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I have lived, and paid taxes, in Loudoun County since 1974. I moved to my current home in Great Falls Forest in 1986. Our neighborhood has not had its roads repaved since I have lived here. Yet, because of a golf outing, two roads that serve Trump National—Saulty Road and Lowes Island Parkway—have been, or are being, repaved to make a lasting impression for those choosing to visit the golf course for the Senior PGA Championship at Trump National Golf Club, Washington D.C.

Let me ask you this VDOT: Why is it that it only takes you a matter of days/weeks to glamour up two roadways that serve a parochial interest, yet you choose to ignore those of us who have paid taxes to help keep our roads somewhat passable until you get good and ready to figure out what other parochial interest you can latch on to to make it look like you’re doing what it is you are supposed to?

You should be ashamed of the way you responded to this “problem” while folks in the rest of Loudoun County, one of the richest counties in the US, have yet to see any kind of improvement in roads that are surely in much more dire need of repair than Saulty Rd., and Lowes Island parkway. Thank you for being so dedicated and responsive - - at least to Trump National.


Great Falls


Frank suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome and the local paper all to happy to print.

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