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Last month, Barbara Comstock spoke before the Republican Club of Leisure World, and I was there to listen to her and hopefully learn more about what she stands for and what her plans are for the future, should she be elected as our representative of the 10th Congressional District.

I was a little disappointed when she announced that there would be no questions after her talk; although she did offer to speak to those who had something to say on a one-on-one basis.

That seemed fair. I waited eagerly to hear her tell about her work in the Virginia House of Delegates or the business she ran, and the issues she would personally work hard for on our behalf. The talk was really short on details, but I figured she knew her audience had all that information beforehand. So she mostly talked about her beginnings and how her grandmother and mother kept clean houses and made nice cookies. It was folksy and warm and it was certainly something I would have expected to hear from one of my neighbors and not from someone seeking public office.

And then she said something that made me take notice. It was a small thing, really. She said she was 62 years old. Wow! She sure didn’t look 62. When I got home, I looked up her profile on her website and discovered she was born in 1959 not 1952. Now she may not remember she said it, but it made a huge dent in my faith that she might not tell the truth about other things. Why did she say that? Was she trying to make her audience comfortable by pretending she was one of us? We oldsters might be a lot of things, but we’re not stupid and we don’t like it when people lie to us. The truth isn’t always pleasant, but it is what it is.

I hope others who were in that room would take time to reflect on someone who is so anxious to get elected that she would say or do anything (whether or not it was true) to get our votes. I came to that meeting hoping to know more about Barbara, and I found out more than I wanted to know. She can’t even tell the truth about herself.

Page R. Bradley

Town of residence not provided


Foust looks and sounds like he close to 65-70. Both are too old. It’s a shame neither party could put someone young, 30-35 and trustworthy. I doubt either could pass a polygraph with me administering the questions. Only thing they’ll get right is whether the lights are on…..

Why is LTM even publishing this?  Oh, forgot, their the Leftist Times Mirror.

it did occur to me, but whenever anyone asks my age, I always answer 68 because that’s how old I am.  Sixty-two doesn’t by any stretch of the imagination sound like fifty-five.

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