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Thanksgiving through New Year’s is the season during which many people act with generosity to assist their neighbors in need, with special meals, contributions to the local food pantry, donations of warm coats and blankets and provision of presents to those who would otherwise have a meager holiday. These acts help create a bridge to a stronger sense of community.

But many individuals and families have need of resources all year round, and their needs are often beyond what local communities voluntarily can fill.

Ongoing support from government programs is crucial to allow these neighbors to remain part of the community in expensive Northern VA, and to have the food, shelter and health care that they need. This support is provided through the budget choices of local, state and federal government

.A budget is not just an economic plan. It is also a moral document, revealing more than any fine speech or campaign promise what a society’s values really are.

The current proposed federal budget and tax plan call into question whether support for those who need it is important. Judging by the choices the administration and Congress are making, funding the Pentagon and providing tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy are higher priorities than the health and welfare of the citizenry. Support programs like Medicaid and food stamps are at risk.

It is incumbent on all of us who think of those in need during the holiday season to also take the time to let our senators and representatives know that we want a humane federal budget and tax plan all year long.

Freya De Cola



We could probably help real Americans with the taxes we already pay if we stop Illegal Immigration.  Build the wall!!

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