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Sheriff Chapman is a constitutional officer and not an employee of Loudoun County. As a citizen who lives in Ashburn, I object to taxpayers money being used to pay the sheriff’s legal fees. Chapman earns $183,000.00 a year. This board cannot fire Chapman. Chapman legal fees must be paid by himself. I find no legal authority for Loudoun County taxpayers’ money to be used to protect a non-employee of Loudoun County.

The county and Chapman have 21 days from the date of service to file a responsive pleading with the Circuit Court to ensure they are not in default. Chapman can file an answer himself (pro se), or he can hire his own lawyer, but I respectfully submit that there is no legal authority for the county to pay Chapman’s legal fees or damages that may be awarded against Chapman.

The county should file their own responsive pleading and allow Chapman to respond as he sees fit.

After recent events, isn’t it time to start talking about what needs to be done to form the Loudoun County Police Department?

Brian Allman is a former Democratic candidate for sheriff.



Not sure your facts are correct. Yes the County may not be able ordinarily to fire an elected official but that doesn’t mean they aren’t employees at least for the benefit of providing health insurance. LCPS considers school board members full time employees in order to warrant both health insurance and tax shelter programs even though there is no access to pensions etc. I also think the only justification for the county to sponsor a litigation is if the suit is job not campaign related. If this is a wrongful termination suit it makes no sense to me that it is not job related. Just a thought for a nice weather Friday afternoon.
Bob O__ Esq.

Mr. Allman,
I do agree with your letter in part however, leadership is the key to a well operated police department. A sheriff can be voted out of office once every four years. There is a reason why 90% of county law enforcement is through an elected official. I road a long with the Fairfax County Police Department several times and was disturbed by the lack of real leadership. (as a former police officer you understand what I mean) Not sure if you read the law suit but the violations of Virginia law backed up with named witnesses needs to be investigated.
With your knowledge of the law, I am sure you would agree a grand jury needs to be assembled to investigate these crimes.

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