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I’m having trouble figuring out how Rep. Barbara Comstock feels about President Trump.

On one hand, I recall strong words from her in October when she asked him to withdraw from the presidential race: She called his remarks about women “disgusting, vile and disqualifying.” She had much nicer things to say regarding his inauguration, though perhaps those tweeted invocations of God’s blessings were just GOP boilerplate. She recently said he should release his taxes “voluntarily,” and encouraged him to spend more time at the White House and less time at his resorts.

She’s tough on Trump, right?

Her votes and the bills she supports tell a different story. For example, she’s voted seven times against the release of Trump’s taxes.

How could her actions in Congress reflect her public statements?  She could show less timidity and more integrity. She could co-sponsor the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, which would affect all future presidents regardless of party. She could co-sponsor HR1711, which promotes transparency in government by making more government records available to the public. She could co-sponsor the Protecting our Democracy Act, which would establish a truly bi-partisan, non-political investigation committee.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the statements made by our elected officials correspond with their actions. Do you?

Julia Holcomb



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