t worry if I were you, though. We all know the SPLC is part of the velvet mafia’s secret plan to take over the world, one closeted GOP member at a time.

See you in the stalls…

Concerned Citizen, that is what Fred Phelps and David Duke have been saying as well.

There have been flyers in both western and eastern Loudoun put out by the KKK office in WVa since I’ve lived here.

My personal opinion is that, like anyone with something to market, they go where they think there might be a market.

The language widely used some years ago to describe anyone who moved into a new tract home in Loudoun may have made them think that yes, there was a market.

A few years ago, there apparently were posters put up in Waterford looking for KKK members.  Does anyone remember this?  This seemed to get little attention but I am just wondering—-  was/is it true and what the heck is going on?

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