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In the Republican primary race for governor, Ed Gillespie has an advantage in cash of six dollars to one dollar for Corey Stewart. If recent history here in Virginia tells us anything it tell us money totals do not make the man. Outside money from Texas is just as bad as outside money from a foreign entity being donated to a campaign don’t you agree?

Money can’t buy debates. Just look at the drubbing handed out by Stewart at Liberty University. I felt sorry for Gillespie and his backers afterwards.

There was a hubbub about Stewart wrapping himself in the Virginia Battle Flag. It’s the heritage and history he is a proponent of., a states rights issue not a locality issue. Given the chance Gillespie will amend his ways and support Stewarts stance on this issue. Flip flopping or seeing the light, either works.

Why is it Ed only shows up to events hosted by Ed supporters you might ask? See Liberty debate, gosh!

The numbers gap is closing between the two front runners with independents—you know, those not represented by a lobbyist—breaking for Stewart. Money that Ed has is not a issue they decide their vote over.

On illegal aliens someone needs to explain the difference between legal immigration and illegals aliens to Ed. Amnesty is not a policy it is surrender. Kick the can and burden the taxpayer with the bills is Ed’s policy I say no way and that is one reason to vote Stewart.

Gillespie’s tax plan sounds a whole lot like hope and change or you can keep your doctor political speak to me.

Jonathan Erickson



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