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Mr. Trump’s flurry of executive orders on the Affordable Healthcare Act and now with immigration are done without full understanding for implementation and cooperation with other branches of the government. They are doing real harm here in Sterling.

It’s time for Rep. Barbara Comstock to hold a town hall meeting so she can assure the public and concerned constituents that she intends to protect our district and not leave us vulnerable to badly planned executive whims.

Mr. Trump’s pattern of “sign first ask questions later” has emerged as his reckless M.O. We saw this with his plan to repeal the ACA without details about what would happen afterwards. In response more than 50 residents rallied at Comstock’s office joining the national consensus of #NoPlanNoRepeal. Comstock was not personally present to hear the detailed testimonies of how actual lives saved by the ACA would be negatively affected by its repeal.

Now with immigration and a ban on Muslims from certain countries, we see again rash executive overreach with little regard for legal review or notification to Customs and Border Patrol. The results: protests nationwide at airports, including standoffs here at Dulles, and global negative response.

The initial pleas to “just give Trump a chance” are sounding less plausible in light of his first chaotic week. Instead, this “wait and see” approach has become an established pattern of impetuous thinking with real world consequences.

We need a town hall where Barbara Comstock can hear our concerns. She can also speak in details of how she’ll protect us from these executive whims and the real consequences Mr. Trump either didn’t think about or didn’t take the time to care.

Jay Cuasay



I agree. This Administration is reckless with poorly vetted Executive Orders that do nothing to make us safer. On the contrary, they serve as a great recruitment tool for ISIS and make it harder for our intelligence community to recruit and retain assets. It is also perfectly clear that there is no plan on ACA replacement. In a time like this is is absolutely vital that our elected officials maintain an open dialog with constituents. Congresswoman Barbara Comstock should schedule an in-person (not virtual) townhall within the next two weeks.

Well said, Mr. Cuasay!  Rep. Comstock’s actions do not align with her words.  She claims to have a plan in place to replace ACA, but she offers no details on the plan.  She said she did not support portions of the EO on immigration (that green card holders were included, for example), yet she refused to go to Dulles to help constituents who were affected and to support her district.  Rep. Comstock states she stays in touch with her base, but she fails to show up to scheduled meetings.  She insists she supports town hall meetings, yet will only set up teleconference town halls that are highly-regulated and do not allow constituents a real opportunity to voice their concerns and engage in open dialogue with her.  Rep. Comstock would be wise to turn things around soon and schedule a town hall meeting instead of continuing to neglect (and hide from) her constituents!

I know several people who went to her “office hours” at the Fairfax Station/Lorton area last week and she did not even show up!

An unbelievably arrogant and non-responsive “representative”

ashburnhockeyfan, the immigration EO is not religious discrimination.

A national healthcare policy can be implemented without the need for Obamacare or a mandate.  High risk pools and increased costs for those that delay obtaining insurance can both be used as substitutes (Medicare actually does the latter).

While Comstock is too prone to hand out/ask for pork, she has no need to conduct weekly town halls every time a progressive goes into a hissy fit because they no longer are getting their way.

In October, Comstock asked Trump to step down from the GOP race.  Now that the election is over, she is oddly silent.  Either she was being a political opportunist in October, or she is being one now.  The facts remain that Trump lost Congressional District 10 by over 75,000 votes.  If Comstock claims to represent her district, she needs to show up to a town hall, and speak-out more strongly in opposition to Trump.

Disagree with SWSWSW. Trump is not enforcing existing law. That is why 3 federal judges have ordered against him. This is definitely “sign first ask questions later”. He isn’t even coordinating with departments prior to signing. Comstock, as our elected representative, needs to hear our concerns in a live town hall. Checks and balances are vital and she needs to speak for the people and not just be on the bandwagon.

All elected officials have an obligation to their constituents to engage in interactive dialogue.  Representative Comstock’s inability to schedule a Town Hall—especially in light of significant turmoil in her district—is disappointing at best. While she issued statement opposing parts of the Executive Action signed on January 27th, as Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said, “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”  In that regard, her silence is deafening.

My question is, with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, why does Trump need to do everything via EO?  He’s issued more EO’s in his first week than #43 & #44 combined in their first month. 

We live in an religiously diverse district, on this immigration EO topic Rep Comstock needs to do more than put out a statement - what action is she taking in Congress about it if she doesn’t agree? Without action her “statement” rings hollow.

More importantly - what is the ACA “replacement” that we’ve been promised to hear about for the last 6 years? Tons of commercials running in the district about “patient centered” solutions yadda yadda ya, but what’s the actual plan? It’s impossible to keep the “good parts” of ACA without also having the mandate. It’s a shame Congress sat and did nothing to tweak the law to make it work better for Americans over the last six years. Now it appears Congress wants to pull the rug out from under people without any explanation.

Constituents deserve real answers, not buzz words that evolve out of Frank Luntz focus groups that GOP elites in D.C. pay for.

It’s time for the Congresswoman to stop hiding, and schedule some townhall meetings.

Barbara Comstock, you are hiding from the 10th District because you know your words on this issue have been hollow, and your lack of visibility and outspoken conviction on the President’s EO is inexcusable and indefensible. You didn’t show yourself at Dulles, even though Congressmen from other districts and states did.  You fear an unfriendly crowd from both progressive and conservative voters.  Is your plan to deflect and hide from us for two years?  Take some time to prepare for losing that seat you are cowering behind.  This is one of the most wonderful and diverse districts in Congress and now that we know you aren’t behind all of us, it is going to sink you.

It is a fact that President Trump’s recklessness is causing widespread fear in the hearts of the MAJORITY of Americans, as well as many others abroad. Every elected official has the duty to respond to her or his constituents, and to allay our fears by pledging to stand up for our rights. The failure of Rep. Comstock to be available to her constituents is, at the very least, concerning.

Trump is simply enforcing existing law, as he said he would. 
Also, it’s not a Muslim ban.  Try reading the actual executive action. 
Where were you when BHO was issuing EO’s?

Trump spoke about what he was going to do for 18 months and won the Presidential election, now you whine and expect something from Comstock, lol!

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