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The most disturbing myth about Romney is that he is a successful businessman and therefore the right choice to fix our economy and create jobs. In truth, he released only two tax returns (vs. twelve by Obama) so his business past largely remains a mystery. But the article “Where the Money Lives,” in Vanity Fair for August 2012, also available online, goes into more details on his known business practices.

As examples, it describes his use of multiple off-shore tax dodges and how he benefits from Bain Capital’s highly questionable practice of driving “formerly healthy” companies into bankruptcy to reap huge profits.

Romney’s latest flip-flop is also relevant. In 2011, he suggested abolishing FEMA and privatizing it. But just after Sandy hit, he changed his tune and said he would support it, though when asked by about a dozen different reporters that day if he would abolish FEMA, he didn’t respond to any of them.

Is Romney really the kind of businessman we really need as President?

Now that we are making real, if slow progress getting out of the deep hole, give President Obama the extra term he needs to clean up the economic mess he inherited, or, put in a write-in candidate who consistently follows your own principles.

Frank H, Winter

Burke, Va.


Frank, I don’t know of any taxpayer who doesn’t take advantage of every tax write-off and loophole they can find to reduce their tax burden.  If Romney didn’t use “off-shore tax dodges” I’d think he was an idiot.  If you don’t like tax shelters, then do you support a flat or fair tax so everybody simply pays a tax on whatever they buy or consume? 

And if we’re going to bring up releasing records, are you going to demand that Obama release his college transcripts?  If Obama has nothing to hide, why won’t he release the records?

These so-called healthy companys asked Bain for help because they were not so healthy. He breaks no law using off-shore accounts seems like smart money management. Just in playboy has nude women in their magazine!

I’m going to write in Frank Winter for president because of his sound logic and common sense. This guy shows how diverse he is in that he reads Vanity Fair articles. And that tax returns are more important then accomplishments….

Go getem Frankie boy…..

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