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On Jan. 18, the Board of Supervisors (BOS) passed the True North application to place 750,000 SF of data center in the Transition Policy Area (TPA), regardless of the intense opposition. Supervisors Randall, Buona, Higgins and Buffington were steadfast in their opposition to the application. However, Supervisors Volpe, Saines, Meyer, Umstattd and Letourneau were adamantly in favor of the flawed project. 

Is our county’s future now in the hands of the development industry with the Board of Supervisors’ Economic Development Department complicit? 

You be the judge! Here is part of the evidence:
• The Loudoun County staff recommended disapproval of the application throughout the process. Their recommendation was ignored and overlooked.
• The project site is zoned TR-10 in accordance with the current Comprehensive Plan. The majority of the Board ignored the zoning requirements. Data centers are not an allowed use in the TPA.
• During the two public input sessions, as part of Envision Loudoun, no one requested or suggested data centers in the TPA.
• The Board leadership admitted that they had never had so much negative input from the citizens as on this application, with over 600 unique email messages.
• The project lies in three supervisors’ districts (Buona, Higgins and Buffington) All three, plus Chair Randall, opposed the project on behalf of Loudoun’s citizens.
• There is ample evidence available that the assumed $22 million in annual tax revenue from the True North project is suspect.
• Loudoun’s Director of Economic Development reports that there are 43 other data center locations available. There will be no loss in tax revenue if True North is built elsewhere in the County.
• The latest draft comprehensive plan map presented at the last Stakeholders Committee meeting shows the exact area of the proposed data center will be designated all industrial (more data centers) in the not yet approved new comprehensive plan.
• Is it a surprise that nearly 60% of the Envision Loudoun Stakeholders Committee have a vested interest in the development industry?
• 89 % of the public input to the Envision Loudoun process wants the TPA retained as now defined in the Comprehensive Plan.
• The attorney for the True North application is a member of the County Zoning Ordinance Action Group (ZOAG).
• But wait, if you cross reference the ZOAG and the County Planning Commission with the Stakeholders Committee, you may see who is actually driving the Envision Loudoun process.

Citizens of Loudoun County! What we love about our County is going to disappear! The Board of Supervisors is now 5 to 4 against listening to the citizens on development. Why are we wasting taxpayer dollars on Envision Loudoun public outreach sessions when a majority of the Board does not pay attention to our voices? Could we have a fox in the hen house?

Donald Goff, Transition Area Alliance

Loudoun County


Baaaad decision, and unexplicable.

“Is our county’s future now in the hands of the development industry with the Board of Supervisors’ Economic Development Department complicit? “


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