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I’m disappointed in Loudoun Board Chair Phyllis Randall (D-At large). On Thursday, March 9, the Times-Mirror reported on Supervisor Ron Meyer’s (R-Broad Run)  call to reduce taxes, while still funding our county’s entire budget, including Loudoun schools.

Instead of agreeing with Meyer’s common sense call to reduce the taxes paid by Loudoun retirees, families, and other homeowners and small businesses, Chair Randall threw cold water on fiscal responsibility. As reported by the Times-Mirror, she “didn’t seem on board with Meyer’s proposal,” and was quoted as saying, “I think that everyone on the board is going to vote their conscience.”

What happened to then-candidate Randall who ran just two years ago claiming to be a fiscally responsible moderate? Now, as Board Chair Randall, why is she dashing the hopes of Loudoun businesses and residents who could hope to see more money in their actual pockets this year if the board approves an actual tax cut, and not just a cut to the tax rate that leaves the tax burden the same?

Why is Chair Randall opposing a plan right out of the gate that funds our county’s critical infrastructure, provides our schools and teachers with an 8 percent raise, and as an added bonus actually cuts taxes? Even if she and other Loudoun supervisors are not yet ready to take as strong a stand for fiscal responsibility in government as Sup.Meyer, couldn’t Chair Randall have countered with a different proposal that would still have cut taxes? At the very least, couldn’t she have indicated to the Times-Mirror that she was intrigued and would look into it?

Here is what all members of government should remember when it comes to matters of voting and conscience: not one taxpayer penny belongs to the government. It’s not Loudoun County’s money. It is not the government’s money. It is our money. Every penny belongs to We, the People, the taxpayers of Loudoun County. Elected officials like Chair Randall are stewards of our money that we entrust to them as taxpayers. The moment a politician starts talking about consciences and voting on budgets without recognizing this fundamental fact, watch out.

As a homeowner with one kid about to reach school age and another on the way, my wife and I are very excited about Sup. Meyer’s tax cut and budget proposal. It will leave more money in our pockets as we raise our family, as we support Loudoun charities, and as we frequent Loudoun’s local businesses.

But whether or not the supervisors decides to go with Supervisor Meyer’s budget, I dearly hope that all of their consciences will lead them to support an actual tax cut below the equalized rate of $1.135. That is the very least that they can do as stewards of our hard earned money.

Will Estrada, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee



No doubt our elected leaders are not our best and no where near our brightest, except for the Supervisor Umstattd.  But, all this whining about a 2 cent tax in the wealthiest and fastest growing County in America, really.  Hey William, how about getting on your Loudoun Republicans biggest contributors, the builders about building more houses so we can have more people who require more services.  Stop the unchecked and out of control growth and maybe your taxes can come down.

Rude Loudoun, Women were marching for what on January 21st? They looked like a bunch of fools to me. Dressed as female body parts, cursing and yelling and disrespecting. And many of them took their kids. Disgusting!! Estrada was right to condemn Phyllis Randall for attending that event masqueraded as protest. IIIIIII AAAAMMMMM AAAAA NNAASSTTYY Woman….Disgraceful!!!

Yup. The first paragraph was the windup. The pitch must have been too rude.

The original Rude Pundit would be proud- it’s hard to be considered too rude without using profanity.

Rude, are you okay?  It looks like you had more to say but were cut sho

Should I be surprised that the author of this letter, who took the deplorable position after the women’s march that Supervisor Randell needed to condemn the ‘radical leftists’ who attended; should I be surprised that Will Estrada is taken by the childish antics of the beaded hipster masquerading as a legislator? 

Sadly, I’m not surprised. I

Great letter.  It is not their money.

Since when can any school district not live on an 8% increase in funding?  That equates to greater than a 4% increase in per pupil spending!

And for the last couple of years, LCPS has had $10M’s left over in funds they couldn’t even spend.  Yet, LCPS is asking for $93M more than they asked for last year.  In what world does a fiscally responsible supervisor give a 9% increase to an organization that can’t spend 3-4% of its previous year’s funding?!

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