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After reading about the possible relocation and/or removing of the Confederate statue from Leesburg’s public square known as the courthouse grounds, I ask that our town and county officials before taking an irreversible action consider their constituents by the tens of thousands who want and ask for an equal voice in this decision process. I say this with the firm hope that those who are the loudest, more prone to destruction or violence here or elsewhere, may not prevail over others who also have an equal right to voice their opinion in the matter.
Briefly, history well documents the injustices, abuse and even deaths inflicted on too many as a result of slavery—and our country fought a turbulent Civil War to attempt to eradicate these injustices and grant equality to every person in America. The North believed as strongly as the South in their respective positions and lifestyles, and fortunately the North won this first battle. The inherent gift of freedom that we know and enjoy today and its fruits were not more fully realized for our African-American citizens for another 100 years, through the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

May we please focus on present dangers by doing everything we can, if not in person, at least financially contributing to worthy organizations to bring aid to them—rather than spend needless efforts and money on the existence of a statue that cannot change the past? Yes, perhaps, an answer to balance the statue’s historical presence in the public square is a counterpoint exhibit or statue, that could possibly end this divisive issue, but I do not endorse its removal.

I ask that if the town or county officials must make a decision concerning the continuing presence of our historical landmarks that they consider the entire populace and consider changes based on long-term consequences.

Rebecca Reeder



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