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I am fairly sure most of the paper’s readers are familiar with the good work of Professor Marc Edwards of Virginia Tech. Among other activities, he was called in by the people of Flint, Michigan in September, 2015 to test the water there and found that it was over the accepted lead parts per billion for safe usage, including washing and drinking.

It was reported at the time nationally that the amount of lead in Flint was arguably causing irreversible brain damage to infants in Flint. It is more generally acknowledged that too much lead in water is unhealthy at any consumption level for all people.

Last summer, Edwards stated that Flint has lowered its lead ppb but he would not recommend drinking it and equated its safety with other urban areas. On February 3, 2017, Kate Taylor reported in The New York Times “New York Changes How It Tests For Lead in Schools’ Water, And Finds More Metal.”

This is worth reading, not least for its implications for people living in Loudoun County. I wrote the next day to the Tenth Congressional District’s Congresswoman Barbara Comstock two questions: 1) Is the water in our district safe to drink? and 2) Do you drink your water from the tap? To this day I have not received a reply.

Sander Fredman



You can have your water tested by Virginia Tech. I don’t think Comstock is the person to question about water, try the health department.

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