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Great! We got 3,167 new jobs. Let’s celebrate at Selma Mansion.

But wait a minute. Why are more jobs good when we have an infinitesimal 2.9 percent unemployment rate? In fact, this growth is another nail in Loudoun’s coffin of congestion. It means more students crammed into overcrowded classrooms and it will carpet-bomb green spaces with houses. It is not good. 

Those jobs and all the new developments that were praised at the Selma soiree will add between 8,000 to 10,000 new residents, demand for about 3,000 new houses and about 8,000 more cars on our roads every day.

There used to be a need for a Department of Economic Development in most areas, such as my old Georgia hometown where people are crying for jobs. But it’s no longer needed here in the richest county in America, with essentially no unemployment. More jobs and more buildings will just bring more mess.

Imagine that it’s 1492 Spain and somebody told you the Earth was round. You’d think he was nuts until 21 years later when Magellan circumnavigated the globe. (Bet you thought I was going to mention Columbus, didn’t you?)

Loudoun County is now at a similar intellectual crossroads and it’s time to think differently. Instead of more jobs and more buildings, which bring more people, more houses, more schools, more taxes and more congestion, why don’t we stop and think about what we really want so Loudoun can remain special?

We need a new mindset that’s not tied to the past or tied to special interests. We should realize that more growth is not good for Loudoun. Perhaps it’s time to close down any county effort that exists purely to shovel in more growth and the attendant evils it brings us, and shove out any politician who is unwilling to abandon these old ways of thinking that actually hurt us.

Charles Houston

Paeonian Springs


Bob, I think that was directed at developers and the BOS. No one can fault a farmer who is cashing out on his/her land and I certainly would not want to put any barriers in place to a farmer who wants to sell. But I do want to place those barriers to entry on the developers.

‘Barb’ - who are “they” in your “They’re going to…” statement? Private property owners who chose to sell their property, for large profits, to development companies? Farmers who chose to sell out rather than continue farming with tax Ag exemptions? So the farmers are the “they” that you are demonizing for cashing in on their land when the free market forces (which usually rub the wrong way with government incentives and policies like those required to gain development permits/permissions, so government actually works against the increasing value of raw land) say the land is worth far more on speculation than can be reaped from agriculture?

Just want to get it straight. So go drive out in Western Loudoun and harangue every farmer you see for ruining ‘your’ County.

I agree. We do not need any more people or cars here. I remember the slogan from the 70’s - “Don’t Fairfax Loudoun”. Its too late. They’re going to continue to develop every square foot of green space that’s left.

If we do not stop development now, there will be no green space left in Loudoun. time to act now for the future.

But wait all the new development is needed to pay for little Johnny and Susie’s education. Don’t forget about all day care I mean kindergarten.

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