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You keep saying that what you call Eugene Delgaudio’s “antics” are outweighed by some of the things he does for his constituents. But how many of his constituents are the parents, friends, or members of the LGBT community? Do you really think that folks who side with love and justice feel safe asking Eugene Delgaudio for constituent services? No, you cannot believe that. And you cannot separate what Delgaudio does with his hate group from what he does on the dais. You say they are “increasing,” but, in fact, they have always been there, in and out of Loudoun county, committed by the same man, both far away and here at home.

And here’s the thing, Loudoun Times-Mirror: every time you try to laugh it off, or say that his so-called service to the community somehow makes it okay that he is a hate-monger for a living, you become his accomplice in that trade.

Elizabeth Amy Miller



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