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I’d like to comment on the recent article “Randall, LaRock in war of words over transportation, Confederate statue”

Why are we talking about building brand new roads, when our existing roads are more accurately described much of the time as a parking lot, or a demolition derby lot?

First, I was amazed to hear Chairman Randall’s highly political, and quite frankly, unprofessional comments suggesting that Dave LaRock should not be advocating for use of NVTA monies because he campaigned against the tax hike which was put in motion in 2013. I say in relpyto the Chairman, that money comes from tax payers pockets and LaRock has as much right and responsibility as anyone to ask for it.

I live north of Leesburg and am impacted daily by the Rt. 15 gridlock.

What I and my neighbors are waking up to is that when Supervisors Ralph Buona and Matt Letourneau committed Loudoun County to the Metro extension they created a black hole which is sucking transportation dollars into the eastern part of the county and ignoring public safety on roads like Rt. 15, Rt. 9, and Rt. 7, just to name a few.

Loudoun County is in a tight spot. On April 5th of this year, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors adopted the FY17 budget, including transportation projects; this amounts to about $723 million. Twelve projects in the FY2017-2022 CIP are directly related to improving access to Metrorail.

In simpler terms, Loudoun dollars are going to roads through empty fields to induce economic development around Metro stations, while peoples’ lives are being lost on over-traveled roads like Rt. 15.

I understand our supervisors want to see development in the east, but that is no excuse to neglect the needs of people who have waited patiently for relief.

Thank you to Sen. Black and Del. LaRock for standing up for those you represent.

Mark Sell



LaRock for Chair of Loudoun Board of Supervisors, 2020!

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