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There’s only one candidate in the race for Senate who voters can have confidence will approach our myriad problems in a serious and bipartisan manner and that’s Governor Tim Kaine.

As Senator, George Allen helped take a balanced budget and threw it out the window by voting for two wars, an unpaid entitlement program, tax cuts for the wealthy, and trillions in unpaid for spending.  He took our surplus and squandered it into a massive deficit.

Allen turned a blind eye to fiscal sanity and instead voted along party lines to support George Bush. That record doesn’t deserve a second chance.

Shawn Mitchell



Hold it. Didn’t Tim Kaine give away the Dulles toll Rd to MWAA so they could raise the taxes…I mean tolls to pay for metro to Loudoun. Wow, that doesn’t sound like someone fiscally sane. I’d rather vote for a rock(less corrupt).

Bull, if anything we need to revert to Bush/Allen econimics.
GW’s budget took the hit of Katrina, 9/11, the housing bubble (created by the Democrat’s “Affordable Housing Act”, and the internet value bubble… and he STILL added less to the deficit than Obama did in 4 years.

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