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10th Congressional Republicans to hold firehouse primary to select nominee

Virginia's 10th Congressional District Republican Committee will hold a firehouse primary April 26 to select its nominee in the race to succeed 34-year incumbent Frank Wolf in the 2014 election.

Thus far, state Del. Barbara Comstock (R-34th) is the front-runner for the nomination. A well-established conservative voice, Del. Comstock served as an adviser to Mitt Romney's presidential bid and is a former legislative staffer for Mr. Wolf.

Ms. Comstock's path to the nomination appears a bit smoother following Wednesday's news that state Sen. Dick Black (R-13th) won't seek the GOP nomination in the 10th District. Mr. Black previously said he would run to replace Mr. Wolf, but, following the Democrats victory in Tuesday's special senate election, the Loudoun County senator said it's imperative he remain in the General Assembly to hold an evenly-split Virginia Senate.

Below is the official release from 10th Congressional District Republican Committee Chairman John Whitbeck on the decision to hold a firehouse primary:

The Virginia 10th District Republican Committee has formally adopted a motion this evening calling for a party-run nominating process often called a “Party Canvass” to be held on Saturday, April 26, 2014 as the method to nominate the Republican candidate for the 10th Congressional Seat.

“It is critical that Republicans are united as quickly as possible and focused on the November 4th General Election,” said Chairman John Whitbeck. “There was significant discussion regarding a state-run primary, but doing an earlier process before the Democrats gives our candidate a significant advantage in terms of fundraising and organizing for the General Election. A state-run primary also would be a much larger drain on the nominee’s resources. These are some of the issues that led the Committee in this direction.”

A Party Canvass will have multiple locations through out the 10th District, which consists of portions of Fairfax and Prince William County and the entirety of Loudoun, Clarke, and Frederick Counties. The Cities of Manassas, Manassas Park and Winchester are also in the District. The Committee is committed to having as open and available a process as possible.

“The Committee was thorough in our consideration and is strongly united in our assessment that the Party Canvass is the method that is most sound, inclusive and expedient for our candidates,” Whitbeck concluded. “The key is to hold a nominating process that will produce a candidate with the best chance to hold this Congressional seat. A Party Canvass clearly does that.”


Comstock & LOCO reps:
want A grades from VCDL or Ted Nugget’s NRA?
are proud VA leads US w/ 30,000 machine guns?
can’t read?

Mr.  Pierce as expected has not read the bill if he had he would see that this is a positive step in controlling Class 3 weapons of which Molotov Cocktail and silencers are never going to be approved.

John, your last post was embarrassing.

It is spelled, “gummint.”

LOL @ Del. Barbara “Bazooka-Girl” Comstock.

I guess the fat cat GOP base is hoping that gun nuts will defend them from the “gubment” with their arsenals.

So sad that all the Tea Party people are unknowingly setting up bankers for more sub prime loans, rape of the economy, another mortgage meltdown, banker bailouts and resulting bonuses with all their “small government, deregulate everything!” nonsense. What a bunch of clowns.

Del. Barbara “Bazooka-Girl” Comstock has the organization to crush any opposition to her nomination; Sen. Black knew better. So the republican wish will likely be granted to nominate an extremist candidate that votes for bills such as HB 878 (requires local law enforcement to approve citizen applications for class 3 firearms that include fully automatic machine guns, hand grenades, bazookas, anti-tank weapons, molotov cocktails, and silencers).

Let’s see if the GOP doubles down again, nominating extremist candidates in an attempt to have ignorant n’er do wells support their fat cat GOP base. LOL!

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