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The One Loudoun developers have worked a deal with the owners of the planned Hounds stadium so that the land to be part of a “Town Center” with shops, restaurants, a Central Park and many office buildings can be rezoned to build a baseball stadium and parking to accommodate up to 10,000 spectators for soccer, concerts and other events.

This stadium was approved three years ago for the Kincora development, closer to the Dulles Town Center, not in our back yard. Now they will move to the middle of a developed and growing residential neighborhood including my own senior community of 1,000 homes. Once the Board of Supervisors approves the rezoning then the deal is complete, no voting by affected constituents is needed. The original plan for a “Reston-like Town Center” is a plan that attracted thousands to the area near the intersection of Route 7 and Loudoun County Parkway including myself. This plan will now be modified to focus on the stadium, parking and stadium related structures, thus ousting most retail shops and businesses.

The impact on my adult community located 2,500 feet from the rezoned area will include illumination, noise that exceeds EPA standards, safety and traffic all going on up until 11 p.m. Events will not only produce negative acoustic effects but the traffic of 5,000 vehicles coming and going will block the only entrance to our community. That’s in addition to traffic will pass an elementary school—evidently no concern for children’s safety either).

I am new to Loudoun and very disillusioned after only three months that the county supervisors have no concern for the quality of life of both their senior citizens as well as the safety of their children. It would appear that the only goal is financial. If this is the face of Loudoun, I am not impressed. Meanwhile the traffic on Route 7 seems to get worse every day with no relief in site. Now we are adding another stream of traffic to the mix for the stadium that apparently only the developers want. Do our current elected officials represent “we the people” or “we the big business”?

Jean Beres



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