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The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors wants a new bridge across the Potomac, it wants it built in Eastern Loudoun County, and it really doesn’t care whether or not Loudoun citizens agree!  Astonishing!  Construction of a such a bridge has been highly contentious for a half century, but quite without asking for public comment, the Board unanimously directed the County staff at its 29 June meeting to prepare a letter in support of a bridge.  It even specified that it is to be located somewhere east of Leesburg.  The Board’s action is arbitrary and arrogant.  It appears intended to create the impression of local support for such a bridge—support that does not exist beyond the Chamber of Commerce.  A new bridge in Eastern Loudoun County would worsen congestion here.  Our road infrastructure is already over capacity. The Board needs to re-visit this issue in a more deliberate way, with the benefit of public participation.

Jim Kelly



Evan D. MacBeth, loser of every race for elected official stated he and others were willing to pay more then what they owe in taxes to the government for the greater good. Sounds like Meyers is willing to use the same argument to no avail except making himself look silly.

Now Meyers knows that residents of Loudoun are willing to pay more than their fair share for the Potomac River Crossings. Someone tell me what detailed analysis/survey he is citing? Nonsense by a educated fool is educated nonsense and Meyers leads the group.

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