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Watch any GOP event and you’ll hear them loudly brag about their patriotism. The Loudoun County Republican Party claims they stand for a “strong national defense.” But the GOP no longer defends our country, and instead bows to a foreign flag.

Trump appears to have been the focus of Russian intelligence service development for years, with Russians providing him funds through real estate deals, campaign support through intelligence operations, and constant attention that exploits his unending need for validation. Close family members and business associates have been systematically compromised. “MAGA” and “TRUMP hashtags are promoted by Russia’s Bots and trolls.

Trump is likely an unwitting agent: He speaks without regard to confidentially, decorum, or classification. But disturbingly he also refrains from criticising their human rights violations, denies their culpability in obvious intelligence attacks against the election process, and attempts to derail investigations into their activities during the campaign.

If President Trump is an unwitting agent, then he’s a dangerous dupe. If he’s witting, then he’s a dangerous criminal. Regardless, he must be removed from power.

Yet our Republican representatives remain bizarrely supportive while this Russian patsy recklessly steers our ship of state into the rocks. Our country, our alliances, our national reputation ― all we hold dear ― are threatened, but they do nothing. The United States is controlled by their party and only the GOP can avert our disaster. Impeachment is in order,

and honorable Republican replacements for Trump fill the line of succession. When will Representative Comstock and other GOP leaders remember the oath to protect and serve the Constitution? When will she rise to defend our nation? We need leaders, not cowering party apparatchiks.

Rise up Republicans, and save America.

Chris Centner



Rude Loudoun. Isn’t it nice that you think people need your forgiveness. Dilletante much?

Time to rethink your comments is at hand, Centner.

“Trump is likely an unwitting agent”

Take off your tinfoil hat.

“Trump Voters Repent!!

I won’t forgive you but history might.”

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