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Current Attorney General Mark Herring has a well-known name around Loudoun County due to his time representing the 33rd Senate district and his more recent involvement in the executive branch of state level government. However, before people rush to the polls and bubble in his name, I would like to inform voters who oppose steep toll increases on the Dulles Greenway to reconsider that decision.

Before Mark Herring’s legislation in 2008, the Dulles Greenway was required to compile all of its finances together and show them to the Virginia State Corporation Commission which would

either approve or deny any request to increase tolls. However, due to the verbiage of the bill by then Senator Mark R. Herring, the Dulles Greenway still has to submit financial reports to said commission, but the commission is unable to deny requests to increase tolls. The bill permits the Dulles Greenway to obtain toll increases in this manner through January 1, 2020.

If Mark Herring truly had the interests of Loudoun County residents at hand, he would be like the very honorable public servants like Del. Randy Minchew, Sen. Dick Black, Del. Dave LaRock, Supervisor Ron Meyer, and countless others who have put excessive amounts of time and effort in trying to fight against the Dulles Greenway for the people they serve―Loudoun County residents. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done at this time thanks to Mark Herring’s piece of legislation.

Bringing this issue to the attention of Loudoun voters is crucial, for this illustrates Mr. Herring’s true character and how he is willing to play fishy politics at the expense of his own constituents. His possible re-election is quite dangerous for Virginians. It is time to remove politics from the job of attorney general and elect someone else who will put morals and the Constitution first.

Daniel T. Eisert



Tim Kaine is another Anti northern va corrupt politician. He gave the DTR to another corrupt group(MWAA) that has no interest in northern va except raising taxes/tolls on Loudoun residents.

“If Mark Herring truly had the interests of Loudoun County residents at hand…”

Bah, ha, ha.  Mark Herring has the interests of Mark Herring in mind, not Loudoun or Virginia. 

The only thing Herring might care more about than his career is his hair.

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