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Regarding Don Marro’s article “I’ll vote my heart” in the Oct. 24 edition of the times, I am appalled that he takes it upon himself to denigrate a good and decent man—Mitt Romney— for no other reason than his political leaning.

I suspect that Mitt Romney has done more good in this world without broadcasting his having done so than the entire liberal leaning establishment Mr Marro represents. Mr Marro insults those of us who have come to a far different conclusion twice in his article basically indicating that we are incapable of listening to logic and fact.

He then goes on to indicate that his article is “an effort to raise the curtain enough that people are equipped to be thoughtful. actually act that way and vote that way”. Now, how condescending is that? We really don’t need Mr Marro to tell us how to vote. I’ll use my head and both “logic and fact” to vote for Mr Romney My heart tells me that you should be able to make up your own mind on how to vote.

Col. Dale Everrett (Ret.)



Ditto for Col. Everrett! Logic and the facts outweigh heartfelt good feelings about a candidate. Don’t want to play bb with Obama or drink his beer, I want him to balance a budget and support our people. Proven that he can’t or won’t time for some new hope and change for the better vote Romney!

Thank you, Col. Everrett, for expressing my exact sentiment.  And thank you for your service to our nation.

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