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I implore area lawmakers to work with VDOT to fund more flashing speed limit signs and rumble strips, increase fines for speeding, lower speed limits, and examine passing zones for safety, especially in the rural areas of northern Fauquier and southwest Loudoun County. Laws to enforce safe driving, such as including no seat belts and texting as probable cause to be pulled over are needed. Also, salaries for deputies need to be increased to a competitive level to attract applicants to the many open positions.

On Jan. 5 of this year, a fatal crash on route 50 between Upperville and Middleburg took the life of a beloved veterinarian, Dr. Katy Krista. The driver at fault may have fallen asleep, or may have been attempting to pass on a double yellow line.

At the Fauquier Sheriff’s Jan. 18 Town Hall, Fauquier and Loudoun County law enforcement, as well as Virginia State Police, told us that deputies are spread very thin, with four and 20 open positions, respectively, and no one applying to fill them. There are not enough deputies in either county to catch drivers speeding, tailgating, passing illegally and texting while driving. Citizens were asked to report specific incidents of unsafe driving to the non-emergency numbers for each county.

We do not want wider, straighter roads. We want drivers to slow down, stay in their lane and enjoy the countryside, as we do, wherever they are headed.

Kristin Kay Noggle



The problem is that many deputies are leaving the sheriffs office because of mike Chapman being a incompetent sheriff. People aren’t applying to work here until a new qualified sheriff is elected.  Ltm should foia and do a article on how many deputies have quit since Chapman took over and messed up the agency. Would be a eye opener for the county’s residents   Vote For a new sheriff next election

I’ll guess not.  If they are in position pretending to be watching for speeders but have their faces planted in the phone (which, frankly, is the majority of the time) then I will wary the educated guess they are on their personal phones and not a work phone.

There is a clear lack of traffic enforcement in our area and in most others.  Cops just don’t take traffic enforcement seriously.

I’m not saying they are bad at their jobs in other areas, but traffic enforcement has become a complete joke despite that fact more people die in traffic (almost completely preventable) than are murdered annually (mostly not preventable).

@ David Dickinson, a deputy on a smartphone could be performing work-related duties. Deputies are actually issued smartphones by the County and their use is monitored. Your statement is inflammatory and disrespectful of men and women sworn to serve their communities.

I agree.

However, I also see deputies sitting on the side of the road with their underlit faces, a clear indicator that they are wasting time on their cell phones doing nothing of value.

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