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The unsung heroes of the highest-turnout election in Loudoun’s history (by absolute numbers) are the amazing government employees of Loudoun’s Board of Elections and Registrar’s Office. From the surge in new registrations, to the overwhelming demand for absentee ballots, to lines at absentee-in-person voting locations to the crush of Election Day, this team of dedicated Loudoun County employees (and temporary employees on Election Day) went about their business with dignity, patience and accuracy. On election night, in spite of write-ins in Leesburg, machine problems and incredible pressure, they quickly, efficiently and correctly tallied the results and made them available in the most public and transparent way possible: by sharing the live spreadsheet of unofficial results online.

They deserve our gratitude, and public praise.

Other localities, indeed other states, would do well to look to the Loudoun’s Board of Elections and Registrar, and learn how an election should be run.

Evan Macbeth

Chair, Loudoun County Democratic Committee


I heartily agree!  An amazing job.  Civic participation at its best.  Ann

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