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I am currently a senior at Loudoun County High School and will say that I have received a strong education thanks to many phenomenal teachers; however, there is an underlying tone taken by some school administrators that does not necessarily bring an America-appreciating student joy.

Upon speaking to a variety of individuals apart of the school’s student council, along with the student council teacher sponsor, it came to my attention that they recently proposed to have an American-themed spirit day, but the school administration shot it down for being “too political” and “might cause bullying” according to members of the student council.

Since when was being American too political? The celebration of the United States, if anything, is a unifying force bringing people together of all backgrounds and cultures in an environment that promotes freedom and democracy in a unique fashion. We are all Americans. American patriotism should be fostered in our public schools rather than discouraged. If anything, we should celebrate and cherish these liberties that millions throughout the duration of American history have sacrificed literally everything for. This decision to turn down the American-themed spirit day is shameful and a total slap in the face to veterans across the United States. This decision instills poor morals and values to students.

The United States of America has never backed off a challenge nor ceased to amaze me with all the accomplishments and achievements that no other country in the entire world has ever done throughout history, except us. I feel incredibly fortunate that I am a citizen of the greatest nation in the world with extraordinary freedoms and liberties—something none of us can take for granted.

The administration is sending a harmful message that American patriotism is shameful. This is unacceptable!

Daniel Eisert

Loudoun County High School Senior


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