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If you care as deeply as I do about continuing a path of opportunity and equal rights for women, then vote for qualified women Tuesday, Nov. 6. 

Women holding office and serving the public in leadership roles are two of the most effective ways to ensure a place for our daughters and granddaughters in America’s future. There are two women running nonpartisan campaigns for Leesburg Town Council. All other candidates are male partisans—some of whom tried to pit the two independent women against each other. If you believe women should not consent to being pawns of party politics, then vote for us. It is time for women to stop asking for power, and use the power we have.

It is also time to recognize the many talented, skilled citizens we have living in Leesburg who are of diverse racial and cultural heritage and are ready to serve. If you want to crack open the door of opportunity in the town’s commissions for a broader leadership role, then vote for me on Nov. 6. I will appreciate the diverse talent available when making appointments.

It is time to respect the many workers we have in our community who perform vital and necessary jobs well at minimal wages. If you believe, as I do, that all work has dignity, and we are morally bound to allow everyone a seat at the table of public access, then vote for me on Nov. 6.

It is time to commit ourselves to a green future. If you believe as I do that the quality of life depends on this commitment, then vote for me on Nov. 6.

It is time to honor our young people who want to serve their highest ideals by participating in civic processes. We must reject their intimidation by partisan rancor. If you believe, as I do, that critical thinking should still be taught in the schools, and that teachers who encourage engagement and independence should be valued, not denigrated, then vote for me on Nov. 6.

It is time to decide if Leesburg can choose its leaders based on their qualifications, history in the community, ideas and ideals, as well as the current local issues of the day—rather than forever being mere attachments to national political disputes. If you believe, as I do, that Leesburg is too important for that demotion, then vote for me on Nov. 6.

It is time to decide if we will build roots of common cause with our local small businesses and choose to encourage their effort and contribution when commercial development decisions are being made. If you believe, as I do that our local businesses are the lifeblood of this community and we should be fully engaged in their success, then vote for me on Tuesday.

I am grateful that I live in a land where I can, at this time, express my highest ideals—the principles and values that I have worked a lifetime to ensure—in this public debate.

I want to thank the many hundreds of people who have welcomed me into their conversations, their churches, their community centers and their homes—who are greeting the process with goodwill and good hearts and sharing their dreams.  I want to thank the many volunteers of varying abilities who are giving what they can to promote a platform of embracing diversity.  And most especially, I want to thank the many young people who have encouraged my campaign and sparked my spirit. You deserve the very best.

S, Ann Robinson

Candidate for Leesburg Town Council


To oranges869:  Thank you for your kind words.  Just to be clear, I never said anything about “diversity for its own sake.”  I’m sorry if I gave that impression.  Embracing diversity means bringing to the Public Table the perspectives and experiences of all of Leesburg’s residents.  Just one example: families whose parents work two jobs and have no car require attention from their government just the same as those who work one job and have three cars.  The perspectives on appropriate priorities will be different.  All who live and work here pay taxes in one form or another.  All deserve representation.

As to the other matter, I have details to share if you want to identify yourself and speak with me personally.  Contact my website:  www.robinsonforleesburg.com   I will respond.

Thank you Ann.I have been busy but I will delve further into the matter you speak of. Although I disagree with you on diversity for it’s own sake I admire your willingness to take on a too often thankless job for the good of Leesburg.

To oranges 869:  Democrats Marty Martinez, Charlie Jackson, Dave Butler and Evan McBeth.  When we refused to oppose each other for election, they recruited a write-in candidate to try and strip votes away from the two nonpartisan women.  Even Mark Herring’s help was enlisted to campaign supporting the all-male slate with a write-in to defeat the two women candidates, since they couldn’t be “brought to heel.”  Fortunately Katie Hammler’s years of exemplary service on the Council prevailed and she was re-elected.

What party do the male partisans belong to that tried to pit the 2 women against each other, their names would be nice?

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